Michelle Warns Voters About Trump’s Sinister ‘Debate Plan,’ Bongino Destroys Her

Michelle Obama is warning American voters about what she suggests is a sinister “debate plan” by President Donald Trump. But that’s not all. The former first lady also made a wild claim about Joe Biden, which made no sense at all. Well, that’s when Dan Bongino destroyed her. You’ll love this.

Michelle Obama, Dan Bongino (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, YouTube/Screenshot)

Michelle Obama thinks she has insight into President Trump’s debate plan. We have no idea how the 56-year-old Obama would have gained this insight, but she definitely believes she knows what is going on inside the White House.

“If you were turned off by the President’s behavior last night, I feel you. Believe me, I do,” Michelle wrote in a new Instagram post. “But we can’t let him win by tuning out altogether. That’s what he wants.”

So, according to the former first lady, the president’s “behavior” was horrendous at the first presidential debate and he did it to make sure Americans “tuned out, altogether.”

But that’s not all. Mrs. Obama also had some insight into what she believes Joe Biden will do for America. 

“So turn those feelings into action—turn them into votes for my friend, @JoeBiden. It’s the only way we can get out of this chaos and restore some stability to this country,” Michelle added.

What chaos? The only chaos we see in the country today is being inflicted by Black Lives Matter and Antifa, who are fervent supporters of Joe Biden and the Democratic Party. And we all know their true goal is anarchy and to tear the “entire system down.”

Does Michelle want us to believe that Joe Biden stands a chance at curtailing BLM and Antifa? 

“You can start by reaching out to everyone you know. Make sure they’re registered. Make sure they know how and when they’re going to vote. And then follow up with them, every day, to make sure they cast their ballot,” Michelle declared. “Because in this election, we’ve got to vote for Joe in numbers that cannot be denied.”

Conservative podcaster Dan Bongino destroyed Michelle’s take on Trump’s debate plan. 

Appearing on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show, the former Secret Service agent agreed that the president had a debate plan and “executed it brilliantly.”

“I gotta tell you, Sean, people are reading this all wrong,” Bongino said. “You clearly didn’t watch what I watched here. Trump had a strategy and I think Geraldo [Rivera] you missed it. Trump’s strategy was executed brilliantly. What did he want to do?”

“[Trump] knows this is a base election,” Dan added. “Forget independents, it’s a base election. So, Trump is an apex predator, he’s the Lion King, and Trump went out there and did what Trump does. He’s the shark in the ocean and he acted like it.”

“[Trump] lost no one from his base,” Bongino declared. “But what did he do to Biden, Sean? Why do you think he brought up that ‘predators remark,’ why did he bring up the Green New Deal? Why did he bring up government-run healthcare? Or bring up the public option? Because he wants Biden on the record saying he does not support that.”

“Well, what’s that going to do?” Dan asked. “That’s gonna alienate Biden’s base. Biden lost everything tonight with his base.”

Bongino further explained Trump’s strategy in-depth on his podcast.

Bongino explains that after three years of President Trump there really isn’t a huge percentage of Americans who have not made up their mind about him. Trump causes strong reactions. Either you love him or you hate him.

Either you have acknowledged that he accomplished bringing us a booming economy and saved you from paying higher taxes, or you are a basement dweller that believes climate change is the biggest issue facing America right now.

Presidential elections always come down to simple math. Forty percent of the country will vote Republican, and another forty percent will vote for the Democrats. Usually, it’s the 20 percent in the middle that decide the presidential election. To win, you must persuade roughly 11 percent of those in the middle.

Bongino claims that 11 percent is not what matters this time around.

“The Trump team has made the calculations that if they turn out their 40 percent in numbers they have never seen before, that they can win without persuading almost anyone in the middle,” Dan said.

He goes on the explain that in the debate Trump exposed Biden as a fraud to those hardcore Bernie Sanders supporters and others who identify on the far-left. That means there’s a good chance there will be a percentage of the Democrats 40 percent who are so upset they got thrown under the bus by Biden, they will just sit this one out.

“I think you just lost the left,” Trump said to Biden at the debate. “You just lost the Left. You agreed with Bernie Sanders on a plan.”

This was after Biden said there was “no manifesto” with his healthcare plan after Trump insisted the Democratic candidate made a deal on socialized medicine with Sanders.

How did the radical Democrat base react to that? They overwhelmingly support Sanders’s universal healthcare plan. Biden pledged he was on board. He promised them, and Trump got Biden to admit he isn’t on board with Bernie at all.

Trump could easily garner a 51 percent majority overall. Dan Bongino is saying that is the Trump plan, and that’s why the president said three times during the debate to Biden: “You just lost the left.”

Now, the Biden handlers are frantic and calling for the debate commission to change the rules for the upcoming two debates. Other Biden supporters are insisting there are no more debates. Well, we shall see. We wouldn’t be surprised if Dan Bongino was right and Michelle Obama got it all wrong.

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