Obama Recommends ‘Protesters’ Continue Mayhem On Streets, Gets Epic Smackdown

Barack Obama decided he had to weigh in on the George Floyd “protests.” In fact, the former president angered many when he claimed that America is a racist nation and that cops hate blacks. He also recommended the “protesters” continue the nightly mayhem on the streets. Well, that’s when he got an epic smackdown he never saw coming. You’ll love this.

Barack Obama, Riots (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Former President Barack Obama defended widespread protests in America’s major cities on Wednesday, in a virtual town hall about changing the “systemic racism” of police departments.

“Just remember this country was founded on protest,” Obama claimed. “It’s called the American Revolution, and every step of progress of this country. Every expansion of freedom, every expression of our deepest ideals has been won through efforts that has made the status quo uncomfortable.”

Obama said that the widespread protests were just one more way that America was paying for the “original sin of our society” that begin with slavery.

“They are the result of a long history of slavery, Jim Crow, institutionalized racism that have too often have been the plague of the original sin of our society,” he said.

Obama said that there was only a “tiny minority” that engaged in violence during the protests, lamenting that they received the majority of the focus. He added that arguments about voting versus civil disobedience missed the point and that America needed both aspects to move towards progress.

“I have been hearing a little bit of chatter on the internet about voting versus protest. Politics and participation versus civil disobedience and direct action,” he said. “This is not either/or. This is both/and to bring about real change.”

The hour and a half conversation featured Obama discussing his own community policing task force that he put together in his administration, and he urged all mayors to do more to fix their police forces. The former president stayed away from any explicit or implicit criticism of President Donald Trump.

He urged all “activists” to move quickly to institute changes in society.

“At some point, attention moves away, protest starts to dwindle in size and it is important for us to take the momentum that has been created as a society and as a country to say, let’s use this to finally have an impact,” he said.

Obama’s mentor was Saul Alinsky who was a huge proponent of violent revolution in America. There is no doubt Barry was “dog-whistling” those rioters and looters to continue the mayhem. Alinsky taught it would be through this type of violence in the streets that the radical leftists could overtake the American government.

Destructive, violent, or revolutionary acts is one of the consistent themes underlying Alinsky’s approach to community organizing.

Americans were outraged over Obama’s remarks, and they blasted him badly on social media. 

“This is Obama giving a pep talk to the ANTIFA & BLM teams like a football coach during halftime he is telling them they are doing good and to keep it up and they will win but Pres. Trump is about to [unleash] the Military play and dominate,” tweeted Samuel E Roberson, Jr.

“Like I’ve said before this divisive, destructive racist POS AKA Bathhouse Barry will take money from ANYONE including George Soros to spread the rioting! He lives in a gated mansion now!” tweeted “Swamp Fox.”

“What crap. The so-called systemic racism has been dealt with 40 years ago. That cop would have done the same thing to me and my arrest record is not nearly as long as G.F.,” tweeted “Jack B. Nastyface.”

“Race Divider-in-Chief Obama Defends Protesters: ‘This Country Was Founded on Protest’…Racism in America was on downswing until Obama turned races against one another,” tweeted “David Ph.D.”

“Saul Alinsky would be proud, Frank Marshall Davis Obama’s Communist mentor would be proud from what the Former President had to say today,” tweeted Eric Amey.

“But it wasn’t a couple of weeks ago. Right?? MSM & DemoRATS were calling Americans protesting their Draconian Governors Nazis & domestic terrorists. Idiot Obama thought Americans Forgot about that,” tweeted Betty Mowery.

“Wrong again! This country was founded on a desire for freedom (read the constitution) and liberty and rule of law,” tweeted Deborah Hall.

In Rules for Radicals, Alinsky wrote: “From the moment an organizer enters a community, he lives, dreams, eats, breathes, sleeps only one thing, and that is to build the mass power base of what he calls and then see what he calls the army.”

“The issue is never the issue. The issue is always the revolution,” he said.

So, for Obama and his minions, the issue isn’t George Floyd or so-called “systemic racism.” This is all about gaining power, and those rioters and looters on the streets are the useful idiots to get more power. Obama sees all these useful idiots as his army. Right now their target is President Donald Trump, and he must be destroyed.

Well, those Americans who remember the Obama years aren’t about to turn over this country back to the radical left. Barry won’t know what hit him as the silent majority rises up and says “enough is enough.”

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