Omar: ‘Our Anger Is Just,’ Minnesota Women Wearing Hijabs Caught Looting Target

Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar has been caught fueling the rioters in her own district claiming “our anger is just.” In fact, women wearing hijabs were caught looting the Target store as Omar’s own daughter promoted a “list of supplies” the looters would need. But that’s not all. Don’t miss this.

Women wearing hijabs caught looting Target store (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Most Americans who have viewed the video of George Floyd are disgusted and outraged at the Minneapolis Police Department officers involved in his death. We can all understand the community’s anger and the call to protest.

However, when those protests turn to riots and those riots turn into looting and setting fire to businesses, Americans should become just as outraged at that behavior.

Which brings us to Ilhan Omar. The Minnesota Congresswoman watched the rioters loot the Target store, and she refused to condemn them. Instead, she fueled the riot, which is now out of control and still going on, by making statements that can be interpreted as giving the rioters affirmation.

“Wednesday night’s protests at the Minneapolis Police Department’s 3rd Precinct eventually escalated as the evening progressed, winding up in the deployment of tear gas from officers and looting among some protesters,” CBS News reports. 

“Multiple buildings were up in flames as the clock approached midnight, near the intersection of Minnehaha Avenue and Lake Street, which is where the precinct where people believe the four officers involved in the death of George Floyd worked,” CBS adds.

Rep. Ilhan Omar, who represents the congressional district affected by the protests as well as where Floyd lost his life, posted a series of tweets Wednesday night, saying that the “anger is just” and “we can rebuild our community.”

“I am heartbroken,” Omar tweets. “Horrified at the needless death of George Floyd, another innocent black man murdered by police in our community. Frustrated that we keep finding ourselves in this position as a city. Angry that justice still seems out of reach.”

“Our anger is just. Our anger is warranted. And our priority right now must be protecting one another,” Omar added. “Violence only begets violence. More force is only going to lead to more lives lost and more devastation. We must prioritize the safety of our community. We can rebuild, but we cannot bring back lives.”

When Omar says “we can rebuild,” we wonder if she will be footing the bill for all of the businesses who have been looted and burned to the ground. Why doesn’t she tell her constituents to stop rioting and looting?

“There are riots happening your home district and you’re inciting more violence. Can’t say I’m surprised!” tweeted Mike Cernovich.

Omar’s own teenage daughter was promoting the looting and mayhem.

“Her own daughter tweeted a list of supplies needed for the looters,” tweeted “Robyn S.”

These rioters should be condemned. Those that can be identified should be arrested. We know only all too well what happens to business owners who wake up to find their livelihood has been destroyed.

One YouTube video from Wednesday afternoon caught women wearing hijabs smiling and laughing as they looted the Target store. Their headdresses caused them to stand out. They felt no shame.

According to reports coming out of Minneapolis, over 50 businesses, large and small, have been destroyed. That includes mom and pop shops that most likely will not be able to sustain this setback. They will not rebuild. When any help comes, it will come too late as we have seen in other major cities where riots have destroyed many businesses.

One local reporter videoed the damage done to one local business:

Most Americans familiar with Rep. Omar aren’t shocked by her behavior. 

Who can forget it was the Minnesota Congresswoman who told us “some people, did something” as she described 9/11. We have no doubt Omar relishes the mayhem in her own district and is not sorry about those constituents who now find themselves with their business burned down or looted.

If this isn’t enough to vote her out, then we don’t know what it would take. Just like Rep. Maxine Waters, Omar identifies with the rioters and probably wishes she could go out and burn a business down. She has zero credibility and cares nothing about the Americans she represents.

What will it take to remove her from Congress? Omar openly hates everything America stands for, and now she is giddy her district is literally on fire. Minnesota’s 5th District deserves a real patriot, not a leftwing activist whose goal is the destruction of our nation.

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