Pelosi Suggests Impeachemnt To Stop Trump From Replacing Ginsburg, Gets Torched

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is suggesting launching a new impeachment scam to stop President Donald Trump from replacing the Supreme Court seat left vacant by Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Well, poor Nancy did not know what hit her as her new scheme got torched. You’ll love this.

Nancy Pelosi, President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, YouTube/Screenshot)

The situation surrounding the replacement of Ruth Bader Ginsburg is quite simple. However, Democrats and Never-Trumpers are attempting to make it confusing by pointing to 2016 when SCOTUS Justice Antonin Scalia died and Barack Obama was still in office.

Mitch McConnell and the GOP blocked Obama and the Democrats from replacing the very conservative Justice Scalia. Now, Nancy Pelosi is attempting to use that same scenario to justify her own actions. The Speaker is going as far as to suggest she would possibly launch another impeachment to stop Trump.

But this is far from the same scenario. In February 2016 when Scalia died, the GOP held the majority in the Senate, and the Democrats held the presidency. Therefore, GOP Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had the power to block a SCOTUS nomination until after the November election.

SCOTUS justices are nominated by the president and confirmed by the Senate. When the same party holds both the presidency and the Senate there has never been a time when a SCOTUS nominee was not confirmed.

Yes, even in an election year.

In 2016, the GOP-held Senate had a mandate from the American electorate to hold Barack Obama accountable. They had a mandate to stop Obama from replacing a Supreme Court nominee, and they did.

That same American electorate in November 2016 gave the GOP a mandate in both the presidency and the Senate. In fact, it was the Democrat’s own presidential candidate, Joe Biden, who was the Senate Majority Leader back in 1992 who made the exact same argument.

The Obama White House put out a graphic to reflect what Biden said back in 1992:

“When it comes to the Supreme Court, there is only one Biden Rule,” the Obama White House graphic said, which argued a nominee should get a hearing, a committee vote, and a vote in the full Senate. “Even in an election year,” it concluded.

So, what is this nonsense coming from Nancy Pelosi? 

The House Speaker made an appearance on ABC News with George Stephanopoulos, and she proceeded to say she would not rule out bringing another impeachment scam to stop Trump from replacing Ginsburg.

“Some have mentioned the possibility if they try to push through a nominee in a lame-duck session that you and the House can move to impeach President Trump or Attorney General Barr as a way of stalling and preventing the Senate from acting on this nomination,” Stephanopoulos said.

“To be clear, you’re not taking any arrows out of your quiver and not ruling anything out,” he added.

“Yeah, we have a responsibility,” Pelosi claimed. “We’ve taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. We have a responsibility to meet the needs of the American people. That is when we weigh the equities of protecting our democracy requires us to use every arrow in our quiver.”

Pelosi claiming she is “protecting the Constitution” by stopping a duly-elected president from doing his job with another impeachment scam is rich. The Speaker is admitting to using impeachment as a political weapon, and that goes against the Constitution.

Americans also torched Nancy on social media. 

“Insane, @SpeakerPelosi. Presidents are constitutionally required to fill empty SCOTUS seats. In this election year, we must have nine on the bench,” tweeted “Team Crush.”

“Bwahahahahahahasnortgiggle. Deep breath @SpeakerPelosi sounds very worried! She should be!” tweeted “The Head Jerk.”

“@SpeakerPelosi Democrats would make up impeachment charges to stop @realDonaldTrump from exercising Constitutional responsibility. That’s corrupt,” tweeted Willes Lee.

“The system is working as designed,” American Spectator reports. “Though it may have been Ginsburg’s final wish to not fill her seat until after the election, it’s not her call, with all due respect. Instead, it falls to the people who voted for a Republican majority and a Republican president in 2016. The people threatening violence are the people without the constitution or guns on their side.”

“Mitch McConnell is exercising his constitutional authority, just as he did in 2016,” they add. “Ultimately whether or not President Trump’s coming nominee sits on the Supreme Court will be decided by a small handful of Republicans. Not Joe Biden. Not Hollywood. Not reporters on Twitter or millennial women on Instagram.”

Nancy Pelosi and her cohorts are all talking nonsense. There is no crisis. Fill the seat.

The Constitution is working just fine. Americans elected Donald Trump and a majority in the Senate in 2016. That election has consequences. The GOP now has all the power given to them by the American people to do their duty and fill the seat.

Lastly, given how the Democrats treated Brett Kavanaugh, we owe them nothing. Payback is coming as the president vows to replace the hardcore leftist Ginsburg with a hardcore conservative woman. Nothing frightens the radical leftists more than a powerful conservative woman. So, get ready for another long drawn out fight with the Democrats playing dirty. In the end, the truth will come out, and the good guys will win once again.

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