Kamala Harris Tries To Play ‘Gotcha’ With Amy Coney Barrett, She Gets Torched

Kamala Harris likes to believe she is this great prosecutor who can shred anyone she questions. That’s until she came up against Amy Coney Barrett. The vice-presidential nominee tried to set up Coney Barrett with a “gotcha” situation, and that’s when the mother of seven utterly torched her. You’ll love this.

Amy Coney Barrett, Kamala Harris (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

The liberal media machine is proclaiming that Kamala Harris was “on her game” when she questioned Amy Coney Barrett late Tuesday afternoon. That’s not the truth. In fact, since most of the leftwing cable networks failed to televise the Senate hearings, the liberal media can get away with pumping Harris up in the press.

However, for those of us who were watching it live, Kamala Harris was outmatched, outwitted, and outsmarted by Amy Coney Barrett.

Harris had a series of questions she read while Coney Barrett was armed with just her brilliant mind. Earlier in the day, the Supreme Court nominee was asked to hold up the notes in front of her, which were blank. She required no notes.

Harris rambled through her questions, and it was evident she was building up to a moment where she could play “gotcha” with Coney Barrett. When that moment came, it was the mother of seven who played “gotcha” on Kamala Harris.

“Prior to your nomination were you aware of President Trump’s statements committing to nominate judges that will strike down the Affordable Care Act, and I would appreciate a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ answer, please,” Harris said, dripping with arrogance.

Amy Coney Barrett is looking at Kamala Harris with utter disdain, at this point. Harris is treating this federal judge with a spotless record like she is some criminal she is cross-examining while demanding she just gives a one-word answer.

The Supreme Court nominee also realizes that Harris is trying to set her upIt’s obvious Kamala is trying to play “gotcha” with this line of questioning. 

“Well, Senator Harris I want to be very, very careful. I am under oath,” Coney Barrett replies. “As I am sitting here, I don’t recall seeing or hearing those statements but I don’t know what context they were in, so I guess I can’t really definitively give you a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. But what I would like to say is that I don’t recall hearing about or seeing such statements.”

“Well, I imagine you were surrounded by a team of folks who helped prepare you for this nomination hearing,” Harris said.

“Yes…I,” Coney Barret starts to answer when Kamala Harris rudely interrupts her.

“Well, let me finish if you don’t mind,” Harris declares. “Did they inform you of the president’s statements and that this might be a question in the course of this hearing.”

“When I had my calls with senators, it came up. Many of the Democratic senators wanted to know about the Affordable Care Act and to satisfy themselves that I had not made any pre-commitments to the president about it,” Coney Barrett replies.

“So, you then became aware of the president’s statement, is that correct?” Harris asks.

“Let’s see, Senator Harris,” Coney Barrett said. “I can’t recall if the senators framed the questions in the context of President Trump’s comments, perhaps so.”

Coney Barrett adds: “I think from my perspective the most important thing to say is that I have never made a commitment, I’ve never been asked to make a commitment, and I hope the committee would trust in my integrity not to entertain such an idea, that I would not violate my oath if I were confirmed and heard that case.”

But Kamala couldn’t just let this go. She had to do something to make a headline.

“So, just so I am clear, and then we can move on, are you saying that you are now— before I said it— aware or unaware that President Trump made these comments about who he would nominate to the United States Supreme Court,” Harris said.

“Senator Harris, what I was saying, I thought you initially framed the question as was I aware before this nomination process began…” Coney Barret said.

She was rudely interrupted by a combative Kamala who was sensing it was Coney Barrett who was now playing “gotcha.”

“I’m asking were you aware before this hearing began,” Harris responds, which is wrong. Coney Barrett knows what she was initially asked was “prior to the nomination was she aware.”

“So, you’re changing…you’re asking me now if I was aware before the hearing began?” Coney Barrett replies knowing Kamala looks like a fool.

Kamala knows it too, so she has to change her question.

“As a follow-up question, I am,” Harris said knowing her plan had been foiled.

Coney Barrett answers by saying the same thing she has said over and over again during this line of questioning.

“What I said was when I had my calls with Democratic senators this question came up and those comments may have been referenced, even if so, that wasn’t something that I heard or saw directly by reading it myself,” Coney Barrett declares.

Actor James Woods was watching it live.

“Watching Judge Barrett fillet Harris is like watching a shark devour its prey. One gulp and gone,” he tweeted.

Poor Kamala. She came loaded for bear to catch Amy Coney Barrett in a “gotcha” moment. Instead, it was the mother of seven who caught Kamala Harris changing her question in a desperate attempt to give her media buddies a great story. Sadly, this just wasn’t Kamala Harris’ day.

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