Meghan & Harry Pander To BLM By Slamming ‘Racist’ Commonwealth, Get Smackdown

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Just how low are Meghan Markle and her sidekick husband Harry willing to go to pander to the Black Lives Matter movement? Well, the “super woke” duo has now burned the biggest bridge to date. They threw Harry’s grandmother under the bus by making the most ridiculous accusation. Citing “racism” in the past of British colonies, Harry egged on by Meghan tried to destroy his own grandmother. Well, that’s when they got a brutal smackdown. You’ll love this.

Harry, Meghan Markle, Queen Elizabeth II (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

You don’t mess with Queen Elizabeth II who has been the reigning British Monarch for 68 years. The Queen has been playing politics long before Meghan Markle was ever born, and for the former D-list actress to think she could take on one of the most astute players on the world’s stage is utterly mind-boggling.

As for her husband, who told a crowd recently to “just call me Harry,” he has now burned the biggest and most important bridge in his life — and broke his grandmother’s heart.

The Queen oversees the British Commonwealth which is made up of many countries and territories throughout the world. Australia, Canada, and New Zealand are a few of the bigger nations in the Commonwealth which also includes areas in the Caribbean and Africa.

They aren’t ruled by the Queen. They are part of the Commonwealth by their own volition, and all have their own governments as does the United Kingdom.

However, just like the Black Lives Matter leaders are blaming white Americans for slavery and so-called “racism” still in the United States, Meghan and Harry are saying so-called “institutional racism” is still present in the British Commonwealth.

It makes your head spin. America is not a racist nation and neither is the British Commonwealth. 

Claiming the Commonwealth had to have a reckoning over its colonial past before it could move on to the future, Prince Harry said:

There is no way that we can move forward unless we acknowledge the past, and I think so many people have done such an incredible job of acknowledging the past and trying to right those wrongs. But I think we all acknowledge on here there is more to be done.

It’s not going to be easy and in some cases it’s not going to be comfortable, but it needs to be done because — guess what — everybody benefits. I think there is a hell of a lot together that we need to acknowledge.

When Harry claims “there is a hell of a lot that we need to acknowledge,” he is pointing directly at his own grandmother. The ex-royal is telling his own grandma: “You have been the official head of this racist commonwealth. Time for you to apologize!”

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan was furious at the comments, claiming that the couple was deliberately “picking a fight” with the Queen.

“There’s a serious point to this which is that these two quit the Royal Family because they wanted to go and do their own thing in Hollywood,” Morgan said. “That’s fine. It’s their choice, it’s their life.”

“But if they’re going to start attacking the Commonwealth, and the Queen is the head of the Commonwealth, then they’re picking a proper political fight,” he added. “Therefore they put themselves back in the news agenda.”

“Then what will happen is they’re going to get, in my view, rightly criticized for some of the things they’re saying here,” Morgan explained. “They will then play the victim and say ‘how dare you criticize us’. And so the circus goes on.”

Daily Mail editor Andrew Pierce agreed with the GMB host and urged the Sussexes to “do a bit of history” before “lecturing” about the Commonwealth.

The British people overwhelmingly love the Queen and are fed up with the dastardly duo’s pandering and shenanigans. 

“Hope his Nan chases him with the carpet beater, mine would have. Prince Harry ‘risks angering Queen’ with message about Commonwealth’s ‘wrongs'” tweeted LAGUD.

“WTF ALERT::::: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle say Commonwealth must right wrongs of colonialism….. good luck with all that !!!!!!!” tweeted “J Wall.”

“We should look forward not back. As someone who has stepped out of the royal family he should focus on his own life and not get involved in politics. ‘That is not the appropriate thing to do. I’m not sure his grandmother would be too pleased either.’ #PrinceHarry #Megxit” tweeted “Chief Inspector Clouseau.”

“For what particular bits of British imperialism do you blame Prince Harry? There are 54 Commonwealth members. The Queen is head of state in only 16, all of their own volition. Free to change at any time. Please stop with this nonsense,” tweeted American Spectator reporter Andrew Neil.

“It showed how dumb and stupid Prince Harry is. Doesn’t he know that the Commonwealth is a volunteer organization of former British colonies that has been decolonized? The Queen should remove these two wokes from the QCT as they no longer represent the Commonwealth and the Queen,” tweeted Pamela RG.

“Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ‘picking fight with Queen’ after Commonwealth ‘attack.’ Harry and that woman have now gone too far. Now we see why she married him, it was so she could take a potshot at the Royal family and Britain. Silk purse and sows ear?” tweeted George Isleworth.

Meghan Markle identified as a caucasian on her IMDb profile until she met Harry. Now, she is claiming she knows all about racism on a personal level.

“Meghan also retrod recent comments when she added to the remarks, saying she had ‘obviously’ had personal experience of racism, and slammed ordinary members of the public for being complacent, which she said made them ‘complicit’ in racism,” Breitbart reports.

There was never anything authentic about Meghan Markle. She is a common grifter who bagged herself a British prince. Now, she is hoping to “sow the wind”  as a black woman seeking justice herself. Well, she better be prepared to reap the whirlwind. The Queen won’t be sitting this one out.

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