‘Happy Days’ Cast Reuniting To Flip Wisconsin For Biden, Americans Torch Them

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The 1970s sitcom “Happy Days” represented a slice of middle America. But not anymore. Ron Howard, the leftwing director who starred as “Richie Cunnigham,” is reuniting the cast in a last-ditch attempt to flip Wisconsin for Joe Biden. Well, one cast member is a huge supporter of the president, and he blasted them. Then, Americans torched Howard and his ridiculous reunion. You’ll love this.

Happy Days cast members: Donny Most, Ron Howard, Henry Winkler, Marion Ross, Anson Williams (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

What makes the oldtimers of the Happy Days cast think Wisconsin voters would give two cents about what they want in this upcoming election? We know this comes from leftwing activist Ron Howard, who starred in the 70s and 80s sitcom as “Richie Cunnigham.”

“The most important election of our lifetimes is right around the corner and Wisconsin is a must-win swing state. So, I’m thrilled to announce a #HappyDaysReunion to support @WisDems on Oct 25. Chip in any amount to attend,” Howard tweeted on Monday.

Happy Days was supposed to represent middle-class America. What in the hell is Ron Howard thinking?

“Howard will also be joined by cast members Henry Winkler, Anson Williams, Marion Ross, and Don Most. Additional ‘special guests’ are also expected to be in attendance at the virtual event,” Breitbart reports.

“Anything you donate will be used to ensure that Trump loses Wisconsin, and thereby the White House,” reads the event description.

Attendees can donate any amount over $1 if they want to tune in for the reunion, which will include a Q&A that the cast will participate in, according to a report from Variety.

“We’re thrilled a show made famous in Milwaukee is coming back home to help make Donald Trump a one-term President,” said Winkler. “We know all roads to the White House go through the Badger State, and with the cast of ‘Happy Days’ helping us raise money to take back the White House, we believe even more we can deliver a victory on Nov. 3.”

The cast of Happy Days is just the latest to reunite in a last-minute attempt to push Wisconsin in Joe Biden’s column in November.

But wait, what about Scott Baio who played Chachi? Well, Baio wasn’t invited by Howard as he is a huge supporter of President Donald Trump. 

“Two-time Daytime Emmy nominee Scott Baio blasted Ron Howard’s Happy Days reunion to benefit the Democratic party of Wisconsin scheduled for next Sunday as ‘shameful’ in a Twitter tirade on Monday night,” Daily Mail reports. 

“Noticeably missing from the list was the Brooklyn-born 60-year-old, who originated the role of The Fonz’s (Winkler) younger cousin Charles ‘Chachi’ Arcola back in 1977,” they add.

Baio – who boasts 473K followers – tweeted: “What a shame to use a classic show like Happy Days about Americana to promote an anti-American socialist. #Shameful.” Baio then retweeted one of his followers who spoke the truth: “If anyone watched Happy Days they’d know it wasn’t about the socialist agenda. Hard pass on this one. #shameful.”

The 60-year-old Baio also trolled Ron Howard and celebrated that “Chachi” was trending on Twitter while the Happy Days reunion was nowhere to be found. Actor John Stamos got into the mix by posting publicly he was willing to “play” Chachi for the reunion.

“This is what Hollywood has come to. #shameful #LiberalsAreDesperate,” Baio responded to Stamos.

“It’s ironic that ‘Chachi’ is what’s trending. Not Ron Howard, not Stamos, not even Happy Days,” Baio tweeted.

He then retweeted a picture of Ron Howard out on the golf course with none other than President Donald Trump: “Ron is a man of Principle lol,” said the caption.

Americans also torched the Happy Days cast on social media.

“What ppl like ron howard and the rest of these stupid celebs don’t understand is that we regular ppl have a long memory and we won’t be spending money to go see their movies, go to their concerts or support them in any way…they’ve pissed off half of their fans!” tweeted JayJay Bee.

“What a gut punch. I grew up watching reruns of Happy Days & it is so disappointing to see so many cast members supporting the lefty socialist agenda! At least the best cast member is on the right side! #Chachi,” tweeted Twitter user “Candace.”

“Yes and that was Happy Days. The ironic part is that the show is based on an all American family, with a working Dad and Mom at home taking care of the kids. All American Dream! It’s the opposite of what the socialist/communist party sees for us,” tweeted Lauri R.

“@RealRonHoward It is a sad time when you take a great family show that has brought families close around the tv for decades to push an ideology of your own. Keep happy days out of politics,” tweeted “RS2020.”

Isn’t it ironic that Ron Howard and many of his fellow Happy Days castmates are so out of touch with what their TV show stood for? It shows the true blindness of leftists, especially the Hollywood leftists.

For those of us who grew up watching Happy Days in the 1970s and 80s, it’s so disappointing. The show was an ideal version of middle America. It highlighted American values of working hard, loving your family, and thanking God you live in the greatest country in the world.

So, for Ron Howard and his leftwing castmates to denigrate what the show stood for by propping up socialist puppet Joe Biden makes the majority of Americans sick. Let’s put our trust in the Wisconsin voters who like so many Trump supporters are rejecting Howard’s disgusting attempt to spit on everything that makes America great.

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