Obama Officials Who Unmasked Flynn & Started Russia Hoax Declassified By DNI

Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell just declassified the names of the Obama officials who unmasked Lt. General Michael Flynn and who subsequently started the Russian collusion hoax. This was long overdue. Americans have been demanding justice for years. This is really bad news for Barack Obama and his minions who thought they could get away with the biggest hoax in American history. You’ll love this.

Susan Power, Barack Obama, Susan Rice (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

When President Donald Trump recently appointed Richard Grenell his acting Director of National Intelligence, that was the first indication that hell was about to be unleashed on his enemies. Grenell, who has been loyal to the president, is a no-nonsense kind of guy who does not suffer fools.

“One of the biggest mistakes Democrats made was blocking Ratcliffe from being confirmed as DNI in 2019. It led to @RichardGrenell becoming Acting DNI and he’s shredded their narratives by simply being transparent and declassifying docs that should’ve been declassified long ago,” tweeted Robby Starbuck.

Grenell declassifies Obamagate documents. This should have been long ago. 

“Grenell brought the list of officials to the Department of Justice last week, an unnamed official told the news outlet. No further details of the intelligence official’s visit to the Justice Department are known,” Breitbart reports. 

Last Friday, Grenell was spotted by Fox News with a large briefcase full of files walking into the DOJ with a team of security surrounding him. Now we know Grenell was bringing the declassified documents to AG Bill Barr, which also tells us Barr is investigating “Obamagate.”

The Flynn investigation was the first in many bogus investigations that led to the Robert Mueller Special Counsel. In fact, when you find out what Obama officials were involved in setting up Flynn, you then have the names of the rats who began this entire Russian collusion hoax debacle.

This is where it gets a tad bit confusing. 

Americans have the presumption of not being spied on by our own government. In fact, it’s illegal for the federal government to spy its own citizens. This is where the term “unmasking” comes in.

In 2017, former Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice reportedly told the House Intelligence Committee she “unmasked” several Trump associates. Samantha Power, Obama-era U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations (UN), is also believed to have made up to 260 requests to “unmask” U.S. citizens tied into surveillance of non-U.S. citizens, according to Fox News.

Power reportedly requested information seen in the days leading up to Trump’s inauguration. Then-Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) later revealed Power testified that a portion of the “unmasking” requests made in her name were made by others.

So, we are sure Rice and Powers are listed in Grenell’s documents. What we are waiting to find out is who are those “others” who used Power’s name to unmask Trump associates. That’s the “list” Grenell handed to the DOJ.

However, it is now admitted by public document releases that Flynn was under investigation during the President-elect transition period when the Russian Ambassador Kislyak phone call took place.

Why is that important? 

That means that Flynn was not “unmasked” when he made that phone call to Kislyak because Flynn was already under investigation by Obama. So, if it was not Flynn getting unmasked, then who in the hell were the Obama deep state rats spying on?

Anyone and everyone who came into contact with General Flynn including President Donald Trump. 

This is the smoking gun that proves beyond a shadow of any doubt that Obama and his deep state rats at the FBI were spying on the president-elect of the United States. We also know they continued spying on Trump after he took office.

Rep. Devin Nunes was the one who discovered the “unmasking” of hundreds of Trump associates on March 27, 2017. Nunes, who was then the House Intel Chairman, held a brief press conference and stated he was provided intelligence reports brought to him by unnamed sources including “significant information” about President-elect Trump and his transition team.

“When candidate Trump brought Lt. General Michael Flynn into the campaign, he essentially brought in a person who was under an ongoing FBI investigation,” Conservative Treehouse reports. “Everyone that Flynn then came in contact with then became a ‘U.S. Person’ identified in the intelligence reports. Those U.S. Persons were then unmasked. That’s why so many unmaskings.”

At the time, NSA Director Mike Rogers was the only hero inside the Obama administration. Rogers discovered in November 2016 that Trump was being spied on, and he immediately went to Trump Tower to inform the president-elect.

How do we know Rogers told Trump about the Obama officials spying on him?  

Admiral Rogers refused to tell his boss, Barack Obama, he was going to Trump Tower, and this became a huge scandal. Immediately, The New York Times reports “President Obama is considering removing Adm. Michael S. Rogers from his posts as leader of the National Security Agency.”

One day after the meeting with Admiral Rogers, Trump moves his transition team out of Trump Tower and to his Bedford, New Jersey golf course. At the same time, Obama is threatening to fire Rogers.

Most reporters have not done a deep dive into the Flynn case to understand he was not the one who was “unmasked,” but he was the target of an ongoing bogus investigation and those he contacted were unmasked.

That’s how Obama and his minions trapped Trump, and that’s why Grenell has turned this information over to the DOJ.

What Barack and his minions never considered when they started this Spygate, now called Obamagate, was that any of this information would come to light. Grenell did not declassify those documents for his health. It’s time for Barack Obama and his cohorts to lawyer up.

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