Michelle: White Americans More Privelged & Scorn Me As Black Woman, Gets Blasted

Michelle Obama is making a last attempt to sway white Americans to vote for Joe Biden. “You’ve been the beneficiary of privilege, that the color of your skin gives you a head start,” the former first lady said. “As a Black woman…only to have those efforts met by scorn, not just by your fellow citizens, but by a sitting president.” Ms. Obama and her message got blasted by patriotic Americans. You’ll love this.

Michelle Obama (Photo Credit: Twitter/Screenshot)

The Democrat handlers of Joe Biden appear to have sent out a desperate message to their campaign surrogates: play the race card and go hardcore.

Michelle Obama broke away from her lavish lifestyle on Martha’s Vineyard to do her duty for the Democratic Party and plug Joe Biden. In a long and drawn-out 24-minute diatribe which sounds like the “1619 Project,” Michelle goes all-in on this myth that America is a racist nation.

The lowlights of Michelle Obama’s speech will undoubtedly set many patriots’ hair on fire. 

“It is frustrating to hear some folks say that you’ve been the beneficiary of privilege, that the color of your skin gives you a head start,” she said. “But right now, the president and his allies are trying to tap into that frustration and distract from his breathtaking failures by giving folks someone to blame other than them. They’re stoking fears about black and brown Americans.”

That approach, she said, is “morally wrong, and yes, it is racist. But that doesn’t mean it won’t work.”

“As a Black woman who has — like the overwhelming majority of people of color in this nation — done everything in my power to live a life of dignity, and service, and honesty, the knowledge that any of my fellow Americans is more afraid of me than the chaos we are living through right now, well, that hurts,” Mrs. Obama said. “Imagine how it feels to wake up every day and do your very best to uphold the values that this country claims to holds dear — truth, honor, decency — only to have those efforts met by scorn, not just by your fellow citizens, but by a sitting president.”

But in one of the most ridiculous comments made by Michelle, she said: “only a tiny fraction of demonstrations have had any violence at all.”

The Biden campaign has dubbed her rant as: “Michelle Obama’s Closing Argument.” And what about Barack Obama? Well, never fear, he is plugging his wife’s remarks to his 123 million followers on social media.

“This is as powerful an argument as I’ve heard about the stakes of this election. Watch it. Share it. And get everyone you know to vote for @JoeBiden,” Barack tweeted.

Michelle also made the wild accusation that the Secret Service and other White House staffers are “in danger” from the president’s illness. What a load of crap.

Americans sounded off chastizing Michelle on social media. 

“Truly don’t understand why so many consider Michelle Obama such an ‘inspiration’…she’s smug, condescending, arrogant, grossly hypocritical, & enables rapists & pedos like Bill Clinton and Joe Biden. There’s nothing at all ‘inspirational’ about that,” tweeted Twitter user “Irene.”

“Michelle Obama says you’re racist if you point out that Black Lives Matter ‘protests’ often devolve into riots, looting, and random violence,” tweeted Mark Dice.

“Well I sincerely hope the public in the USA take no notice of Michelle Obama because Biden was Vice President to one of the worst presidents in the history of the USA!! Her husband was all mouth and no delivery and the economy went down the pan!!!!” tweeted Martin Hall.

“Michelle said (in the video) Americans can’t be trusted to make ‘reasonable decisions’ right now. That we are too overwhelmed to think for ourselves. This is literally the Communist cry: that gov should take over the decision making of the populace! WHAT?!?!?!” tweeted “RealityChick.”

“Curious, #MichelleObama. Does standing outside a hospital where two cops are fighting for their lives, yelling ‘We hope they die!’ count as a non-violent protest? Asking for a friend,” tweeted Albert Perrotta.

“Where in the hell has MO been all summer as peaceful protesters caused billions of dollars in damage in addition to multiple homicides? Now ask yourself, who is lying,” tweeted T.J. Alexander.

Michelle Obama accusing most Americans of being racist goes over like a lead balloon. 

“Of course you’re racist. Only racists would point out that livelihoods and lives are being destroyed in the name of ‘racial solidarity’,” Twitchy reports about Michelle’s speech. “Innocent black people are victims of riots and looting, too, but they just need to realize that the violence is ‘overwhelmingly peaceful’ and they have nothing to worry about.”

The bad news for the former first lady and the Biden campaign is that Michelle’s racist rant isn’t going to change the minds of most voters in the middle who they desperately need.

“It’s the economy, stupid,” said Clinton campaign manager James Carville in 1992. And what was important for voters in 1992 is still the most important issue to them in 2020. Americans of every race want to vote for the person who is best equipped to bring economic success.

Biden’s track record on economic matters sucks. In fact, one can say the election of 2016 happened because the Obama/Biden administration, which Hillary Clinton represented, had an arguably anemic economic recovery.

Michelle Obama can only make racist accusations that won’t do a damn thing for the bottom lines of Americans who know President Trump ushered in the greatest economy we have ever had. So who do you think Americans are going to trust to rebuild the economy after this pandemic?

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