Michelle’s 55th Birthday Ruined, Barack’s Past Comes Back To Destroy Her Big Day

Michelle Obama seems to have gone underground. Today is her 55th birthday, and all is not well. Granted, there are the Obama sycophants who are gushing over her big day and sending birthday greetings, but that isn’t enough to overshadow what just happened. Barack Obama’s past just came back to bite her as those whom the Obamas trusted the most have turned on the former first couple. Don’t miss this.

Michelle Obama (left), Barack Obama (right) (Photo Credit: Drew Angerer/Getty Images, Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Michelle Obama was basking in the limelight for the last couple of months. The former first lady was on her big book tour traveling to all the big cities. And the leftist media was having a heyday covering Michelle Obama. They couldn’t get enough of Barack’s wife as she lashed out at President Donald Trump making snarky remarks they would happily reflect in their headlines.

During her last public appearance on December 19th, Michelle showed up at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn wearing $4,000 dollar glittery thigh-high Balenciaga boots and a big yellow wrap around dress. This was her last hurrah before the bad news broke. Now, she is nowhere to be found.

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Former first lady Michelle Obama discusses her book “Becoming” with Sarah Jessica Parker at Barclays Center in New York City. (Photo Credit: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

By the end of December, Mrs. Obama was keeping to herself, and she canceled some upcoming tour dates she blamed on the funeral of President George H.W. Bush. Today, she turns 55, and now we know why Michelle made sure she wasn’t seen in public.

The Democratic Party is throwing Barack and Michelle under the bus. Yes, you read that right. As the 2020 election season gets underway, the Democrats along with the leftist media have re-examined the former president’s legacy, and they are now saying, “Obama was a bad president.”

Those words were found in a Vanity Fair expose which must make Barack and Michelle furious. But that’s not all. Many of the Obamas most trusted advisers are now openly saying Barack was a disaster as the Commander in Chief.

“If today’s Democrats can’t beat Trump, then maybe Hillary Clinton wasn’t as bad a candidate as her critics claimed. And if Clinton wasn’t the problem, then what was the problem? Such questions are behind a recent spike of debates on the left over Barack Obama’s record. More and more voices seem to be saying, either obliquely or bluntly, that Obama was a bad president,” reported Vanity Fair. 

Democratic strategist Matt Stoller believes more or less everybody in the Democratic Party considers Obama a failure. Wow, that’s got to sting Michelle Obama on her 55h birthday as a wave of voices is echoing the same thing. Stoller tells Democrats, “I don’t recommend attacking Obama if you want Democratic votes. It’s just that he did a bad job and so getting Democratic votes requires not being straightforward about that.”

Barack tried to soothe Michelle on her birthday amidst this bad news by posting on Instagram: “I knew it way back then and I’m absolutely convinced of it today — you’re one of a kind. Happy Birthday!” This probably went over like a lead balloon.

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It’s clear the Democratic Party is rejecting Obama due to the coming 2020 election. They know Hillary Clinton ran supporting all of  Barack’s policies. If elected, Mrs. Clinton was promising a third term for Obama. That’s why they have turned on the Obamas, and we bet Michelle is livid.

“For millions of Americans, any residual trust in the competence and integrity of the ruling class was lost, and Obama had become part of the problem,” wrote leftist T.A. Frank via Vanity Fair. He says when Barack decided to support the bailouts back in 2008, many far-left Democrats started to see him as part of the problem, not taking his policies to the “far-far-left” enough.

“[Leftist elites] object to how Obama handled issues such as health care, finance capitalism, immigration, economic stimulus, trade, and war and peace,” says T.A. Frank. Wow, is there anything the former president did that they liked?

And Obama’s closest advisor Valerie Jarrett, who is rumored to be living with the Obamas on and off in their Washington, D.C. mansion, was the brain-trust behind the 44th president’s policies that are now getting blasted by many of the leftist elites.

Jarrett wasn’t with the 55-year-old former first lady on her birthday, which say volumes. Wherever Michelle is holed up, it looks like Barack and Valerie aren’t with her. Jarrett also tried to soothe Michelle on her birthday by sending this tweet: “What an extraordinary journey your life has been, and will continue to be. The quintessential American story. Thank you for being an extraordinary role model for us all. I am so proud of you, my dear friend.”

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According to Live Nation who is handling Michelle’s book tour, she canceled all of her January dates and isn’t scheduled to be back until February 8th. Maybe by then, she will have recovered from the shock that many who used to fawn all over the Obamas, are now treating them no better than they treat President Trump.

Politics is a blood sport. Those who were your friends and biggest supporters will throw you to the wolves when you no longer suit their needs. And it sure looks like Michelle Obama is learning that lesson. Well, we can’t say we are too sympathetic. What comes around goes around and karma can be cruel to those who were once riding so high.

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