Joy: Trump Reopening Will Backfire & Make Economy Worse, Gets Rude Awakening

Joy Behar believes she knows more about the economy and the COVID crisis than President Donald Trump. The former comedian claimed on Wednesday that Trump reopening America will backfire and make the economy worse. Poor Joy immediately got torched and was in for a rude awakening. You’ll love this.

President Donald Trump, Joy Behar (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Whoopi Goldberg and the producers of The View decided to do a segment on President Trump’s recent ABC News interview. The main focus was Trump making the obvious statement that after the economy is reopened: “it’s possible there will be deaths.”

The shrews of The View were hellbent on making their viewers believe Trump is misguided in reopening the economy, and that led Goldberg to ask Joy Behar her reaction to Trump’s comments.

“So, Joy what was your take away with all this? What was [Trump] trying to accomplish with this interview?” Whoopi asked.

“Well, I know he is trying to change the conversation from the virus to the economy. So, that is his ultimate goal…is basically to be re-elected,” Joy said. “That’s his whole thing because no president has ever been re-elected in a bad economy.”

“But it’s interesting,” Behar continued. “What he fails to see is that if you open the economy…this is what I think…that if you open the economy more people will die. They really don’t seem to care about that. His attitude is, and the Republican leaders that are propping him up…their attitude is let people die as long as it’s not us.”

“They [Trump and GOP] don’t care because they are getting tested on a regular basis, and they are all protecting themselves,” Joy declared. “But the rest of us can go to hell.”

“But the more you open the economy, the more virus you are gonna have, more cases,” Behar said. “That only sets the economy back. So, he’s not just a malignant narcissist, he’s also a very bad tactician because it’s going to make the economy worse in the end as we get closer to November.”

“So, I don’t know what he is trying to do but it’s not going to work,” Joy declared.

Meghan McCain clapped back at big-mouth Joy Behar’s ridiculous take on reopening. 

“Meghan what did you take away from this? Goldberg asked.

“Look, Arizona is reopening right now,” McCain said. “I have friends who I saw on Instagram who are working out at the gym and getting their nails done…sort of going back to life. What Joy was just saying ‘if we open up the economy people die’….well if we don’t open up the economy people are going to starve.” 

Meghan went on to say the people of Arizona are very “supportive” of their governor who is opening up the state in phases. She added: “Of course there is the chance that disease is going spread but it’s a horrible Catch-22 and we’ve been out of work too long.”

Keeping America in lockdown any longer is not a scientific approach at all. 

Sweden never had a lockdown because lockdowns are not about stopping the spread of the disease, but rather they are instituted as a way to stop hospitals from becoming overrun with patients. We have passed the peak of this virus, which is shown by the curve flattening, so it’s time to reopen.

Sweden, a population of 10 million has had 2,900 COVID deaths. New York, which went into full lockdown, and with a population of 10 million has 19,000 deaths. 

“Let us start with the facts about COVID-19. First, it is highly contagious. Second, a very large percentage of those infected are asymptomatic. Third, precisely because it is highly contagious and many cases are asymptomatic, the infection will continue to spread until a vaccine becomes available or herd immunity is reached,” The Hill reports. 

“Government actions, such as lockdowns, contact tracing, mandatory social distancing and the like, will not influence the total number of people who are ultimately infected; they only influence how many people have an active infection at a given point in time. All of these actions ‘flatten the curve,’ but they do not affect the area under the curve,” The Hill adds.

Unemployment and layoffs push families toward poverty. The effect of poverty on age-specific mortality is brutal. In the United States, the poor die 10 to 15 years earlier than the wealthy.

Governors who persist in state-wide lockdowns are making a huge mistake. They think that they are safeguarding workers and their children from COVID-19; they are actually exposing them to mortality risk from unemployment and poverty.

Not having a job and watching as your family is ruined is precisely what 30 million Americans are facing due to the lockdown. Let’s stop the insanity and reopen America. Of course, deaths will continue. However, there is no scientific reason to stay in lockdown. Americans are great at using common sense. The elderly should take extra precautions as should those with underlying medical conditions.

Joy Behar trashing President Trump and spreading misinformation is as bad as the coronavirus itself, and those viewers who turn that talk show for “facts and information” should be ashamed of themselves. It’s time we all pull together and support the president. It’s what Americans do in a time of crisis.

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