Omar Campaign Funds Become ‘Dowry’ – On Track To Pay Husband $1.6M This Year

Rep. Ilhan Omar is once again proving she has no shame when it comes to turning her Congressional seat into a personal money-making scheme. New reports say the Minnesota Congresswoman is using her campaign funds as a “dowry.” She’s on track to pay her new husband $1.6 million dollars in 2020. You don’t want to miss this.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

No one can claim they are shocked to learn Ilhan Omar is using her campaign funds as a personal slush fund. This has been her modus operandi every since she got elected.

“In the first three months of this year, Omar paid more than $290,000 to the E Street Group, a fundraising and consulting group run by Tim Mynett, who she married last month,” Daily Mail reports. “If she continues at this rate it will mean the company would get a whopping $1.16 million from Omar’s campaign in 2020. It received a total of $523,000 for the whole of last year.

“Omar’s campaign chest is looking more and more like a dowry,” said Peter Flaherty, the head of a group that has filed a complaint with the FEC over Omar’s spending.

“Most candidates for federal office keep a close eye on their vendors to make sure they aren’t being overcharged, but with her being married to her chief fundraiser the incentive may be the other way round as the money spent is going directly to the family,” Flaherty added.

Basically, her campaign finance disclosures read more like a wedding registry where friends can make gifts to the happy couple,” Flaherty declared.

The raw figures, released late Wednesday by the Federal Election Commission, show that Omar’s campaign committee, Ilhan For Congress, paid E Street a total of $291,059.91 between January 1 and March 31.

That includes regular monthly payments of $67,000, broken down as $50,000 for “digital advertising,” $12,000 for “fundraising consulting” and $5,000 for “digital consulting.”

She had been paying the lower two figures through much of her time in Congress, but only started paying the $50,000 figure on a monthly basis in December, soon after both she and Mynett got divorced.

The other $102,000 is for expenses for items such as travel, postage, and campaign merchandise, or so Omar claims. We bet she and her new hubby enjoyed a few lavish vacays with that $102K.

According to the Daily Mail, the Somali refugee’s spokesman refused to answer any questions. Instead, they directed the media outlet to Omar’s tweets from last month regarding her new marriage.

Omar blames “rightwing trolls” for her disgusting behavior.

“This is what happens when rightwing Twitter trolls are treated as authorities on campaign law. Let’s clear the air. 1. The gov’t doesn’t fund my campaign. Grassroots donors do. 2. Everything we spend is used for a legitimate expense and paid at fair market value,” Omar posted on March 16.

“My relationship with Tim began long after this work started. We consulted with a top FEC campaign attorney to ensure there were no possible legal issues with our relationship. We were told this is not uncommon and that no, there weren’t,” Omar adds.

Does Omar really think the American people are that stupid? 

“They aren’t trying to hide, they think they’re in control. It’s about to bite them, and they don’t even realize how screwed they are,” tweeted “Trump 2020 Avalanche.”

“3rd divorce coming, once the ‘Benjamin’s dried up after she gets kicked out of congress,” tweeted John Onada.

“She gets away with EVERYTHING, and the media and Dems don’t call her out on it. She’ll continue to do this over and over again with no repercussions. But don’t leave your house or the cops will stop you. She’s giving us a taste of Socialist leadership,” tweeted Michael Wilson.

Indeed, this isn’t the first time Omar has been caught using campaign funds in a highly suspect way. She’s only been in office for two years, and the entire time Judicial Watch has been on the case exposing the alleged abuse of funds.

Maybe it’s time the good people of Minnesota rise up and vote her out. Omar admits the funds come from “grassroots donors.” Do those Americans in the 5th District of Minnesota really want to fund Omar’s latest husband?

We don’t think so. However, there are many brain-washed Democrats who believe Omar is doing great things. It’s time they get educated. Omar is nothing but a grifter who hates President Trump as much as she hates everything about America.

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