Joy Claims Trump Rally Crowd Size Is ‘Fake’ — Meghan Calls Her ‘B*tch’ On Live TV

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A huge cat-fight broke on The View yesterday after Joy Behar was made to watch the video of President Donald Trump’s massive 2020 kick-off rally. Behar couldn’t believe the crowd size was real and claimed that Trump’s staffers “bussed people in.” That’s when Meghan McCain went on a tirade and called her “b*tch” on live TV.  You’ll love this.

Joy Behar and Meghan McCain (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Wednesday on ABC’s “The View,” co-hosts Meghan McCain and Joy Behar had a screaming match over President Donald Trump’s Orlando rally last night. Poor Joy just couldn’t accept that it’s looking really dim for the Democrats. The 75-year-old blowhard was in utter denial. For Behar, there is no way that many people really turned out to see Trump.

McCain said, “There were people lining up 40 hours before the event.”

Behar interrupted, “They bussed them in.”

McCain said, “It’s not fake news. … Don’t belittle the crowd. Don’t belittle the enthusiasm … A lot of people are enthusiastic, and one of my producers were saying, ‘Why do people love him so much?’ It’s not just they love Trump so much. It’s they hate the same things Trump hates. That’s what’s going on.”

Behar said, “Who? Black people, you mean, and immigrants?”

McCain shot back, “I come here every day open-minded, just trying to explain it. And it’s not a fun job for me every day.”

Behar pressed, “Who do they hate? Who do they hate?”

McCain said, “I know you’re angry.”

Behar said, “You bet I’m angry.”

McCain continued, “I get that you’re angry that Trump’s president, like a lot of people are. But I don’t think yelling at me is going to fix the problem, okay?”

Behar asked, “Am I yelling at her?”

McCain shot back, “Yes. I’m trying to explain why 2020 is not in the bag for you! It’s not!”

Goldberg stepped in saying, “OK guys, okay!”

McCain said, “Being the sacrificial Republican every day — I’m just trying to –”

Behar sarcastically moaned.

McCain shot back, “Oh don’t feel bad for me, b*tch! I get paid to do this!”

In the next segment, McCain and Behar explained they fight all the time and often call each other b*tches but remain friends. And if you believe that, you’ll believe anything. They do not like each other at all.

Later in the program, big mouth Behar was still upset.

Joy called President Donald Trump a “total racist” because he refused to apologize yesterday for taking out newspaper ads calling for the death penalty of the Central Park Five.

The group of African-American and Latino teenagers were convicted of raping a white female jogger in 1989. In 2002, the five men were exonerated after the real perpetrator’s confession was backed up by DNA evidence.

Behar asked the audience, “Tell the truth now. You guys out there, if these kids were white, would he be calling for the death penalty? Come on.”

The anti-Trump audience responded, “No.”

Behar continued, “Thank you. Never. Never. Just like he carried on over the birther, that Obama was. It’s the same thing. It’s, like, this repetitious publicity against non-whites. That’s where he’s at. He’s a total racist, and then you wonder why I get upset with Trump supporters because they’re behind this guy.”

Poor Joy. She had to bring up ancient history to soothe herself after watching Trump’s massive rally, and Americans let her know they couldn’t care less what she thinks.

“Is he more racist than the Clintons or Joe Biden. I have proof that they are racist. Never seen any proof that Trump is. If there is I would love to see it,” tweeted Uriah Walker.

“Seriously, who watches The View? The only reason I know its a real show is because of non-stop nonsense they spill…and it eats up my timeline from retweets!!!” tweeted Randy Savage.

“Six more years of liberal tears,” tweeted Twitter user “Emi.”

Joy Behar was so angry watching the video of Trump’s rally. It was shocking to her, almost like the night the president got elected. That massive rally made her realize that not everyone hates Trump as she thought.

These Hollywood leftists live in bubbles. They have no connection with the real world or real Americans. It was a huge blow to Joy Behar. She better get used to it. It sure is shaping up to look like Trump may pull off a landslide victory in November 2020.

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