Kelleyanne Leaving Trump Administration After Daughter Makes Wild Accusations

Kelleyanne Conway told President Donald Trump late Sunday night that she was leaving her job as a senior adviser to devote more time to her family. However, Conway and her anti-Trump husband have a teenage daughter who is possibly the real cause of Conway’s quick exit. Don’t miss this.

Kelleyanne Conway, Claudia Conway (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, Claudia Conway/TikTok/Screenshot)

Famous political couples who are on opposite sides of the aisle are nothing new, but we have never seen the rage and hatred coming from one spouse toward another spouse’s boss as we have seen with George Conway.

In a statement posted to Twitter, Kelleyanne said she and her husband were making changes based on what they thought was best for their children.

“We disagree about plenty but we are united on what matters most: the kids.” she said. “Our four children are teens and ’tweens starting a new academic year, in middle school and high school, remotely from home for at least a few months. As millions of parents nationwide know, kids ‘doing school from home’ requires a level of attention and vigilance that is as unusual as these times.”

“For now, and for my beloved children, it will be less drama, more mama,” Kellyanne Conway wrote in her statement on Sunday.

George also made an announcement: “So I’m withdrawing from @ProjectLincoln to devote more time to family matters. And I’ll be taking a Twitter hiatus. Needless to say, I continue to support the Lincoln Project and its mission. Passionately.”

The Lincoln Project is a group of shady Never Trumpers who are working to get Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden elected.

Since Trump won the White House, thanks in many ways to Kellyanne Conway, George Conway has made it his mission in life to destroy the president. Over the last three and a half years, Mr. Conway’s disgusting and disgraceful behavior was watched closely by his daughter Claudia, who is now 15-years-old.

Unfortunately, Claudia took to social media and wanted attention. She was seeking fans to her TikTok page. It all came to a head over the weekend when she had a huge temper tantrum. She got excited when she claimed to be “trending on Twitter.”

First, she accused her parents of abuse on TikTok:

“My dad doesn’t care about me. He’s never cared about me. He probably doesn’t know my middle name,” she said in a video in her room.

“He never really cared about me. My whole life he always belittled me. When I was younger my dad physically abused me a lot right here in this very room,” she said.

“Same thing with my Mom,” she said. “My mom got me arrested, you know. She’s very, very physically abusive, very, very verbally abusive.”

The 15-year-old then took to Twitter: 

“I’m devasted that my mother is actually speaking at the RNC. like DEVASTATED beyond compare,” she posted.

“I’m officially pushing for emancipation. buckle up because this is probably going to be public one way or another, unfortunately. welcome to my life,” Claudia tweeted on August 22.

“my mother’s job ruined my life to begin with. heartbreaking that she continues to go down that path after years of watching her children suffer. selfish. it’s all about money and fame, ladies and gentlemen,” Claudia added.

“as for my dad, politically, we agree on absolutely nothing. we just both happen to have common sense when it comes to our current president. stop ‘stanning’ him,” claimed Claudia.

Well, those tweets by Kelleyanne Conway’s daughter all happened within a few hours. The daughter is an immature 15-year-old loving all the publicity she got when she started to put her mother down publicly.

You can see why Kelleyanne decided it was time to whip that child into shape. Poor Claudia changed her tune in a heartbeat after Kelleyanne said she was quitting her job to come home and put her family first.

Looks like Kelleyanne laid down the law about social media:

“this is becoming way too much so i am taking a mental health break from social media. see y’all soon. thank you for the love and support. no hate to my parents please,” Claudia tweeted late Sunday night.

As most parents know, girls going through their teenage years can be some of the most challenging times. Then, you add a father who took delight in putting his wife’s boss down in public, and you get a teenage girl very confused about what is going on.

We all hate to see Kelleyanne go. Hopefully, she will be available to help out the campaign in small ways as she gets her life under control.

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