Parents Escort ‘Antifa Kid’ To Be Arrested After Armed Store Owners Fight Back

Brian Jordan Bartels, a 20-year-old man who Pittsburgh police said was caught on video inciting violence during a protest, was escorted by his parents as he surrendered to authorities. His parents are alarmed after seeing store owners arm themselves and vow to shoot anyone who dares to loot their business. This didn’t end well for the “Antifa kid.” You don’t want to miss this.

Brian Bartels & his parents at the police station, Van Nuys store owner with a shotgun warns rioters to leave (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Americans who own businesses can only take so much. Those of us who have followed the riots in Los Angeles in 1992 know that after a few days of looting and burning, the store owners will arm themselves and start to fight back.

That’s why the parents of “Antifa kid” Brian Bartels knew they had to make their wayward son do the right thing before he ended up dead. Make no mistake, Brian Bartels is an adult, but like many in his generation, he has been brainwashed by the Antifa thugs, who tell their prey that rioting and looting is how they get justice.

“Local law enforcement were investigating the destruction of a police SUV when they received an anonymous tip from a co-worker at Amazon who recognized Bartels at the scene of the crime,” the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported. “The vehicle was set on fire after being tagged with spray paint Saturday, although police officers eventually arrived on horseback to disperse the rioters.”

According to a criminal complaint and eyewitness accounts, a woman tried to stop Bartels from damaging the SUV, but he gave her the finger and proceeded to break the car’s windows:

After Bartels was identified, police executed a search warrant at his home Sunday, breaking down the front and back doors when no one responded. They found two guns, six spray paint cans, and the sweatshirt worn by Bartels during the demonstration, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Bartels faces multiple felony charges including criminal mischief, institutional vandalism, and riot. Let this be a warning to all those thugs and lowlifes who rioted and caused mayhem. The police will comb through hours and hours of video and arrest them.

Meanwhile, what shook up Bartel’s parents were reports that business owners are arming themselves. They’d rather see their son get prison time than end up dead. 

One example that was caught by reporters happened in Los Angeles. Business owners in Van Nuys, California, armed with shotguns and other long guns, turned back alleged looters on Monday.

A television reporter from Fox 11 Los Angeles was there and caught the whole episode on film.

The video appears to show the alleged looters leave, only to turn and walk back by the store, causing the store owners to walk out armed again. When faced with shotguns and rifles, these thugs skulked away.

The reporter noted, “They’re having a standoff here, arguing about why they are not being allowed to break into the place.”

American store owners have had enough. They are arming themselves across the country. 

On May 30, 2020, Breitbart News reported on armed black business owners in Minneapolis standing shoulder to shoulder to protect their livelihoods from looters.

The business owners held AR-15s, AK-47s, pistols, and other guns in defense of their properties.


Polk County Florida Sheriff Grady Judd is recommending armed residents in his county blow looters “back out of the house.”

Fox 13 reported that Judd saw social media “rumblings” suggesting that riotous behavior could strike Polk County. He warned anyone who was planning such behavior in his county, saying:

If you value your life, they probably shouldn’t do that in Polk County. Because the people of Polk County like guns, they have guns, I encourage them to own guns, and they’re going to be in their homes tonight with their guns loaded, and if you try to break into their homes to steal, to set fires, I’m highly recommending they blow you back out of the house with their guns. So, leave the community alone.

During the 1992 Los Angeles riots, Korean-American store owners made national news when they got into multiple shoot outs with the rioters. Insurance agencies refused to write policies for any business owners in South Central Los Angeles after the 1965 Watts riots.

That’s what happens in the aftermath of riots. After the Watts riots, owners had no choice but to defend their businesses by risking their lives. This is what will happen to many of these store owners who will attempt to rebuild, and many of them will just choose to walk away totally bankrupt.

So, it’s Americans who already live in these low-income areas who will be hurt by these selfish thugs. The area will become blighted. It’s after the riots end that the real suffering begins.

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