Milano: ‘F*cking Upsetting I Can’t Allow My Son to Listen to Trump’ — Gets Crushed

Alyssa Milano melted down late Monday night, lamenting how “f*cking upsetting” it is that her 8-year-old son can’t listen to President Donald Trump speak “because our President is inappropriate, misogynistic and unpresidential.” Milano said she “chased her son out of the room” when the president made remarks about disgraced former FBI lawyer Lisa Page in which Trump just told the truth. Well, poor Alyssa got totally crushed by Americans fed up with her shenanigans. You’ll love this.

President Donald Trump, Alyssa Milano (Photo Credit: Youtube/Screenshots)

Alyssa Milano’s parenting skills really caused quite a stir last night, after Lisa Page, the disgraced former FBI lawyer, was all over the headlines for breaking her silence in a Daily Beast puff piece. As you might expect, the Daily Beast’s Molly Jong-Fast did not exactly cover herself in journalistic glory with this interview.

What you have Jong doing is stenography, or the disgraceful act of a purported news outlet turning itself completely over to Page, allowing her to say whatever she likes without challenge, without being asked even a single tough question or to clarify countless contradictions. Page lied through her teeth, and Jong loved her minute of it.

So, when President Trump was leaving the White House yesterday, reporters were hot to ask him his response to what Page said. 

“When Lisa Page, the lover of Peter Strzok, talks about being ‘crushed’, and how innocent she is, ask her to read Peter’s ‘Insurance Policy’ text, to her, just in case Hillary loses,” Trump said on Monday. “Also, why were the lovers’ text messages scrubbed after he left Mueller. Where are they, Lisa?”

In response to Trump’s remarks, Milano claimed she had to chase her young son out of the room: “I just had to chase my 8-year-old son out of the room while the news was playing the Trump ‘Lisa’ speech,” Alyssa Milano said, referring to President Trump’s remarks made yesterday about disgraced ex-FBI agent Lisa Page.

“It’s f*cking upsetting that I can’t allow my son to listen to our President because our President is inappropriate, misogynistic and unpresidential,” the Netflix star said. “So unfair to parents.”

The other possibility is Milano has jumped on the latest mainstream media fake news narrative inspired by Lisa Page who claimed Trump was mocking her by “faking an orgasm” at his Minnesota rally. It takes sick minds to interpret Trump’s breathless banter mocking the two lovers as a “fake orgasm.”

In fact, no media outlet reported it as a “fake orgasm” until Page said it was yesterday. See for yourself:

Now, no one in their right minds says Trump was mocking Page by “faking an orgasm.” That clip shows the president making fun of how the two lovers most probably breathlessly spoke to one another when talking about getting rid of Trump.

It definitely doesn’t rise to something where you would “chase your son” out of the room. In fact, Milano has spoken publicly with great pride about her two abortions last August. She has no qualms about her 8-year-old son knowing all about that.

“If it weren’t for the two abortions, my life would be completely lacking all its great joys. I would never have been free to be myself, and that’s what this fight is about. Freedom,” Milano said on her podcast, Sorry Not Sorry. 

She had “real reasons” for killing her kids, as do all women who have abortions. “They are ours,” she insisted, adding, “and they are none of your f*cking business.” It appears Milano also loves to cuss up a storm which we bet is something her 8-year-old knows all about.

Well, Americans crushed poor Alyssa over her parenting skills following her ridiculous remarks. 

A Twitter user responded to Milano by sharing a cringeworthy cartoon video with audio of Joe Biden’s 2017 remarks, in which the 2020 presidential candidate bragged about letting children play with his “wet leg hair” as a lifeguard.

But she lets her son see her half-naked on magazine covers. Her precious son will surely hear way worse in #Hollyweird #Hypocrisy,” tweeted “Polar Bear Diaries.”

“It should be more upsetting that your son has you for a mother! Poor kid! I bet he curses like a drunken sailor also,” tweeted “Angry Americans United.”

Here’s a thought @Alyssa_Milano let your kids decide. I’ve listened to the speech & am far more alarmed that FBI agents sworn to uphold our constitution would engage in an attempted coup than @realDonaldTrump stylized delivery of the texts,” tweeted “I Stand With Trump.”

2 Terrorists: 1-There 1-Here. @Alyssa_Milano won’t let an 8-yr old hear Trump speak, right. How’s this different than ISIS terrorists brainwashing their children to hate America. Why do we kill terrorists over there — but tolerate them here?” tweeted “Citizen Peasant.”

Milano glamorizes her two abortions. She is so very proud. There is no doubt her kids know all about their mother’s choice to abort their siblings. Yet, President Trump is someone Milano finds so offensive she chases her son out of the room when he is speaking?

This is the type of sick thinking we find on the left. Milano also sides with those parents pumping their kids full of hormones to change their gender before they have even reached puberty. The untold damage by parents like Milano on little ones is disgusting and disgraceful. It borders on being criminal.

Which is why Americans find no common ground with her radical politics. She’s a faded child actor who is so desperate for the limelight she uses her own kids, and those she aborted, to get it.

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