Michelle Obama ‘Throws Shade’ At President Trump — Big Mistake

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Michelle Obama continued her passive/aggressive publicity tour on Wednesday, using the opportunity to take another shot at President Donald Trump. Michelle couldn’t resist telling more than one big lie. It’s what the Obamas do best. However, that’s when she made her big mistake.

Michelle Obama and President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: The Tonight Show/MSNBC)

The former first lady said the bar has been lowered for the current President and called him a liar. She also indicated that Trump has been indicted for crimes, though she offered no proof. She then admitted that she was “throwing shade” or trash-talking the man who succeeded her husband.

Michelle was at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Wednesday promoting her book Becoming. She sat down for an interview with actress Sarah Jessica Parker to talk about important stuff like why she chose to wear clothes from “diverse” designers. The AP wrote a gushing piece about her and then slipped her attack on President Trump near the end:

During the wide-ranging conversation, Obama only briefly mentioned the Trumps by name but jokingly alluded to the investigations involving the Trump administration. Obama said as the first black president of the United States, former President Barack Obama and his staff felt no mistakes could be made.

But the thing is, Michelle didn’t mention the Trumps by name. Neither of the Obamas will ever utter the word “Trump” because they fear it will conjure doom and catastrophe. Michelle was definitely attacking Trump, but she couldn’t bring herself to say his name.

“Often time, when you’re the first or the only, the bar shifts a lot, right? The bar gets set, you meet it, exceed it, they move the bar, and we’re watching that right now — the bar’s just swinging and swinging,” said Michelle.

“Setting the bar” is an idiom that means setting a standard. Setting the bar high means setting a high standard, and setting low means have low expectations. It’s based on the “high jump” track and field event in which the higher the bar is set the more difficult the task of getting over it becomes. Michelle’s imagery in this analogy makes absolutely no sense as she talks about it “swinging.” Has she ever seen someone do the high jump? Apparently not.

“It’s a totally new bar — never seen this bar before, ever. But when we were in office, our bar was very different — not getting indicted, and telling the truth,” said Michelle.

Michelle Obama may not be the most eloquent or articulate speaker, but clearly what she’s saying is that President Trump is a liar who has been indicted for something.

Really? What crime has Donald Trump been indicted for? Considering how hysterical liberals and the liberal media are over him, you’d think it would be big news that the President has been indicted.

Michelle’s lie is actually multi-faceted. Not only did she lie that Trump has been indicted, but she also lied that she and her husband Barack never lied while they occupied the White House.

Barack won the shameful “Lie of the Year” in 2013 for saying that if people liked their doctors and plans they could keep them under ObamaCare. There were also lies about the nature of the Benghazi attack, the IRS scandal, the economy, guns, ISIS, Hillary Clinton’s emails, etc… It’s actually easier to list the things Obama told the truth about.

Michelle knew she was trash-talking President Trump because she added this:

“This is going to be reported on — ‘Michelle Obama throwing shade.’ These are just facts!” Michelle said.

No, facts are empirical truths, but what Michelle said were demonstrable lies. The real fact that she’s ignoring is how low the bar has been set (swung?) for her and her husband in criticizing President Trump. Traditionally, the outgoing president doesn’t publicly trash his successor, but the Obamas have done nothing but attack Trump.

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