Hillary: We Have To Be Ready If Trump Doesn’t ‘Go Quietly’ – She Gets Torched

Hillary Clinton came out of her bunker long enough to give an interview on Monday to Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show.” The failed 2016 presidential candidate claimed implementing “mail-in” voting is the best way to beat the president in November. She added the Democrats have to be ready if the president loses because he won’t “go quietly.” Well, that’s when poor Hillary got torched. You’ll love this.

President Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Monday on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton proclaimed “we have to be ready” for President Donald Trump not going quietly if he loses.

“It seems like America is on an ominous path to a November date when there is going to be a lot of questions in and around the election,” Trevor Noah said. “Donald Trump is vehemently against mail-in voting. What do you make of this, and what do you think the path is to getting people the easiest access to casting their votes?”

“Republicans have two prongs to their strategy to try and win,” Hillary said. “The first one is prevent as many people who think they won’t vote for them from voting. So you know, make the lines really long where young people vote, or African-Americans vote or Hispanics vote. Try to make vote-by-mail as difficult as possible, claim it’s fraudulent when indeed it’s not.”

Speaking about the fraud surrounding mail-in voting, Noah asked: “Are you worried Donald Trump will try and use those stories and try and undermine the entire election and say: ‘see I’ve lost we can’t trust this election?'”

“Well, I think it is a fair point to raise as to whether or not, if he loses, he’s going to go quietly or not,” Mrs. Clinton declared. “And we have to be ready for that. But there have been so many academic studies and other analyses, which point out that it’s just an inaccurate, fraudulent claim.”

Hillary is doing what she does best: lie. Voting by mail had been a disaster for the GOP in California due to “ballot harvesting.”

“Ballot harvesting’ involves using a third party, such as a well-trained political activist, to collect mail-in ballots on behalf of other voters and deliver them to the polls,” Breitbart reports. “There is no vetting of ballot harvesters, and no limit to how many ballots they can deliver.”

The tactic was legalized by then-Gov. Jerry Brown in 2016, over GOP objections. Hundreds of thousands of ballots were dropped off at polling places in 2018, and the GOP lost five of seven seats due to the ballots “dropped off.”

Democrats also accused Republicans of trying to “suppress” the vote by pushing for safeguards to prevent fraudulent voting, such as requiring photo ID to vote or striking felons and non-citizens from voters’ rolls.

Americans torched Hillary on social media. 

“I’m so sick of these radicals that have been bred in our country. They are the ones that want single party lifetime rule. They are a threat to our democracy,” tweeted Mark Milliman.

“Projection… She [and the rest of the derpy Ds] still haven’t ‘Gone Quietly’ from the last election,” tweeted Seedy Mac.

“Oh my GAWD! The nerve of this lady!!! Seriously her self centered arrogance is off the charts!!!! Did you guys see this interview?” tweeted “Mike B.”

“She means, ‘We have to be ready for another coup attempt if he wins again,'” tweeted Dan Quixote.

“The witch hasn’t ‘gone quietly.’ They never do,” tweeted Twitter user “Joe.”

“Biden is going to be beaten so bad, he’ll hide forever in his basement. Hillary Rotten Clinton where was you when Benghazi happened? Asleep as always,” tweeted Twitter user “Richard.”

Hillary wasn’t done spewing Democrat propaganda. 

“Look, I want a fair election,” she claimed. “If people get to vote and they, for whatever reason, vote for Donald Trump, OK, we’ll accept it. Not happily. But I don’t think that’s what will happen.”

“Because I think the more people who can actually get to the polls, whether by mail or in person and get their votes counted, then we are going to have the kind of election we should have. And then it will be a win both in the popular vote and the Electoral College,” Hillary said.

Hillary’s remarks make it crystal clear the Democrats know they can’t win this election unless they implement a ballot harvesting scam. That’s why all Americans must reject changing our election process to adopt ballot harvesting which comes from voting by mail. There’s a very good reason every Democrat is pushing hard to implement it nationwide, and it has nothing to do with a “fair election.”

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