Maxine: Americans Must Resist Trump To Be Called A Patriot, Gets Rude Awakening

Rep. Maxine Waters is angry at Americans who aren’t “resisting” the president. “Those who honor the flag, where are you?” Waters asked on MSNBC. “Can’t you see what is happening? We’re in a constitutional crisis in this country. We have got to make sure that Trump’s not reelected. I don’t hear enough voices!” Well, that’s when American patriots gave Maxine a rude awakening she won’t forget. You’ll love this.

Rep. Maxine Waters (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) has served in Congress for 28 years. At 81-years-old, she spent most of her time on Capitol Hill doing next to nothing. Then, Donald Trump got elected and Waters became the face of “resistance.” Her hyperbolic rants of “impeach 45” launched the Democrat from California to national recognition.

Now, impeachment is over. Waters’ newfound celebrity status is waning, and she finds herself totally perplexed. Maxine Waters can’t understand why more Americans aren’t resisting President Trump.  While appearing on MSNBC, the Congresswoman whom Trump has dubbed “Low IQ Maxine” tried to appeal to Americans using leftwing propaganda talking points.

“You know, for all of those people who say that they, you know, honor the flag and that they are in support of our democracy being strengthened, for all of those people who say that—where are you? Can’t they see what is happening? We’re in a constitutional crisis in this country, with a president who is running amok,” Waters said.

Maxine is calling out Americans “who honor the flag” and claims you can’t be a patriot if you don’t “resist” President Trump. 

“He is out of control. We have got to make sure that he’s not reelected. We have to speak up, we have to resist. I don’t hear enough voices,” Maxine added.

It is not only the sycophants around him, it’s the average American who gets up every day, who is taking care of their families, who is thinking somebody else will see to it that this president is not re-elected.

But, no, it has to be all of us out there working and working very hard. We have a constitutional crisis and we’ve got to deal with it. This is what democracy is all about, when you see a president out of control, when you see those who have been elected to office, who are not acting responsibly and they’re endangering our democracy, you have to speak out against them. You have to work against them. You have got to make sure that they’re not reelected ever again.

Maxine has no self-awareness. She has “endangered our democracy,” not President Trump. Doesn’t she realize it is “average American families” who voted in record numbers for Trump?

Well, average Americans blasted poor Maxine for her ridiculous remarks.

“Huh? What I don’t hear enough is other Democrats condemning Mad Max for her comments inciting harassment and violence against Americans with differing political opinions,” tweeted “Double Cheese.”

“Isn’t it amazing how often these commies say how much they love the Constitution? our DEMOCRACY??????” tweeted “Wildwood.”

“Oh, we’re here. We’re just not as dumb as you are. Why should we listen to an old democratic bat like you? You and your democratic friends are the ones with issues. Go find a rock and crawl under it and stop bugging people, you old fart,” tweeted “The Annunaki.”

“Why would Americans resist the most prolific President in the history of this great country? Now that we’ve seen what a real President can do, we won’t ever go back,” tweeted Jill Warren.

“Big-mouth Waters….You are corruption…You do nothing for your people yet you have become rich……..the time has come for you to go,” tweeted “Anthony M.”

Maxine Waters can’t have it both ways. She is on the record rallying her followers to violence against Trump supporters. Now, she claims to be a patriot who honors the flag? And anyone who claims to honor the flag and isn’t “resisting” the duly elected president is not a patriotic American?

It’s so ridiculous it really leaves us speechless. Poor Maxine is losing popularity. She can’t point to one darn thing she has done for her constituents in 28 years.

Time for Auntie Maxine to go back to Los Angeles and beg forgiveness from those she has wronged. Waters only enriched herself and her family as a politician and will go down in history as one of the biggest shake-down queens.

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