MyPillow Guy: Time To Turn Back To God Who Gave Us Trump – Democrats Go Nuts

“MyPillow” CEO Mike Lindell appeared at the presser at the White House on Monday. Lindell announced his company is now mass-producing masks that are so badly needed. He also had a message for the Democrats. “God gave us grace on November 8th, 2016 to change the course we were on,” he said. Lindell then warned the Trump-haters, “A nation had turned its back on God.” He was just getting warmed up, and the Trump-haters are going nuts.

President Donald Trump, CEO Mike Lindell (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Mike Lindell is known to Americans as the “MyPillow” guy. However, most people aren’t aware of his past. As an ex-crack addict who established a recovery network to help addicts, Lindell is widely known for his testimony of becoming sober after years of addiction, starting “MyPillow” out of his basement and finding a transformative Christian faith.

“Jesus showed up, and I did a full surrender,” he says.

So, how dare this “Jesus Freak” show up at a White House presser and lecture those Trump-haters in America who think they are the smartest people on earth. The Democrats and their cohorts went nuts after Lindell went off-script.

“Thank you, Mr. President, for your call to action which has empowered companies like My Pillow to help our nation win this invisible war,” Lindell said. “Now, I wrote something off the cuff, if I can read this.”

The president then nodded his agreement.

“God gave us grace on November 8th, 2016 to change the course we were on. God had been taken out of our schools and lives. A nation had turned its back on God. And I encourage you to use this time at home to get back in the word. Read our Bibles and spend time with our families,” Lindell said.

“Our President gave us so much hope where just a few short months ago we had the best economy, the lowest unemployment, and wages going up,” Lindell declared.

“It was amazing. With our great President, Vice President, and this Administration, all the great people in this country praying daily, we will get through this and get back to a place that is stronger and safer than ever,” Lindell concluded.

Immediately, the Democrats and their media cohorts started attacking Mike Lindell. 

MSNBC host Ali Velshi tweeted: “Trump just called the ‘My Pillow’ guy up to the podium in the Rose Garden. You cannot make this stuff up.”

Former Fox News’ anchor Greta Van Susteren blasted Velshi: “Why do you mock ANYONE who would help in any way? What is wrong w/ you? People need help and we should encourage everyone to help in any way.”

MSNBC’s Joy Reid was also hostile and mocked Lindell by tweeting: “So my Tiger King binge was interrupted by a text saying the CEO of MyPillow is now part of the presidential briefings on COVID19 … please tell me this is a prank.”

John Betts, a well-known Trump supporter trashed Joy Reid. He responded: “Good grief. He’s stepping up to the plate to participate in the War on Coronavirus. Please tell me when you’re going to become a news person whose every breath isn’t motivated by partisan politics.”

John Ziegler, who writes for the left-leaning “Mediate,” had to trash Lindell by tweeting: “Lets be very clear, Mike Lindell, with whom I was once forced to be on at least an hour-long conference call, is WAY more insane than Trump. It’s not even close. Even Diamond & Silk are far more credible than he is.”

A Trump supporter named “Jenny” put Ziegler in his place, by responding: “Let’s be clear. MyPillow’s contribution to America is MAKING AT LEAST 10,000 LIFE-PROTECTING FACE MASKS A DAY FOR OUR FIRST RESPONDERS. Your contribution is WHINING ABOUT IT ON TWITTER. See the difference, jackass?”

Mike Lindell is a true patriot who has stepped up to the plate, and that’s causing those Trump-haters to go nuts.

Lindell told Fox News that he is working with the Trump administration on the type of masks needed.

“Obviously, we specialize in cotton, and we found out different materials that they didn’t want — latex. So, finally, we got the final prototype three days ago,” he said.

He announced Friday that his company will convert 75 percent of their production from making pillows into making masks in an effort to combat the coronavirus pandemic. His company will be producing 50,000 masks a day.

Anyone who would bash Mike Lindell at this time is showing their true colors. He is the type of patriot and a man of faith who answers the call when his country is in crisis. Those trashing him for his belief in God are the true sickos in our society who will one day be faced with a very big rude awakening.

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