Justin Timberlake Encourages Donations To Bail Out Protestors, Regrets It

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Pop megastar Justin Timberlake is joining many hardcore Hollywood leftists in encouraging Americans to send donations to bail out protestors as parts of many major cities are burning down. Timberlake sees the protestors as “patriots” who are doing great work. Well, immediately poor Justin was made to regret it. You’ll love this.

Rioters in Minneapolis, Justin Timberlake (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Leftwing activist Justin Timberlake is the latest celebrity to back the George Floyd protests — many of which have descended into violence and vandalism — and is now encouraging fans to “support” Minneapolis protestors by donating to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, a nonprofit group raising money to bail out protesters.

“Please join me in supporting the Minneapolis protestors by donating to the @mnfreedomfund. The freedom fund is combatting the harms of incarceration by paying bail for low-income individuals who cannot otherwise afford,” the “Can’t Stop the Feeling” singer said, providing a link to the organization’s website.

Timberlake’s call to action comes after days of violence rocking the city of Minneapolis, with rioters destroying police cars, setting police stations on fire, and looting businesses.

The idiocy of this line of thinking is so apparent. Timberlake is worried about “low-income” protestors who chose to go out and commit crimes? What about the low-income citizens whose neighborhoods have been destroyed?

What about the mom and pop shops who begged the Antifa terrorists to refrain from burning down their business because they had no insurance? An elderly couple actually got a beating from these so-called “patriots” after they pleaded with the thugs to stop burning down their store.

Americans blasted Justin Timberlake over his ignorant pleadings.

“Is @jtimberlake going to bail them out?” asks Dan Bongino about a video of a Japanese business burning.

“Remember this the next time you even think about putting out money on this idiot…It will turn around and be used for terrorist,” tweeted Twitter user “SCW.”

“These celebs show their true colors- they’ve no touch with the real world; they side with lawbreakers, firebugs, thieves but do nothing to help business owners or law-abiding citizens,” tweeted Andy’s Melon.

“Yes, by all means donate money to bailout criminals according to Mr. Timberlake. What about all the damage done by these terrorists he supports? The loss of property, or a livelihood doesn’t matter I guess,” tweeted “Jess.”

“Why not donate to the poor people that was attacked, or had their business burnt down? Why support criminals? I guess he supports crime of all kind,” tweeted Flor Portillo.

“Let the record show that Justin Timberlake is funding the bail of violent assaulting, riotous, looting, property destroying domestic terrorists. And is getting ratioed TF out,” tweeted Teagan Reilly.

“Perhaps you’ll change your mind if they make it to your secure, gated property and start tearing it apart. Oh wait- that won’t happen. They’re just destroying the property of poor, black people. Carry on!” tweeted Brandon Straka.

“You and @jimmyfallon going to chip in for these guys bail?” tweeted Jesse Sweeney.

The Grammy-winning singer is just one of several celebrities who have demonstrated support for the protests ravaging the country.

Pop star Harry Styles on Saturday posted an apologetic tweet, professing that he is “privileged every day because I am white” and announcing that he is also “donating to help post bail for arrested organizers.”

Actors Steve Carell, Patton Oswalt, Don Cheadle, and Seth Rogen are among others donating to the cause.

The donations come as rioters, many of whom are members of outside groups including Antifa, flood the streets, sowing discord with acts of lawlessness.

President Donald Trump on Sunday stated that the U.S. will designate Antifa as a terrorist organization. Attorney General William Barr declared that acts of violence from Antifa “and other similar groups” in connection with the rioting sparked by the death of George Floyd “is domestic terrorism and will be treated accordingly.”

It takes a really twisted individual to view these organized astroturf riots as “patriotic acts.” Rioting and mayhem where law-abiding citizens lose their livelihoods and are beaten for trying to defend their property are vilified by these celebrity idiots. Their Trump Derangement Syndrome causes them to side with pure evil, and Americans will not forget it.

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