Michelle: Time To Re-Distribute Americans’ Wealth Over COVID — Gets Reality Check

Michelle Obama is pushing for turning America into a socialist nation with extreme taxes. She also sees the “coronavirus crisis” as just the thing to finally make sure our nation is “transformed” as her husband promised while he was president. The former first lady proves the Democrats are out to “redistribute your wealth” based on fear of the pandemic, and that’s when she got a big reality check. You’ll love this.

Michelle Obama (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

The Democrats love a good crisis. “Never let a serious crisis go to waste,” said Rahm Emmanuel, who was Barack Obama’s chief of staff. In fact, it’s Democrats like Michelle Obama who are pushing all doom and gloom, hoping they can convince Americans that the virus means America cannot return to “normal.”

That line of thinking is ridiculous. But it’s all they got. Returning to normal means President Donald Trump’s booming economy comes back. They have a small window of opportunity left as more and more Americans believe the virus is waning and people can safely get back to normal.

Wednesday on her new podcast, former first lady Michelle Obama called coronavirus an opportunity to think about “how wealth is distributed.”

Obama noted the “power” that would enable what “we” could do to allow such actions.

“I think we will forever think about the word ‘essential’ in a different way,” Michelle said. “And, when we were told to stay home, they got up, got dressed, and went out into the world, risking their lives, to drive garbage trucks, to work in warehouses, to work in grocery stores, to work in hospitals. Often doing invisible, but yes, essential work, and I struggle with it because I’m not sure that we treat them like they’re essential.”

“And that’s something that we need to, that’s a part of that reflection, that we need to do, you know. With ourselves, and, and as a community. And we have to think about that, in terms of how wealth is distributed,” Obama added.

The former first lady then pushed for socialized health care for illegal immigrants. 

“I mean we have to think about this. We have to think about the people who are not from this country, who are essential workers,” Michelle declared. “A lot of those folks are still out in the fields picking our corn, and making sure that that food is in our grocery stores, and working in these meatpacking plants, to ensure that the, that the cow that was slaughtered, gets into our bellies.”

Michelle said she wants you to “sacrifice a little more.” It’s always the middle-class workers who will carry the biggest burden.

“Most Americans—73.5 percent—would be financially worse off under ‘Medicare for All,’ a government-run universal health care system. All workers would pay a 21.2 percent payroll tax in addition to current taxes, in order to fund the massive increase in spending under a government-run system,” The Heritage Foundation reports. 

“Under Medicare for All, households with employer-sponsored health coverage would have an average of $10,554 less in disposable income each year,” Heritage adds.

Americans blasted Michelle Obama on social media. 

“Wealth is not distributed. It is only earned … or stolen,” tweeted conservative radio host Tara Servatius.

“The Obamas, like the entire Left, see the COVID crisis as a way to advance the cause of Communism,” tweeted “Winchester Oscar.”

“More confirmation. The Dems colluded with China and the Soros Globalists to do anything to get Trump out so they could install their Socialist NWO,” tweeted Richard Green.

“Mask Slips! Michelle O Blatantly Politicizes Coronavirus Opportunity to Change ‘How Wealth Distributed’ Potential Dem V.P. Pick?” tweeted “#ClearFlynnNow.”

“We can start by selling your Martha’s Vinyard Castle and giving it to the poor and homeless..@MichelleObama,” tweeted Twitter user “Egypt.”

“When Is She Going To Distribute Some of Her Wealth?” tweeted Patricia Dickson.

“Okay, let’s take your beachfront property in the Hamptons and give it to the homeless in New York,” tweeted “Unseen1.”

Michelle and her Democrat cohorts believe this is the time that they can finally make America into a socialist utopia.

“Always with great opposition, because you’re asking people to sacrifice, to give up, things that, that they think they deserve, that they’re entitled to for the sake of the greater good,” Michelle Obama said in conclusion.

Well, she’s right. Most Americans believe we deserve the income we earn. We already pay enough in taxes to the government. She claims we are all selfish. She uses the word “entitled” for believing our income is our own.

The other issue is what is the definition of the Democrats’ “greater good?” It’s complete government control of every facet of your life. They want us all to work and give up 70 percent of our income to them so they can tell us where to live, what to eat, what type of transportation we can take, and make sure we pay for the unemployed and illegals.

That sounds an awful lot like slavery. The Democrats want us to give away our liberty. They are doing their best to remove the foundation of our freedom. In many ways, this is the same spot the first Americans were in with their overlords in England. We all have a choice to make, and that’s why patriots will always choose liberty and freedom.

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