Joy: Trump’s Turning Our Country Into A Dictatorship, Bernie’s Not — Regrets It

Joy Behar claimed on Tuesday morning that President Donald Trump is “turning our country into a dictatorship,” something she says Bernie Sanders would never do. Joy said Bernie’s remarks on Fidel Castro are bad, but Trump is the real threat. Well, poor Joy got destroyed by Maria Salazar, a Cuban American who is running for congress in Florida. You’ll love this.

Maria Elvira Salazar, Joy Behar (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Whoopi Goldberg started the discussion with a clip of Bernie Sanders at Monday night’s town hall event on CNN. Sanders doubled down on his remarks about Fidel Castro.

“There were a lot of folks in Cuba at that point who were illiterate. He formed the literacy brigade,” Sanders said. “(Castro) went out and they helped people learn to read and write. You know what, I think teaching people to read and write is a good thing.”

He added: “I have been extremely consistent and critical of all authoritarian regimes all over the world including Cuba, including Nicaragua, including Saudi Arabia, including China, including Russia. I happen to believe in democracy, not authoritarianism. But the truth is the truth, and that’s what happened in the first years of the Castro regime.”

Joy Behar right away began a rant about Cuba. “I’ve been there,” Behar said. “I went there three or four years ago. I don’t think you can go there anymore.”

However, Behar just had to trash President Trump hoping to make a point that what Sanders said is not all that bad.

“But it should concern Republicans that Trump is in bed with dictators also,” Joy said. “And he’s trying to turn our country into a dictatorship.”

Joy Behar has zero facts to back up her allegations, and all she is doing is spreading crazy conspiracy theories that were debunked by the Mueller investigation. In fact, if big mouth Behar would educate herself, she’d have to face the fact that if any party is “in bed” with dictators it’s the Democrats.

Which brings us to Maria Elvira Salazar, a Cuban-American running for congress. There’s an important reason she’s running as a Republican. 

“My parents fled Cuba 60 years ago fleeing a tyrant named Fidel Castro,” Salazar began. “The worst Latin America has ever experienced since the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1492. No other revolution has been so cruel to so many people for so long—except the Cuban Revolution.”

“It’s not an authoritarian regime, it’s a totalitarian regime,” Salazar added. “Fidel was a ruthless dictator. He destroyed the island he killed thousands. He separated millions from their families. And now 60 years later [Sanders] is the leading Democratic presidential candidate? You’re praising him you’re saying he did some good things for the Cubans? He taught them how to read?”

“What about those dead on the firing squad, Mr. Sanders?” Salazar asked. “What are you thinking? What about those dead eaten by the sharks in the Florida strait trying to escape to Miami? Your words are very dangerous. Your message is very similar to Fidel’s message to the United States.”

“You claim the United States is so bad and there’s so much inequality and Cuba is so great. I don’t see anyone getting on a raft in Miami defying the sharks to go to Havana. It’s the other way around. It’s the other way around. If you and your Democratic candidates take control of this country we will lose the United States of America and my children, my two girls, will not have the future I was able to have here, in Miami, when my parents fled that very island you praise so much,” Maria Salazar concluded.

Poor Joy also got busted for naming her dog “Bernie,” which she said was a tribute to the Vermont Senator last year. Now, she’s denying it. 

“Joy Behar with her dog Bernie. This my friends is what a ‘dog-faced pony soldier’ is,” tweeted “Jon K USA.”

“Photo of Joy Behar 2017 with her dog, Bernie, named after Bernie Sanders according to Megan McCain as stated on The View!! What percentage of US citizens are registered members of the Democrat Party and NOW TRANSFORMED INTO SOCIALISTS?!” tweeted “Presh Beagle.”

“Joy Behar Names Her Dog After Bernie Sanders ⁦@JoyVBehar (JOYLESS) -has anyone heard the saying, ‘BATS FOR BRAINS’?” tweeted Bobby Junkin.

“Joy Behar of ‘The View’ has just renamed her dog’s name from Bernie to ‘Fidel.’ I wonder why?” tweeted “Tater.”

Cuban Americans know firsthand what it is like to live under a dictatorship, and that’s why the majority of them support President Trump and are members of the Republican Party. Joy Behar hasn’t a clue about living in a totalitarian regime. If she did, she would not support the Democrats, who have moved so far to the left touting socialism.

The Democrat elites are going nuts over Bernie Sanders, but they have no one to blame but themselves. They embraced Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her “Squad,” and the result is Bernie Sanders as the Democrat frontrunner. Americans are too smart to elect a “Democrat Socialist” who never had a real job in his life, but it sure will be fun to watch as Joy Behar and her fellow cohosts squirm as they defend and vouch for a crazy commie trying to win the White House.

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