Pelosi & Cohorts Take ‘Full Pay’ Leave As Americans Face Coming Food Shortages

Nancy Pelosi used her position as Speaker of the House to ensure she and her cohorts are enjoying “full pay” leave as they abandoned doing their jobs during a national emergency. At the same time, shocking information about the food supply chains that bring groceries to American supermarkets presents a very grave situation. Don’t miss this.

Nancy Pelosi (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

Nancy Pelosi issued a directive that put the House on “full pay” leave until May 4. The GOP congressmen were livid and many stayed on Capitol Hill to fulfill their commitment to President Donald Trump and the American people.

“The House will not come back to Washington until at least May 4 unless it needs to pass emergency measures to respond to the coronavirus pandemic, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer’s office told representatives Monday,” CNBC reports.

That doesn’t mean they will resume business on May 4, especially if the Democrat governors balk at the president’s plan to restart the economy in May. Pelosi will likely extend that May 4 deadline.

The Speaker has no plans to pass the GOP small business legislation, either. Well, how could they now that the Speaker has issued paid leave for the rest of the month of April?

Along with Chuck Schumer, Pelosi is still trying to add pork to the latest relief bill.

“Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) issued a joint warning to Republican legislators to ‘stop posturing’ on coronavirus relief measures, even though Democrats have stalled a much-needed influx of cash for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) over demands for diversity programs and targeted handouts,” Daily Wire reports.

Meanwhile, as Pelosi and her pals enjoying a fully paid leave, Americans face a very dire situation. 

Most people don’t know about the bad situation of the food supply chain that gets the food to our grocery stores. Well, now that 95 percent of Americans have been stuck at home for weeks, that supply chain is about to run out.

“As a nation, we essentially stay one harvest ahead of demand by storing it and smoothing out any peak/valley shortfalls. There are a total of 175,642 commercial facilities involved in this supply-chain across the country,” Conservative Treehouse reports.

That bulk stored food, and the subsequent supply chain, is entirely separate from the fresh food supply chain used by restaurants, hotels, cafeterias etc. For almost 8 weeks the retail supply chain has been operating beyond capacity and the burn rate of raw food products is up a stunning 40 percent.

Those bulk warehouses, the feeder pools for retail/consumer manufactured food products, are starting to run low. Believe me: (1) we don’t want to find out what happens when those 800 mass storage facilities run out; and (2) the food supply chain will be a big part of President Trump’s decision-making on reopening the economy thereby re-opening restaurants, cafeterias, etc…. and switching consumption back to fresh supply.

This “bigger picture” is not being considered by politically-minded governors, DC politicians, and public health-centric advisors who focus exclusively on the virus.

A 61-year-old dairy farmer in the mid-west is warning Americans. 

Due to the supply chain problems, farmers aren’t getting paid. The dairy farmers have had to dump milk before it goes bad.

“I’m a dairy farmer, believe me NO dairyman likes dumping milk and so far there is NO guarantee they will get paid,” dairy farmer David Osterloh writes. “Milk must be processed within 48 hours of production and 24 hours of receipt in the plant or it goes bad. Same with making it into cheese and butter, and neither stores well for long.”

“This is a warning the same problems exist in all supply chains,” Osterloh adds. “The supply chain is farked.” 

This information isn’t meant to panic anyone. However, as the Democrat governors are set to keep their states shut down past the president’s April 30 date, we should all be fully aware of what is at stake.

Something is going to need to happen prior to May 1st, or the long-term economic challenge is going to be much more difficult. Trump’s economic adviser Larry Kudlow is working on the task force to restart the economy.

“It’s a question of health. It’s a question of safety. And it’s a question of well-being so that Main Street folks, middle-class, blue-collar folks, we want to get them back to work as soon as we safely can,” he said. “I believe the country is ready to go back to work.”

We will all remember while the president and many GOP politicians stayed on Capitol Hill to work on fixing this national emergency, it was Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats who abandoned their posts while getting fully paid to do not one thing.

In fact, get ready for a massive showdown to restart the American economy. Our country’s well-being is on the line as these Democrat rats get paid by our taxes to care for no one but themselves.

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