‘It’s Still A Noose!’: Bubba Wallace Rejects FBI Investigation, Gets Brutal Smackdown

NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace, who is a huge supporter of Black Lives Matter, has rejected the findings of an investigation into a rope found in his garage bay at Talladega Raceway. Fifteen FBI agents carried out an investigation and found that it was a garage rope that had been there since 2019. “It’s a straight-up noose!” Wallace cried. “I got evidence. Never seen anything like it.” Well, that’s when poor Bubba got a brutal smackdown he never saw coming. You’ll love this.

Bubba Wallace on CNN Tuesday night (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Bubba Wallace started his “woke campaign” to change the NASCAR culture on June 8, 2020. That was the day Wallace called on NASCAR to ban displays of the Confederate flag. He was hoping to drive the “rednecks” from its fanbase.

In fact, Wallace has been a struggling racer who had yet to win a race in NASCAR’s premier Cup series. 

“Bubba Wallace has been thrust into the spotlight as the lone African American driver in a sport steeped in white Southern heritage,” NPR reported on June 12, 2020. “Amid nationwide protests against systemic racism, Wallace on Monday called for NASCAR to ban the display of Confederate flags at its races. Two days later, it did.”

Bubba ran around giving interviews to the New York Times, NPR, CNN and any other news outlet that would have him. He said that his focus was not on racing but on “changing the world.” He also proclaimed his total support for the “defund the police” campaign.

The only problem was, no one was really paying too much attention to Bubba Wallace’s “woke campaign” to change NASCAR. Lo and behold, a few days later Bubba was outraged that a “noose” was found inside his garage bay at Talledega Raceway.

Now, he had hit pay dirt. Bubba Wallace was in the limelight. He embraced his “victim” status. 

He sucked up the attention by making an appearance on The View Tuesday morning. When asked about the internet theories that the noose incident was “a hoax,” Bubba became incensed.

“Simpleminded people like that, the ones who are afraid of change, they use everything in their power to defend what they stand for,” Wallace said only hours before the FBI concluded there was no hate crime and it was just a garage rope.

Then, Bubba had the audacity to tell CNN on Tuesday night he doesn’t care what the FBI says.

“So people who want to call it a garage pull and put out videos and photos of knots as their evidence, go ahead. But from the evidence that we have, that I have, it’s a straight-up noose,” Wallace declared. “Never seen anything like it.”

Except he has. Bubba was caught in 2017 outside his Talladega garage bay with a “noose” garage rope:

Bubba Wallace 2017

Americans blasted Wallace so badly on social media the hashtag #BubbaSmollett went viral. 

“Notice a trend yet? Truth doesn’t matter anymore. As long as you are progressing the cause then you are allowed to lie, cheat, steal, blame, shame, destroy, whatever it takes to win. When did we start allowing con artists to have such an impact in our culture? #BubbaSmollett,” tweeted “Hollis 4 Congress.”

After BLM proponent Jemele Hill also still claimed “it was a noose,” she got hammered.

“LOL Just admit, y’all got busted trying to pull a Smollett. America is soooo racist, democrats have to stage racist acts against themselves. #TheView #BubbaSmollett #NooseHoax,” tweeted Melissa Tate.

“Misunderstanding lmao! #BubbaSmollett,” tweeted “SteelCityYinzer.”

“This video got reported! Let me change the language so Twitter don’t Ban me! I believe NASCAR DRIVER BUBBA Aka #BubbaSmollett used this #FakeNoose Hoax to his advantage and ran with it. They knew it was a lie! They all use those garages & know about the ropes. LETS BE REAL,” tweeted Terrence K. Williams.

Breitbart’s John Nolte excoriated Bubba Wallace’s rejection of the FBI investigation:

Someone did something last year that had nothing to do with me, but I’m still a victim because being a victim is now the highest status you can achieve in this country, so even though it had nothing to do with me whatsoever, I feel like it had something to do with me because I’ve allowed it to affect me, and that’s all that matters — not the truth, not facts, all the matters is the way I feel, so I’m still damaged and America is racist ‘n stuff.

When this story broke, many Americans questioned its legitimacy. We watched as NASCAR kowtowed to the “woke crowd” and rejected their own fanbase. Well, this did not end well for NASCAR or Bubba Wallace. Americans know this nation is not racist, and there is no such thing as “systemic racism.”

You know the leftists are out of control when Twitter censors a tweet by the president calling for “law and order.” That’s why it so important We the People, those of us who do not claim “victim status” and live by a set of ethics and morals, demand this chaos stop in our own country.

Those still out on the streets should be arrested and jailed, and “hate hoaxers” should face tough fines and incarceration. Stop rewarding bad behavior. Reject this notion we are all “racists.” You can never do enough to please these hoaxers and rioters. Don’t be afraid to speak up against the radical leftists, the truth will set us all free.

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