Pelosi: ‘Too Late’ For Trump To Stem Coronavirus Outbreak, Gets Epic Smackdown

Nancy Pelosi caused panic and anxiety on Wednesday when she trashed President Donald Trump and his administration’s response to the coronavirus. “This is shameful,” Pelosi told reporters. “What he’s doing is late, too late, anemic. Hopefully, we can make up for the loss of time, but we have to have professionals in place and not use scare tactics about people coming back to our country.” Well, that’s when poor Pelosi got an epic smackdown. You’ll love this.

Nancy Pelosi, President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

The United States of America has by far the best medical professionals and hospitals in the world. Of course, the Democrats are looking to demolish our healthcare system. So, it’s in their best interest on several levels to trash Trump and scare Americans into believing that the coronavirus will hit our country and that we are not prepared.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is spreading lies about the president and the coronavirus. Just how low will the Democrats go to get rid of Trump? The answer is that nothing is sacred. The Democrats at the debate Tuesday night also told the same lies about the coronavirus as what Pelosi put out today.

“This is shameful,” Pelosi told reporters on Capitol Hill when asked about the administration sending a $2.5 billion supplemental budget request to combat the illness. “He puts forth a proposal now that is meager, anemic in terms of addressing this. Ebola, we did $5 billion. And now they’re trying to take the Ebola money and spend it here.”

“What he’s doing is late, too late, anemic,” she added. “Hopefully, we can make up for the loss of time but we have to have professionals in place, resources that are adequate and not use scare tactics about people coming back to our country.”

Asked for her thoughts on President Donald Trump’s comments about the coronavirus, Pelosi replied tersely: “I don’t think the President knows what he’s talking about. Once again.”

Meanwhile, at the debate, Mike Bloomberg and Joe Biden claimed President Trump had defunded the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

“One of the great problems today, you read about the virus, what’s really happening here is the president fired the pandemic specialist in this country two years ago, so there’e nobody here to figure out what the hell we should be doing,” Bloomberg said. “And he’s defunded Centers for Disease Control (CDC), so we don’t have the organization we need.”

Then, Wednesday morning, just like clockwork Joy Behar on The View repeats the lies. First, the shrews of The View celebrated the stock market plummeting over the coronavirus scare. That’s when Joy Behar piped in: “In 2018 the CDC had to cut 80 percent of its efforts to prevent global disease outbreak because Trump wanted to build his wall,” the blowhard claimed.

Except, that’s not the truth. 

In reality, the pandemic expert — Rear Adm. Timothy Ziemer — left the National Security Council (NSC) voluntarily after then-National Security Advisor John Bolton was appointed.

Bolton disbanded the unit that Ziemer was supervising as part of an effort to downsize the bloated NSC staff. The purpose of the unit, which had overseen the global fight against Ebola, had largely been fulfilled.

The Trump administration has indeed proposed cuts to the CDC, but they have not been passed by Congress.

Trump has not “defunded” the agency, and Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar has said that the new proposed budget would, in fact, prioritize the fight against coronavirus.

Recently, the administration reversed course, asking for $2.5 billion in emergency funding for managing the coronavirus. President Trump set the record straight giving Pelosi an epic smackdown.

“CDC and my Administration are doing a GREAT job of handling Coronavirus, including the very early closing of our borders to certain areas of the world. It was opposed by the Dems, ‘too soon’, but turned out to be the correct decision,” Trump tweeted.

“No matter how well we do, however, the Democrats’ talking point is that we are doing badly. If the virus disappeared tomorrow, they would say we did a really poor, and even incompetent, job. Not fair, but it is what it is. So far, by the way, we have not had one death. Let’s keep it that way!” Trump added.

The CDC is influenced by political organizations that don’t have your best interest at heart.

Back in 2016, The Hill reported: “The CDC is being influenced by corporate and political interests.” The report went on to claim certain sponsors of the CDC, like Coca-Cola or pharmaceutical companies, have influenced the research. In fact, they aren’t the people who will find a vaccine for the coronavirus, and if the Democrats get their way, they would obliterate the private companies which are close to finding a vaccine.

A socialized healthcare system in America would be the death knell in stopping a pandemic. 

“First, private companies, rather than governments, are the ones making progress toward developing a vaccine. And out of those companies leading the global race to find a viable vaccine, it isn’t an accident that three out of four are American — Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, and Inovio,” Washington Examiner reports. 

Moderna has already delivered a coronavirus vaccine for U.S. government testing. That’s an extraordinary success for such a quick turnaround.

“It’s textbook moral capitalism: innovation fueled by the private sector interest in delivering a return on investment. Again, American dominance in this process is not at all accidental. American private biomedical research investment stretches into many tens of billions of dollars each year,” Washington Examiner adds.

The type of “Universal Healthcare” the Democrats are proposing would eliminate these companies doing the research—they would no longer get the funding needed. The majority of funding would go to the huge trillions of dollars needed to provide socialized healthcare to 330 million Americans.

So, let’s remind those so excited to implement socialized medicine in America: it could mean a pandemic of apocalyptic proportions would go unchecked thanks to bringing socialism to America.

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