Take Your Mask Mandate & Shove It Right Up Your A**!: Bongino Defys Leftist Order

Conservative radio host Dan Bongino vowed to defy officials who passed a mandatory mask order this week in his county of residence. You don’t want to miss this.

Dan Bongino (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

Mask-shaming by leftists has become a real phenomenon. The COVID crisis has now morphed into a political crisis that leftists are using to defeat President Donald Trump in November. As the national death rate declines, the Democrats and their cohorts are doing whatever they can to continue the fear and lockdown.

There is also a big push to keep our kids from returning to schools. The truth is the COVID crisis never materialized into the epic proportions of death we were told to expect. We all adhered to the lockdown in the beginning. We were told we needed to stem the tide of cases so our healthcare system did not become overwhelmed.

So, we stayed at home and watched as many Americans lost their jobs and livelihoods. Our economy tanked, and the Democrats were elated. Now, many infectious disease experts say it’s time we stop the lockdown and let “herd immunity” do the job of making Americans immune.

Those voices of reason have been silenced by leftists. They know to defeat Trump their best chance is to keep the fear going and keep the economy from recovering.

Dan Bongino has been saying this on his daily podcast. 

“I do not need power-drunk pseudo monarchs, little mini tyrants in my supposedly conservative county sending out ridiculous childlike amateur hour edicts demanding people wear masks in situations where the risk of transmission is somewhat close to zero,” he said.

“You can take your mask mandate and shove it right up your a**, you understand? Because I will not comply,” he added.

He is right. Bongino took particular issue with the requirement to wear masks outside in 100-degree weather when there is little to no risk of coronavirus transmission. The virus dies almost immediately when exposed to heat, and we now know transmission happens indoors, not outdoors according to John Hopkins University.

“Nearly 80 percent of all of the outbreaks occurred in a home setting, while 34 percent came from a transportation setting. There are only 2 documented cases that came from an outdoor setting,” The Hill reports. 

Wearing a mask outdoors is only necessary if you are elderly or have an underlying health issue.

“I will use my own adult mature 45-year-old judgment to determine when and where to wear a mask so that I do not infect someone else and that I do not make people uncomfortable,” Bongino continued. “We are all big boys and we will figure it out.”

“If we fold and bend the knee to these government-wide ridiculous edicts like wearing a mask on a 100-degree beach in the middle of Martin County then what’s next, a mandate to eat broccoli?” he asked sardonically.

“I will not comply with a ridiculous edict that will do nothing for my health or anyone else’s,” he said.

“Mandatory masking orders have become increasingly common throughout the U.S. as several states deal with coronavirus case spikes. Though outdoor transmission is rare,  John’s Hopkins recommends wearing a mask when you are in an enclosed space and can’t socially distance, since you can be asymptomatic and wearing one can help prevent you from spreading the virus,” The Daily Caller reports.

The Democrats need to continue the fear of COVID to justify keeping Joe Biden down in his bunker basement. 

“Former Vice President Joe Biden’s obvious and worsening senility have been hidden from view, with the candidate sheltering in private, limiting press conferences to scripted events every few months, skipping a nominating convention, and limiting debates,” The Federalist reports.

“The hope is that a once-booming economy has been actively torpedoed by blue-state governors — once again citing coronavirus — and left-wing riots in the streets will be enough to topple the president without exposing Biden’s worsening condition to public scrutiny,” they add.

Make no mistake: no one is suggesting the coronavirus is not real or deadly to the elderly. However, so are most flu pandemics, and we did not keep America on lockdown. We are a country of citizens with profound common sense.

States like North Dakota never did a lockdown and “trusted the good people” to make their own decisions. The result was not different than most states. In fact, it was better than the big blue states. It’s time we take this country back and rely on our own common sense. We the People must stand up to the tyrannical leftists to ensure President Trump gets re-elected.

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