Nancy’s Destroyed: If Delaying Ukraine Aid Is Impeachable, It’s Time Pelosi Goes

Nancy Pelosi is delaying the COVID-19 aid package for Americans. Well, she claimed the president delaying aid was impeachable, so how is this different? That’s why she got totally destroyed by Americans telling her it’s time she goes. You’ll love this.

Nancy Pelosi (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

Many Americans, regardless of their political party, are livid at the Democrats. News spread quickly that Nancy Pelosi had left Capitol Hill on Wednesday morning without doing her job and getting the Senate rescue bill passed. Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk had a viral tweet aimed right at the Speaker of the House.

“This is your daily reminder that Nancy Pelosi impeached President Trump for allegedly withholding aid from Ukraine. Democrats have blocked a Coronavirus relief package twice now. So should she be impeached for withholding aid from American citizens?” he posted.

By Wednesday afternoon, the GOP Senators were also jumping on the “destroy Nancy” bandwagon. 

They held a press conference warning the House Democrats that if they add pork to their final draft it would be shot down. And lo and behold, Lindsay Graham stated they had found an issue.

“Unless this bill is fixed, there is a strong incentive for employees to be laid off instead of going to work,” Graham and the GOP Senators said. “We must sadly oppose the fast-tracking of this bill until this text is addressed, or the Department of Labor issues regulatory guidance that no American would earn more by not working than by working.”

“It is a liberal wish list,” Sen. John Barrasso, a Wyoming Republican, said in reaction to the House bill.

“Shame on you,” Graham said to Democrats in a Senate floor speech.

Charlie Kirk also pointed out more of Pelosi’s pork.

“Nancy Pelosi’s virus bill is filled with an insane grab bag of Democrat priorities: —$15/hr minimum wage —Same day voter registration —ZERO ID requirements for mail-in ballots —Automatic extensions for immigrant work visas What does that have to do with fighting this virus?” he tweeted.

Well, Pelosi appeared to change her tune after the GOP Senators had their press conference. 

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told House Democrats that it’s important to ‘recognize the good’ in the $2 trillion stimulus package that’s aimed at providing a jolt to an economy struggling due to the coronavirus pandemic,” CNN reports.

“What is important is for us to recognize the good that is in the bill, appreciate it for what it does. Don’t judge it for what it doesn’t because we have more bills to come,” the California Democrat told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on “The Situation Room.”

“At the start of all this we had two bills, which were about emergencies … and the emergency isn’t over, but the focus was on those two bills. Now we’re mitigating for the damage of it all to the health and to the livelihood of the American people. That is in this bill. And then we will go forward for recovery. Emergency, mitigation, recovery,” she said.

“And again all along the way still addressing the emergency and mitigation needs by focusing on how we build the economy in a positive way as we meet the health needs of the American people,” Pelosi added.

Meanwhile, on social media, Americans were hammering the Speaker for playing dirty. 

Randy Richardson tweeted a meme that says : “Impeached Trump for withholding aid to Ukraine (with a picture of Pelosi)…Withholds aid to the U.S.”

“Wasn’t she supposed to resign after the impeachment fail?? REALLY wish that would’ve happened…” tweeted David Simon.

“Yes! The “Pelosi Plague” is almost as bad as the Coronavirus! We all need to vote to PERMANENTLY QUARANTINE Pelosi in November!” tweeted “Bg G.”

She is not doing her job. Nancy Pelosi should be impeached. She is playing partisan politics & holding the American people hostage. How about freezing her pay until this issue gets resolved? #ImpeachPelosi #NancyChokesWhilePeopleGoBroke,” tweeted “ASC_458.”

“Nancy Pelosi has made another major blunder,” Liz Peek wrote via Fox News. “On the cusp of the Senate achieving a gigantic bipartisan deal to stave off a deep recession, the House speaker unexpectedly tossed in a roadblock, throwing the country and financial markets into a tailspin.”

“To Republicans, and to millions of Americans fearful of losing their jobs or watching their IRAs sink in value, Pelosi’s obstruction smacked of hard-core partisan game-playing. She was slammed on social media, and roundly blasted by her rivals in Congress,” Peek adds.

Nancy Pelosi is off her game, or could it be this is her last hurrah? Maybe she just doesn’t care that the majority of Americans hate her and she is sacrificing herself thinking she can get the GOP to fold? Unlikely. Nancy Pelosi miscalculated that the hatred Americans feel for her is also transferring to the entire Democrat Party. We will not forget.

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