Oprah Explains How Americans ‘Use Whiteness As A Weapon,’ Patriots Torch Her

Oprah Winfrey launched a podcast to teach white Americans how racist they are. In her first podcast at the beginning of August, the billionaire media mogul claimed that being “white gives you an advantage no matter what.” Now, in her new episode, she is endeavoring to explain how Americans “use whiteness as a weapon.” Well, that’s when patriots utterly torched her. You’ll love this.

Oprah Winfrey (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

Leave it to one of the richest women in the world, who happens to be black, to lecture Americans how racist the United States still is. Oprah Winfrey has totally bought everything Black Lives Matter stands for, and now she sees it as her place to teach white Americans about how they “use whiteness as a weapon.”

In an episode aptly titled “How to Be an Antiracist,” Winfrey referred to a May incident in New York City’s Central Park in which a white woman, Amy Cooper, called the police on a black man, Christian Cooper, following a dispute involving the woman’s dog.

If this incident did not happen this year, poor Oprah could not have pulled off this episode. That’s how rare real racism is in America.

At first, Winfrey speculated that white Americans have a “white advantage” built-in by the virtue of their skin color. She then went on to talk about the Central Park incident.

“So I’m guessing you all saw the tape of Amy Cooper in Central Park calling 911 and reporting that an African American man is threatening her life,” Winfrey said. “Everybody’s nodding? Good. And that brought to life, I think, this idea of using whiteness as a weapon.”

“You know, a lot has been said about Amy Cooper, but I said that I think of her as a great teacher for us in this moment,” the billionaire explained. “I think she happens to be here to show us in a way that just talking about it a lot of people might not have recognized whiteness as a weapon.”

“So I want to ask this group, do you understand now more clearly what that means? Using whiteness as a weapon?” she added.

The episode’s featured guest was Ibram X. Kendi, who directs Boston University’s Center for Antiracist Research. It included five white guests, who accused themselves of being “racist.”

Winfrey praised her guests for doing so.

“To be antiracist is actually to be willing to admit” that one has committed “racist” acts, stated Kendi. At no point in the episode was “racism” defined.

One of the white guests, a woman, indicted all white people while framing the killing of George Floyd as a function of “racism.”

“I’m disgusted,” she said. “I’m ashamed of the white race.”

After that brainwashed white woman wondered aloud why Amy Cooper had “racist” thoughts about a black man in a park as she was walking with her children, Oprah gleefully replied: “Because everything in your world has told you that when you see a black man, danger, danger, danger. That’s why. Your world is television, news, society, the world.”

The 66-year-old queen of talk then made another ridiculous accusation. Winfrey described “white privilege” as a sociological phenomenon affording whites unearned benefits over non-whites. She asked her white guests if they understood how they were beneficiaries of “white privilege” and “whiteness.”

Does Oprah see Martin Luther King, Jr.’s efforts that culminated in the 1964 Civil Rights Act as a failure?

It sure seems like it, and that’s why Americans utterly torched her on social media. 

“Oprah says that I don’t understand that my whiteness itself gets me through life in ways that blackness cannot. If being black causes soooo many problems, how did she become a billionaire?? How did Obama become President? Liberal logic baffles me,” tweeted “FreedomQmFighter.”

“Reverse racist Oprah, cherry-picking one incident, ignoring the 1000’s of racist acts committed by poc against white folks daily. This woman is a fraud, an ingrate, and serially fat,” tweeted Elroy Royal.

“Wow, fatty is really out of the closet with her anti-white hatred. I’d like to ‘use my whiteness as a weapon’ against her,” tweeted “Autonomous Allison Zone.”

“@Oprah was okay with white people when they made her a millionaire. Now she’s just a POS,” tweeted Twitter user “Debra.”

“I couldn’t care less about race. Zero. Zip. Nada. But when I see crap like this from Oprah, it begs comment. @Oprah, please explain how you, Al Sharpton, and the rest of your race-baiting friends have weaponized blackness!” tweeted “America: Born 1776; Died 2020.”

“Love having billionaires lecture me… Wish she’d shut the hell up,” tweeted “Buddy3880309.”

“Unless these jerks PROVE they are using at least 80% of their net income to DIRECTLY HELP OTHERS, I will continue to despise them as Evil, Lying Hypocrites!” tweeted “@NightStar44.”

All three episodes of The Oprah Conversation, thus far, have focused on “racism,” “whiteness,” and “white privilege.”

And where does she find these guilt-ridden white Americans who are brainwashed by the BLM crowd that they are racists but don’t know it? The entire premise of her podcast is pathetic. This isn’t how you win over middle-class Americans, many who are now struggling.

So, Oprah Winfrey’s racism is out in the open. She truly believes all whites Americans have an advantage in life due to the color of their skin. Last we checked, that’s a classic definition of racism.

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