Nancy COVID-19 Bill Includes Pork & Abortion Funding, Trump & GOP Call Her Bluff

Nancy Pelosi was caught red-handed trying to sneak federally funded abortions into the Democrats’ coronavirus bill. She also added billions into the bill that had nothing to do with COVID-19. Then, she had an epic fail as she held a presser where she could not pronounce words related to her pork-filled boondoggle stimulus package. That’s when the president backed by the GOP called her bluff. Don’t miss this.

Nancy Pelosi, President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sought to reassure Americans that Democrats are on top of the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. — she just had trouble saying it.

During her weekly news conference on Thursday, Pelosi on two different occasions tried to say “epidemiology,” and since her bill is filled with pork, it was quite telling when she sounded just like Porky Pig.

Twitter user “Tudor Dixon” caught her gaffe, posting: “Oh Nance, that’s not why you don’t want to use that word. Say it slow ‘epidemiology.'”

All joking aside, the fight on Capitol Hill over the coronavirus bill is extremely important.

If the Democrats get their way, it would be a disaster to the American economy. The Speaker and her cohorts pulled their typical scam by waiting until the last hour to release their version of the bill.

“Pelosi wasted the whole week behind closed doors drafting a partisan bill full of liberal fantasies that have nothing to do w/ Coronavirus. Republicans are ready to work w/ Dems on SERIOUS solutions. Now is not the time for politics. Pelosi needs to stop the games & work w/ us,” Scalise tweeted on Thursday.

Quickly, the GOP found the Democrats had snuck in billions in pork, and making matters worse, they added a workaround to federally fund abortions.

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sought to include a potential way to guarantee federal funding for abortion into the coronavirus economic stimulus plan, according to multiple senior White House officials,” Daily Caller reports. 

Pelosi’s stimulus plan also has other problems. It does not include anything Trump’s economic team advised like a payroll tax cut. Of course, they don’t want a payroll tax cut. That means monies aren’t coming into the government to fund all their new big welfare, free stuff plan.

They also rejected an increase in funds to help small businesses. The Democrats care nothing for Americans running small businesses. They excluded any funding of labs, which is in Trump’s plan. This is just common sense. Labs that are working on this virus need additional funds.

Nancy’s big boondoggle in her plan is expanding Medicaid. The Democrats are hoping to expand Medicaid so they can grow government healthcare.

In essence, what the GOP and Trump’s team are proposing would not kill the economy and would not grow government programs. The Democrats plan is like a leftist wish list to use billions in taxpayer dollars to fund all kinds of things that have nothing to do with COVID-19.

By Thursday afternoon, the Democrats were putting out messaging to make Americans believe that the president and the GOP were stalling a great package. One of the viral tweets had all the wording Pelosi had orchestrated:

“Republicans are refusing to pass a bill that has – free coronavirus testing – paid emergency medical leave – extended unemployment insurance – food assistance – help for health care workers. Call their offices, tell them to get their sh*t together and do it. Thanks,” posted Democrat Rep. Brian Schatz.

GOP leadership with Trump’s approval decided to call Pelosi’s bluff.

The Democrats were putting out those bogus talking points hoping it would create enough pressure from duped Americans. They thought the GOP would capitulate and just sign the bill.

Congress was going on recess until March 23.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell decided “thanks, but no thanks” to the break and angered Democrats by announcing that the Senate will cancel next week’s recess to say in town to craft coronavirus legislation.

Of course, Democrat Minority Leader Chuck Schumer freaked out knowing the GOP wasn’t playing their game.

“The Speaker is still negotiating with [Treasury Secretary Steven] Mnuchin. The House hasn’t even sent a bill over and Leader McConnell sends everybody home during a crisis. That is so wrong,” he told reporters.

“I’m not sticking around just because they can’t agree with ‘language,'” Speaker Pelosi said. Well, she will stick around unless she wants to explain why she abandoned the negotiations.

The mainstream media is refusing to report on Pelosi’s Porkulus bill. Instead, they are trashing President Trump and hoping this crisis will hurt him so badly he won’t be re-elected.

This is just another prime example of how the Democrats roll. They care nothing about middle-class Americans who work for a living. Everything they support and want to fund is to expand the government welfare system. This proves why we must all encourage our family and friends to vote straight GOP in November.

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