Midler: Trump’s Overwhelming Jealousy Of Obama Will Kill Us All – Gets Smackdown

Bette Midler is spending her time in lockdown like many other leftist celebrities who have Trump Derangement Syndrome: she’s trashing the president who’s tirelessly working to get us out of this coronavirus crisis. “Trump’s overwhelming jealousy of Barack Obama will kill us all,” Midler said. She then whined about not having “enough Obamacare.” Well, poor Bette got smackdown after smackdown by Americans who are sick of the Trump-bashing. You’ll love this.

Bette Midler, President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Actress Bette Midler has called President Donald Trump cruel and malignant following reports that the White House has decided not to re-open Obamacare marketplaces to new customers. In an extraordinary claim, the Beaches star said that the president’s “overwhelming jealousy” of Obama “will kill us all.”

The Trump administration has reportedly opted against re-opening Obamacare’s Healthcare.gov marketplaces for a special enrollment period, with Politico citing an anonymous White House official who said that the administration is “exploring other options.”

But Politico also noted that the Affordable Care Act already allows a special enrollment for people who have lost their workplace health plans. Some states that run their own insurance markets have already re-opened enrollment.

Bette Midler ignorantly responded to the White House’s decision in a tweet Wednesday, writing that “there is no end to the cruelty and malignancy of @realdDonaldJTrump and his horrifying administration.”

She added: “His overwhelming jealousy of @BarackObama will kill us all.” Midler also includes a piece from the New York Times: “Obamacare Markets Will Not Reopen, Trump Decides.”

President Trump campaigned on the promise to “repeal and replace” Obamacare. While the 2017 attempt to repeal the law ultimately failed by a small margin in the Senate, the president successfully eliminated the individual mandate portion of the act. His administration is also backing a lawsuit brought by Republican-held states that is challenging the legality of the law.

Bette Midler has repeatedly voiced her antipathy for President Trump and his administration on social media. In a tweet from February, the actress claimed that if the president wins reelection in November, “he will rule you until he dies, you die, or both.”

Her February tweet was posted in response to a humorous meme posted by President Trump.

Well, Americans are fed-up with Bette Midler constantly attacking Trump, especially during this national emergency. 

“Is this twit still bad-mouthing POTUS? They really need to learn to keep their pie holes shut, a good way to lose fans,” tweeted “Allieb323.”

“Miss Midler I love you so much but you have to stop tweeting these horrible things about our president. I still will play all your records, especially that little neglected jewel ‘No Frills,’ but I’m tuning out your politics. Stay healthy though,” tweeted “Wsfireballoon.”

“How could anyone be jealous of a failure like B O? The only thing he was successful at, and will never be surpassed by, is corruption in his administration,” tweeted “Zypldot.”

“He’s definitely not jealous of Obama!!! That’s your spin!! He’s trying to correct everything Obama and Biden screwed up in their 8 years in Washington DC!!! And those screw-ups are monumental!!!” tweeted “Time To Show Respect for all Life.”

What A Sick, Twisted Witch ⁦@BetteMidler Is. Ain’t Nobody Jealous Of Obama. O Ruined Healthcare In This County…Literally!” tweeted “The TN.” 

Bette Midler is whining about Obamacare after we learned that funding all the small businesses for one month is costing us $377 billion dollars in the stimulus package.

How much would it cost to cover 330 Americans with government-run health insurance for one year? 

The truth is it would astronomical. The numbers the Democrats throw around are bogus. It’s safe to assume it would bankrupt this country within a few months. Our taxes would literally be through the roof as economist Justin Haskin said:

If “Medicare-for-All”’s total cost for the first 10 years is in line with projections produced by the American Action Forum, Mercatus Center, and Urban Institute—roughly $32 trillion to $38 trillion—I estimate 40 million to 60 million households would end up paying more in new taxes than they would receive in health care benefits.

For example, filers earning $50,000 to $75,000 would likely need to pay on average $7,773 to $9,171 more in new taxes. Those families earning $75,000 to $100,000 would pay $12,612 to $14,880 more. Most households with more than $100,000 income would pay close to or more than $20,000 in additional taxes.

We see how government-run health care is working out in Italy. Government-run anything never works out too well. So, Bette Midler needs to educate herself before she starts opening her big mouth about issues that are clearly way over her head.

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