Owens: COVID’s Greatest Rigging Of An American Election Ever — Dems Freak Out

Candace Owens exposed how the Democrats are pushing an election scam using the coronavirus. “Coronavirus is the greatest rigging of an American election that has ever taken place,” she said. But that’s not all. The conservative firebrand really angered the Democrat elite, and you don’t want to miss this.

Candace Owens (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

Candace Ownes gave an interview to the Daily Caller where she exposed how the coronavirus has been co-opted by the Democrats to rig the upcoming election. Owens argued that the left is using the pandemic to hide both their true policies and presidential candidate while preventing President Donald Trump from holding campaign events to tout his policies.

“We are all unwitting participants” in “the greatest rigging of an election” ever, conservative commentator Candace Owens said.

“Coronavirus is the greatest rigging of an American election that has ever taken place— and we are all unwitting participants,” Owens declared in response to a video from her interview with The Daily Caller.

In addition, the left is using the coronavirus to push for mail-in voting, “which allows for tons of rigging,” Owens said:

This is the greatest rigging of an American election that we are all playing a part in right now.

We don’t see the candidates, right. The candidates are not allowed to travel. They can’t talk about their policies. Who knows? They’re already saying now at The New York Times that there might not be a debate.

The left is completely hiding their campaign. That is their strategy: ‘We’re going to hide Joe Biden so you never have to meet him. And, at the same time, we’re going to tell the current president that he can’t he can’t travel – but, if he does any events, if he has a room full of people, that it’s all dangerous and against safety measures and it’s not right.

“Then, you have them talking about mail-in voting, which we know is corrupt. We know it’s corruptible. We know that it allows for tons of rigging,” Owens added.

Another way the left is seeking to rig the election is by shutting down the U.S. economy, thus making Americans dependent on socialist policies.

“Now, they’ve crashed the economy and forced a ton of people that maybe would have considered some conservative voting, if they had a job, their lives were together,” Owens declared. “Well, now they’re relying on the left’s socialist system. They’re relying on stimulus checks. And, that means they’re going to be more inclined to vote for someone who has a more socialist perspective.”

“They’re not allowed to work, right?” Owens explained. “So that naturally puts them out of the category of voting that they maybe would’ve been in if things had been normal, right? So, we see all this stuff happening and we’re supposed to think that November is not being impacted by all of this. Of course it is.”

Immediately, Owens’ Twitter feed had a team of leftwing trolls descend on it.

They all were so angry and echoed the same sentiments which tell us they are probably getting paid to troll conservative accounts by the Democrat elite. They all claimed the president had “mismanaged” the virus, but when challenged by Trump supporters, they had no response.

“It’s actually a real health crisis that has been grossly mismanaged. It that had political consequences, they were incidental,” tweeted a leftwing troll account.

“It is actually a real health crisis blown up by greedy healthcare corporations and hijacked by politicians to be used by their own ends. If it had any consequences, they were intentional,” a Trump supporter replied.

“80% of deaths in Democratic-run states, where they made the decisions,” tweeted another Trump supporter.

“Wrong. Could have been Trumps moment to prove he could lead in a time of crisis. Instead, it simply re-affirmed what an inept, self-serving, compassion absent, reality denying, child he really is,” tweeted another leftwing troll.

“Name me one Dem governor that did better?” replied a Trump supporter.

Candace Owens has the guts to say the hard things that Americans need to hear. Sadly, the Democrats are sending out an army of trolls to deflect from the truth. We saw them do the same thing right before the 2016 election.

Well, we know one thing: enthusiasm for the Trump campaign is off the charts. Meanwhile, it sure appears the Democrats are struggling to get any enthusiasm going for Joe Biden. Trump supporters are out en masse to defend the president, which is something the Democrat campaign lacks, and which they know could spell disaster for them in November.

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