Actor Michael Rapaport Throttled For Vicious Attack Of Melania On Mother’s Day

Micheal Rapaport is a leftwing actor who loves to make lewd comments. “Never forget a hooker and a con man run America,” Rapport said last month. On Sunday, he focused his hate on Melania: “Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you’re a better mother than you are First Lady, you’re useless as a First Lady, literally @FLOTUS.” Well, that’s when poor Mike got throttled by Americans in ways he never saw coming. You’ll love this.

Melania Trump, Michael Rapaport (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, Twitter/MRapaport)

Leftwing D-list actor and comedian Michael Rapaport launched a vicious attack on the first lady on Mother’s Day. Rapaport proved he is a disgusting waste of a human being as his attack also included the Trump family.

Rapaport’s anger is well-known in Hollywood. The 50-year-old never really made it as a big-screen actor only landing bit roles in a few major motion pictures. Now, he is taking out his multiple failures in life on the Trump family.

“HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!” tweeted Rapaport on Sunday. “I hope you’re a better Mother than you are First Lady, you’re useless as a First Lady, literally @FLOTUS,” added the washed-up actor, along with the hashtag #MILFS.”

Rapaport also used Mother’s Day as an excuse to attack President Donald Trump’s ex-wife Ivana Trump, as well as her and the president’s two sons, Eric and Donald Trump Jr.

“Happy Mother’s Day to the Lady that spawned these Two Blo Jobs,” tweeted the Fugly actor on Sunday.

This is not Rapaport’s first time exhibiting unhinged behavior on social media.

Last month, the Small Time Crooks actor attacked Melania Trump, calling her a “dumb animal” in response to her public service announcement on the deadly Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

During her PSA, Melania suggested safety tips and said that “while many of us are apart, we are all in this together.”

“Look at this DUMB FKC!!! She thinks this is SEXXXY TIME? Dumb FKC! You dumb animal @FLOTUS,” reacted the Bamboozled actor. “MAGA!!!! Look at what you’ve done!!!”

Rapaport went on a rant in March, demanding that President Trump encourage his children — including his 14-year-old son Barron Trump — to leave their houses and potentially expose themselves to the Chinese coronavirus.

“Why don’t you send your f*cking son, d*ck stain Donald Trump Jr., big-toothed Eric Trump, little f*cking Barron, f*cking Ivanka, junkyard Jared — let them go out there and test the f*cking waters,” said the leftwing loser who plead guilty of aggravated harassment of his ex-girlfriend in 1998.

Rapaport also got fired from Barstool Sports after he lost his cool over Fantasy Football in 2018. Well, more than lost his cool. Rapaport went on unhinged rants and started actual fistfights which caused the Barstool Sports, a very popular website, to can him. Rapaport went nuts and unsuccessfully sued the sports site.

Americans throttled the leftwing loser on social media. 

“Along with losing his mind, I think Michael Rapaport hates his job in Hollyweird & is begging to be fired so he can seek the medication & therapy he desperately needs,” tweeted Betty Mowery.

“Imagine what it has to be like to be this man and look in the mirror everyday and see a face that looks like decades of drug abuse and bad genetics. Then you will comprehend why he is furious,” tweeted Carmine Sabia.

“Despicable. Liberal Men and Women only ‘support women’ who: Promote abortion-on-demand, March with pink vagina hats, Hate Trump, Friends w/ Epstein & Weinstein, Spew vile leftist hate, Don’t look like feminine women,” tweeted DeAnna Lorraine.

“Wtf did she even do to make her so awful? Oh ya, Orange man Bad…. I think you just hate Pretty women cause you stand no chance with your ugly mug and Herpes,” tweeted Joey Saladino.

“Oh we know what you like! She’s a hell of a lot better First Lady, Mother & Person. Not to mention she is a so much prettier than this he/she wouldn’t you say?” tweeted “Swamp Drainer.”

“He’s a total dirt-bag just ask his ex-girlfriends,” tweeted Melanie Deal.

“We all know why you’re mad, Michael. She never would give you the time of day!” tweeted Errol Webber.

Rapaport is an angry man who clearly needs counseling. In 2019, Rapaport went on a vulgar tirade against the Covington Catholic High School students, calling them “MAGA hat-wearing sh*t stains.”

“You see the video of these Catholic school teenage f*ckboys? Handjobs. Harassing, getting in the face of these Native American people,” Michael Rapaport said in a video.

“Dude you are disgusting. Surprised you haven’t deleted this since the real story has come out,” tweeted Twitter user “Blondie” to Rapaport:

Rapaport refused to delete his tweets or issue an apology to the Covington kids. That’s typical of most leftwing activists who care nothing for the truth. Rapaport takes it a step further by attacking anyone associated with the president or anyone who does not agree with him.

His vulgar and disgusting comments have made him infamous on Twitter. Poor Mike, he never really made it as an actor, but he made sure his legacy as a mentally unstable leftwing nutjob is now cemented on social media.

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