Pelosi: Let’s Tear Down Historic Statues ‘In A Safer Way’ — Americans Torch Her

Nancy Pelosi was asked about protesters tearing down historic statues and monuments, and she answered: “I’m all for it. Let’s take them down safely so that we’re not hurting anybody when the statue comes down.” Well, that’s when patriotic Americans torched her. You’ll love this.

Nancy Pelosi (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

Thursday, during an interview with Washington Post national political reporter Robert Costa, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said while George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are off-limits, anything else is fair game.

When Costa asked what was her message to protesters ripping down statues, Pelosi said: “I would say, rather than tearing down and defacing, why don’t we just have a review? Have a review in terms of, let’s take it down safely so that we’re not hurting anybody when the statue comes down.”

But I think that — I’m all for it. Let’s review this,” Pelosi said excitedly. “Why are we glorifying the sins of the past? That doesn’t mean because Thomas Jefferson or George Washington or others were slave owners that we should undermine what they did for our country.”

She added, “These Confederates — Jefferson Davis, Alexander Stephens, they committed treason against the United States in the name of slavery. I think that’s a different story. But you know what, subject everything to scrutiny and make a decision, but I do think we should do it in a safer way rather than in a more dangerous way.”

This tearing down of statues and historic monuments has nothing to do with slavery or “sins of the past.” In fact, we see this tactic every time a Marxist regime tries to take over.

“The removal of statues is not limited to a question over whether their message is suitable for current times, it is about Marxism,” Fox Nation host Tammy Bruce said Tuesday.

“The people controlling the narrative at this point are determined to cast everything in America’s history, much of which has been difficult, as bad. We had to go ahead and have the Civil War to correct a process that was been going on to end slavery,” Bruce told Fox & Friends.

Bruce said that the “Marxist dynamic” is not to have a conversation that includes the greater American community, which has been ongoing since the country’s inception.

This is about erasing our past in its entirety,” Bruce said.

The mob is never satisfied as we have seen. History is repeating itself. During every Marxist takeover, the mob spins out of control and resorts to violence against the law-abiding citizens who refuse to embrace their “movement.”

This is about total anarchy and taking over the government. Black Lives Matter leaders have said they will not stop until President Donald Trump is removed. They don’t care about elections. This is “mob rule.”

Americans instantly torched Nancy Pelosi on social media. 

“If the Democrats had it their way the mob rule would prevail. It’s disgusting, and as your Senator, I will stand up against the angry mob,” tweeted Bill Hagerty.

“This really what you people want? A party that condones violence and destroying our history for their own benefit? So they can take CONTROL of you and your family,” tweeted Pam Smith.

“Next, riot, pillage, plunder, rape and murder in a safer way – for the LEFT. The LEFT is collectively insane,” tweeted Robert Gonzalez.

“⁦@SpeakerPelosi Fascism thinking! Wake up America! Vote All Democrats out! You Do Not destroy your history!” tweeted “Love America 2.”

“Is anyone surprised by any of this? Nancy Pelosi couldn’t give two sh*ts about some statue. She will say everything and anything to give the impression to the marauding alt-left monster babies that she’s on their side. That simple,” tweeted Twitter user “Lionel.”

“Give it a rest, Nancy. You’ve been in government for DECADES. Why all of the sudden have you decided American historical statues and monuments must be torn down? Where was your ‘leadership’ on the topic over all those years?” tweeted Breitbart News.

When Nancy says: “Let’s take it down safely so that we’re not hurting anybody when the statue comes down,” she is hurting the very nation she claims to love and represent.

Obliterating history is the biggest and most effective way to kill a nation. That’s why this is a Marxist strategy. If you are out to “transform” a country, the first step is to kill it’s past. That way, what once was a nation that was based on “individual freedom” above all else, has been erased by the mob who keep telling us: “America was founded on slavery.”

They want America to become a Marxist utopia. So, everyone must be convinced the “old America” was bad. Barack Obama warned us all when he claimed his goal was to “transform America.”

Their end game will be to destroy our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Sound far-fetched? Well, we bet a few months ago if anyone told you the Democrats would be seriously backing the “defund the police” movement in America, you would say that’s crazy.

We all said the 2016 election was the most important one in our lifetimes. Well, we were wrong. This upcoming presidential election is the most important one in the history of our nation. We must all do whatever we can to make sure Trump is re-elected.

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