Harry & Meghan: Whites Don’t Know They’re Racist, Support BLM – They Get Blasted

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry engaged in an interview with a race activist. Harry told the audience that whites all have “unconscious racism” that is passed down from “generation to generation.” Harry bows down to BLM which he claims is a random “movement by young people” and encourages all Americans to support them. Well, that’s when he and his wife got blasted. You’ll love this.

Meghan Markle & Harry (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Meghan Markle and her husband are experiencing financial ruin, and in a last-ditch attempt to hitch their wagon to get support from radical leftists, Harry is plugging BLM.

The background to the dastardly duo’s financial problems has to do with daring to cut themselves off from the Queen and the Royal Family. The Queen called their bluff, and now they are in the middle of being forced to “liquidate” their “Sussex Royal Foundation.”

“The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s foundation is now officially in the process of solvent liquidation,” The Independent reported on July 29. “According to documents being dealt with by Companies House, a declaration of solvency for the charity has been launched and a voluntary liquidator for the Sussex Royal charitable body has been appointed.”

So, Meghan put on her thinking cap and decided they could re-make themselves as radical leftwing activists in the United States. Meghan is literally banking on having BLM leaders sharing some of the millions they took in by hiring the duo as spokespeople.

This is coming from the D-list actress who identified herself as “caucasian” on her own resume and professional profiles.

“Interesting how Markle described herself as ‘Caucasian’ right up until the moment she decided to set her sights on Harry. This was a direct extract from her resume. A FAKE ALL THE WAY!” tweeted “Only One Kate.”

Which brings us to Harry and his sucking up to BLM. 

It appears that Meghan contacted Rashad Robinson, a race activist who could introduce the Markles to the race-baiting industry. Harry gave a long-winded and very “woke” interview with Robinson making sure to repeat all the politically correct terms like “white privilege,” “unconscious racism,” and “systemic racism.”

These are all terms that are utter hogwash. Harry was truly cringeworthy to watch. 

In fact, Harry buys into the idea that Facebook is helping President Donald Trump, who he hates, by “allowing bullying” of leftwing activists. We all know Facebook targets conservative pages to help the Democrats.

Harry also gave another interview on July 31 where he said that the “stigma of racism” is “handed down from generation to generation” and that “unconscious bias” is “something which so many people don’t understand.”

In other words, Harry has made it clear white people don’t know they are racist, he did not know he was racist, but it’s “handed down from generation to generation.”

Also, his eyes darted around the room probably looking at Meghan, and he made sure to apologize for his own whiteness.

“Sorry that we haven’t got the world to the place where you deserve it to be,” the former royal said. “Despite the fact that if you go up to someone and say, ‘What you’ve just said, or the way that you’ve behaved, is racist’ – they’ll turn around and say, ‘I’m not a racist.’”

Poor Harry and Meghan got blasted on social media.

“Unacceptable. Openly sympathizing with, supporting, and encouraging terrorism is abhorrent. They must be stripped of all titles, allowances, and perks relating to the royal family,” tweeted Twitter user “Alice.”

“Now they’re joining and concentrating on a terrorist group. This couple gets scarier by the day. Are they taking their meds or do they need new ones?” tweeted “Martin Digital.”

“Hilarious! As if someone, as if anyone cares! Wake up America! These two clowns can dress up as royalty but their DNA is no more valuable than yours! It’s the color of your character, not the color of your royalty!” tweeted Daniel F. Baranowski.

“Harry’s chances to free himself from “cuckdom” seem to be slipping away. . .” tweeted “Finger the News.”

“So the X Senior Royals are going to work with a Terrorist, & trained Marxists Organization – The Queen must be so pleased!” tweeted Veronica Birkenstock.

“Two pathetic spoiled idiots willing to say & do anything to be liked…for money. Do we really need to know what these clowns think? #Trump2020 or these people…” tweeted “TW.”

Meghan influenced Harry to turn on his own family. Now, they are trying to turn their “wokeness” into a money-making scheme. 

One royal insider wrote: “Apparently the duo felt unappreciated and they didn’t trust anyone. Okay, let’s look at this scenario, Harry has had over 32 years of being in the family (before MM) where they have saved his ass, protected him, and pretty much looked after his every whim, and all of a sudden he doesn’t trust the people who have covered up his countless acts of humiliation over the decades? How did this mistrust manifest? Was it the devil whispering in his ear?”

Indeed she was, and the outcome is these humiliating interviews with race-baiters. Meghan identified as a caucasian until she saw the value of being “bi-racial.” What more do we need to know? It’s common knowledge they are broke in Los Angeles, living in a rent-free mansion, with little to no job prospects on the horizon.

This new look as race activists is about as phony as it gets. There is one thing you can count on with the American public, and that’s we see right through these hucksters hoping to make a buck by convincing us we are a racist nation. Americans fought a war to end slavery. Something these two clowns can’t begin to comprehend.

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