Hillary Calls To Make Voting By Mail The Norm, Americans Smell A Rat

The coronavirus is causing many in the Democratic Party to see a huge opportunity to manipulate how we vote to their advantage. That’s why Hillary Clinton called on Congress to “make voting by mail the norm” with “free postage” as a result of public health concerns. That’s when Americans smelled a rat. Don’t miss this.

President Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called on Congress to “make voting by mail the norm” with “free postage” as a result of public health concerns due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

President Donald Trump said earlier this week that he expects the current national emergency to last through July or August. The White House has not yet said what, if any, preparations might be needed for the November election.

The Democrats are gearing up to make voting by mail the norm. Clinton’s call echoed a similar demand by Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D), who asked legislators to allow all-mail voting this year. Republicans are skeptical, recalling the infamous words of President-elect Barack Obama’s incoming chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, in 2008: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”

Several states already allow voting by mail, though Republicans have warned that California’s system is vulnerable to fraud.

“Ballot harvesting” in California would become the norm if all 50 states adopted mail-in voting. What’s ballot harvesting?

“California, in its infinite wisdom, decided to make the practice of ‘ballot harvesting’ legal. Thus, instead of only relatives or those living in the same household being allowed to legally collect and turn in absentee ballots for voters – as was previously the law – any ‘third party’ can do it, including activist groups, Democratic operatives, or street-corner panhandlers,” Townhall.com reports.

Figuring out new and creative ways to steal elections being their specialty and all, Democrats knew what they were doing, and even a few conservatives saw this bill’s consequences coming from a mile away.


Clinton is familiar with the value of voting by mail: she was thought to be running neck-and-neck with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in California in the 2016 presidential primary, but then she won by several points — largely because she had a stronger turnout in mail-in ballots. Mail-in ballots also helped her run-up popular vote margins in 2016.

That’s why Americans smelled a rat a mile away. 

“Corrupt Democrat Party Only Path To Defeat President Trump In 2020__ Coronavirus Is Reason Hillary Clinton Calls to ‘Make Voting by Mail the America Norm’ in 2020…,” tweeted “Dog.”

“You want that because it’ll make voter fraud much easier. We know that’s the only way for where am I, creepy old Joe could POSSIBLY win in November..” tweeted “the Cannon.”

“Americans would never get to select reps ever again if Dems win this war!!” tweeted “Rose33090.”

When the Democrats see an opportunity to cheat they’re not going to pass it up and if Hillary has her hands in it you know it’s dirty! #VoterFraud,” tweeted “Michael.” 

“Never let a crisis go to waste. Who didn’t see this coming? More of the #Dems‘ plans to steal the #2020Elections,” tweeted “Capitialism76.” 

“Heads up Patriots! Based on the fact that all the Democrats are simultaneously promoting this ‘vote by mail’ means that it is another of their schemes. Watch Out!” tweeted “Old Man Diogenes.”

Patriots who value our Republic must push back on this hard. 

Let’s not make America—California. The midterm election in the Golden State is a cautionary tale. As the polls closed on election day, no less than six California Republican House candidates – including Representatives Dana Rohrabacher, Steve Knight, and Mimi Walters – were ahead in their respective races, some comfortably enough to declare victory and move on with plans for the next Congressional term.

However, as absentee and provisional ballot results rolled in over the next few days and weeks, the vast majority of which predictably favored Democrats, their Democratic opponents managed to “find” enough votes to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

It may come as a shock to many, but California has areas which are strongly Republican country. That’s why those defeats were very, very suspect.

California has been brutalized by the Democratic Party. Its income tax is the highest in the nation at 12.3 percent, it’s homeless population is exploding. Most middle-class residents don’t have enough money to leave. That will be the reality across the country if we give in and allow mail-in voting.

If this coronavirus crisis lasts so long that health officials see the polls as places that should be shut down, then at that point we should go ahead and delay the election. At least we know we are not running the risk of ballot harvesting.

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