‘Help, I Can’t Get Up!’: Nancy Pelosi Caught Struggling On The Floor After Racist Stunt

Nancy Pelosi led Democrats on Capitol Hill wearing African stoles for a “photo-op.” What most people did not see was poor Pelosi struggling on the floor as she was unable to stand. “Help, I can’t get up!” the Speaker declared. Well, that’s not all that went wrong, and the mainstream media is hoping you don’t find out the entire truth about this racist stunt. You don’t want to miss this.

Nancy Pelosi trying to get up after kneeling for eight-minutes (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Nothing says pandering to the press than a group of Democrat politicians wearing African stoles as they knelt to stage a cringe-worthy political point. The really sick thing was that it looked like a religious ceremony as they “genuflected” —which is to bend one’s knee in worship.

We shouldn’t be surprised. The Black Lives Matter movement is now the new god of the Democratic Party.

However, not everyone was so impressed with the racist stunt.

“Democrat lawmakers, led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), are facing overwhelming backlash after opting to wear Kente cloth during their nearly nine-minute moment of silence in a show against police brutality. Many users across social media questioned their motives and blasted them for missing the mark,” Breitbart reports. 

Nancy Pelosi, who is 80 years old, did not think through her racist “photo-op.” To be fair, most people over 65 years old will have difficulty going from a kneeling position to standing without support. The Speaker made groaning noises and started to laugh nervously as she realized she could not get up.

“Help, I can’t get up!” Pelosi declared as Rep. Steny Hoyer quickly tried to rush to her rescue as she struggled on the ground.

“Better to not wear high heels,” the Speaker added as a staffer and Hoyer got Pelosi to her feet.

Democrats aiding the Black Lives Matter movement were blasted by one of the icons of the Civil Rights movement. Shelby Steele dominated his interview with Mark Levin on June 7 with an excoriation of the riots and looting that have taken place over the past couple of weeks.

“Society is responsible for us because racism is so systemic,” Steele said. “Well, that’s a corruption, and I know it’s a corruption, because the truth of the matter is blacks have never been less oppressed than they are today.”

“To look at black Americans, minority Americans, and say, you’re not carrying your own weight. You’re gonna go have a fit and a tantrum and demonstrate, [but] are you teaching your child to read?” Steele added.

“Are you making sure that the school down the street actually educates your child? Are you becoming educated and following a dream in life and making things happen for yourself? Or are you saying, I’m a victim, and I’m owed, and the entitlement is inadequate?” Steele proclaimed.

Bob Woodson joined Steele on the Levin show. Woodson is another veteran of the Civil Rights movement in the ’60s who also rejects the victimhood narrative around today’s discussions of race relations in America today. He claimed Democrats and Black Lives Matter just want “power.”

“It seems to me that in many ways it’s about power,” Woodson said. “In order to pursue power as they do, you have to have victims. Wow, the excitement that creates on the Left. It validates their claims that America is a wretched country.”

Nancy Pelosi having that struggle following that stunt could be a sign of things to come. Americans are not amused by the pandering Democrats who lack any credibility. The truth is we had a very successful Civil Rights movement in the 1960s. The Jim Crow South is a thing of the past. No one can tell you how any minority in America today does not have the same rights as any other American citizen.

However, that doesn’t fit with the victimhood the Democrats and Black Lives Matter preaches to those who they so desperately need to stay in power. Evil exists in many forms. Now they are demonizing all police officers. We know any movement that is not from God will not succeed in the long run. So, take heart in knowing they all will fall down in the end.

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