Omar: Childhood In America As Bad As My Experience In Refugee Camp, Regrets It

Ilhan Omar is spewing more hatred for her adopted homeland of America. The Minnesota Congresswoman claimed millions of children in the United States endure childhoods as bad as she experienced in an African refugee camp. It’s all part of her “free stuff” socialist campaign. Well, instantly, Americans made her regret it. You’ll love this.

Ilhan Omar, President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

There is no perfect system of government, but most Americans believe the United States comes pretty darn close. That belief is backed up by the fact that Americans are the most generous human beings on earth. In fact, it’s not the socialist-government programs that help people in the world — it is individual donations by charitable Americans.

Ilhan Omar should really be thanking Americans for helping her rise up from a refugee camp to become a member of the U.S. Congress. But she won’t. She says it’s our greedy capitalist system at fault.

“Of the $411 billion that Americans gave to charity in 2017, only 14 percent came from foundation grants and just 5 percent from corporations. The rest—81 percent—came from individuals,” Philanthropy Today reports.

In America, the biggest givers come from the Red States, which means the most charitable people in the world identify as Republicans. 

So, it’s pretty rich when we have a self-identified Democrat Socialist like Ilhan Omar lecture us on how dismal it is to grow up in America.

“11 million children in the U.S., a nation of tremendous wealth, face the kind of hunger I experienced in a refugee camp in Kenya,” Omar said.

“It’s unacceptable that our students go hungry and into debt for not having lunch money. Children’s futures depend on making school meals universal,” she added.

When we talk about child poverty in America, we don’t have to look any further than the states which take in the most illegal migrants and refugees. Texas, California, and Florida, in that order, have the highest number of children living in poverty according to the 2018 U.S. Census.

We also know Texas and California have the biggest influx of illegals, while Florida took in the biggest number of refugees in 2018. However, statistics don’t lie: the poverty rate in the United States is way above the horrendous poverty seen in third world countries.

America’s “poor” would not be considered “poor” in other countries.

“By Global Standards There Are No American Poor; All In The US Are Middle Class Or Better,” Forbes Magazine reports. The idea we have true poverty as seen in third world countries like those in Africa is one big lie.

There are poor families in the United States. The difference is what constitutes “low income” or “poverty” here in America. Even those who have no income in the United States are reportedly living on approximately $20 dollars a day per person in assistance per a Brookings Institute study.

For a family of four that would be $80 dollars a day or $560 dollars a week. That equals $2240 a month. Yes, that is poor in America. However, that is not poor in Africa. We can also top that number off with various low-income housing programs, etc.

Unfortunately, Democrats like Omar want you to believe we need more socialist programs to stop child poverty in America. She claims if we provided all “hungry students” with “lunch money” then they wouldn’t “go into debt.” A great economy is really the only way to improve these numbers, and President Trump is doing just that.

Well, Americans see right through her ridiculous leftwing economics which are downright laughable. 

Children do not go hungry in school. They are fully required to provide healthy meals for those who are not bringing money to school. I went through that phase myself and it still goes on today. @IlhanMN uses children for cheap political points that amount to nothing but lies,” tweeted “SA Challenger.”

“Clearly our welfare programs are a complete and utter failure. Just about anyone who’s poor and has children in this country can get food stamps yet we have 11 million children starving. Time to start holding parents who don’t feed their children accountable,” tweeted Kash Jackson.

“You obviously failed economics, America runs by the market and corporations, this is how the market works! Wich means Our economy is based on WORKING AMERICANS not welfare And free college because it would DESTROY our economy and we end up back to obamas recession! Broke!” tweeted “Obama Biden Clinton Conspiracy.”

“One time, I remember someone going on a talk show, claiming that kids are starving in the US. They were challenged to bring some starving kids along with their parents. Never saw any of those starving kids,” tweeted “Save Our Country.”

America has something no other country on earth has: the real possibility to pull yourself out of poverty. We know that is why our borders are flooded by migrants. Some come for government assistance like the $20 dollars a day, others come hoping to better themselves through hard work.

But the big issue those like Ilhan Omar don’t get is that we will forfeit the American dream by becoming a socialist nation. We will throw it away by their open borders policy. That’s why we must expose their leftwing lies before it’s too late.

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