Milano: Bullsh*t! Biden Was Great, Didn’t Attack Auto Worker – Gets Reality Check

Actress Alyssa Milano is very upset anyone believes Joe Biden attacked a Michigan auto-worker on Tuesday. The mainstream media is echoing the celebrity’s feelings. “That’s bullsh*t!” Milano said to reports Biden was unhinged and threatening. “This exchange is why I endorse Joe Biden for President. You have to be able to have the tough conversations with those who disagree with you.” Well, that’s when she got a huge reality check. You’ll love this.

Alyssa Milano, Joe Biden verbally attacks auto worker (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

On Tuesday following Joe Biden’s dust-up with a Michigan auto-worker, the mainstream media edited out his curse words and jabbing his finger in the man’s chest. Then, they all fell in line to paint the unhinged rant as Joe Biden being “tough” and “standing up to lies.”

It was really incredible. NBC Nightly News took the cake in misinforming their viewers. 

After noting that Biden supports banning ‘assault weapons,’ @NBCNightlyNews boasted that the former VP ‘pulled no punches’ then edited the video to cut out Biden threatening to ‘slap’ a Detroit autoworker who confronted him about gun policy,” tweeted Nicholas Fondacaro.

That brings us to Alyssa Milano.

“That’s bullsh*t,” Milano tweeted regarding reports Biden was so unhinged he wanted to start a fist-fight. “This exchange is why I endorse Joe Biden for President. You have to be able to have the tough conversations with those who disagree with you.”

Milano’s video isn’t the best quality. Regardless, anyone who excuses Biden’s behavior as just “having a tough conversation” and then claims his outburst is the reason you “endorsed” him is utterly ridiculous.

Poor Alyssa didn’t know what hit her as Americans gave her a huge reality check. 

“So Alyssa wants more of President Joe Biden getting in voters’ faces, lying to them, shushing female staffers … because hey, these are the ‘tough conversations’ he needs to be able to have,” Twitchy reports.

Well, well, well. It is an interesting statement. Now, When the Republicans are having a tough conversation with those who disagree with. What do #EliteLiberals like yourself do? Play the victim card… You are a #Hypocrite Period! And YOU are Full of ”BS” Quote me in that!” tweeted Steven A. Van Loor. 

“Yeah, fighting with voters about guns instead of shifting to how you’re going to help them is a great strategy,” tweeted Anthony Via.

“They should just let Joe go home, this is elder abuse,” tweeted Twitter user “Tom.” He included this post from Cam Edwards: “In the span of 90 seconds Biden managed to misrepresent his own position, refer to AR-15’s as AR-14’s, call semi-automatic rifles machine guns, and insult a voter who knows more about the issue than he does.”

If you think it’s just airheads like Alyssa Milano who are making ridiculous excuses for Biden, you’d be wrong.

David Frum, the Never Trumper who was a speech-writer for George W. Bush, tweeted: “Kind of amazing that anybody thinks this video makes Biden look anything other than terrific. He shushes the aide who wants to lead him away – and then engages a hostile critic face to face, fact to fact. Impressive.”

“It doesn’t take a psychiatrist to see that Biden appears to be rapidly coming unglued. But it does take a very special person to look at that video and think that Biden comes off looking ‘terrific, ‘” Twitchy reports.

Former DC Examiner reporter Becket Adams also responded to Frum: “Biden talks about ar-14s(?). says the second amendment is just like ‘if you yell fire,’ that’s not ‘free speech.’ claims ar-15s are illegal (they are not). demands to know if the voter needs 100 rounds. biden is then ushered away by his campaign aides. ‘impressive’ indeed.”

David thinks this encounter makes Biden look good. He shushes a female aide, he calls a gun an AR14, he angrily threatens to slap the potential voter and forgets that he’s going to put Beto ‘I’m gonna take all your guns’ O’Rourke in charge of his 2A policy. #DementedJoe,” tweeted “BB.” 

So, with Bernie Sanders ready to drop out, this will come down to Joe Biden against President Donald Trump. 

With the Never Trumpers, the Democrats, the Hollywood crowd, and their media cohorts all willing to gaslight Americans into believing Joe Biden is not suffering from a brain-related issue, it will be up to middle-class Americans to demand answers.

Joe Biden at his best would be a disaster. However, that man is long gone. Don’t let the Trump-haters silence you. No one would leave Biden alone to babysit their pets, why would we trust him as the Commander in Chief of the most powerful nation on earth?

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