Every Player Kneels Prior To National Anthem At MLB Game, Backfires Big Time

Every single member of the Washington Nationals and New York Yankees took a knee prior to the national anthem Thursday night. The league also announced plans to stencil “Black Lives Matter” on the pitcher’s mound during opening week. Well, that’s when this leftist nonsense backfired, big time. You’ll love this.

Washington Nationals & New York Yankees kneel prior to the national anthem (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

Last night’s Major League Baseball game between the Yankees and the Washington Nationals turned out to be one huge joke. The opening game for the Washington Nationals brought Dr. Anthony Fauci to the mound to throw out the opening pitch, and the controversial doctor was a disaster.

This was the night the MLB lost whatever fans it had left. 

“The world champion Washington Nationals described Fauci as a ‘super fan’ as they announced he would do the honors when the team hosted the New York Yankees before an empty stadium,” VOA News reports. “Fauci is often seen wearing a Nationals face mask as he helps set public health policy for the U.S. during the pandemic.”

“Fauci’s first pitch was about as accurate as he’s been on the pandemic,” tweeted JT Lewis.

Not only did Fauci botch his opening pitch, but he also was caught taking off his mask in the stands.

Former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson, who has debunked most of Fauci’s edicts on the coronavirus, posted the pic of Fauci maskless: “And there’s Dr. Anthony Fauci showing us all he knows exactly how well masks work! Thanks for the lesson, doc.”

Making matters worse, the Nationals and Yankees made a huge deal of kneeling prior to the National Anthem.

“Players on both squads kneeled before the anthem ahead of the home opener for Washington. According to the Yankees, it was done ‘together in unity,'”Daily Caller reporter David Hookstead reports. “We’re weeks out from the NFL starting, and the MLB already has entire teams taking a knee. If you thought this was going away, I can promise you that it’s not.”

I really don’t understand why we have to make sports so political. I don’t get it at all. Americans are desperate to be unified and to have something to cheer for.

How does taking a knee during or before the national anthem help that? The answer is that it doesn’t. It just turns our sports into political talking points and debates.

It’s insanely stupid.

Many Americans were so livid at the kneeling shenanigans they will no longer be watching MLB. 

“That seals the deal. I am no longer a baseball fan. I’ve been a fan since 1972 and a season ticket holder since 1976. I officially will not be renewing my plan next season nor will I watch on tv ever again. Manfred is officially the worst commissioner in history,” tweeted “The Old Times.”

“I’ve been a fan for more than 45 years, I’m done watching the MLB!” tweeted Twitter user “Brett.”

“I hope they get arthritis in their knees, disgraceful and our friends and family chose not to watch baseball football any team that disrespects our great flag what would Betsy Ross say,” tweeted “Gloria.”

“I will not watch anymore. I’ve done fantasy leagues for over 25 years and we as a league decided we will not do it if they kneel. Baseball is now off the list. Basketball, Football, Hockey are on the clock,” tweeted Declan McCarthy.

“SMH. Politics has no place in sports. I use to watch sports to get away from all the bad news and politics on TV and now I have to see it during a game. WTF!! Not watching it now. Netflix and books are a better option now,” tweeted “RPal1.”

“Jesus Christ!!!! To think my DAD FOUGHT IN WW2 JUST TO HAVE A BUNCH, OF OVER PD. THUGS..TO TAKE A KNEE TO OUR NAT”L ANTHEM!! WHAAAAT THE HAY!!!!! @espn WHY? WHY?” tweeted Billie Calame Norman.

Major League Baseball isn’t done pandering to the hardcore leftists. They are also actively working with Black Lives Matter. 

“The Nationals, in conjunction with Major League Baseball, stand with the Black Lives Matter movement and will utilize the platform and national stage of Opening Day to express support for the fight against systemic racism and injustice,” the team announced in a statement, according to ESPN.

Besides stenciling in “Black Lives Matter” into the mound during opening week, MLB has reportedly given every team the OK to emulate the Nationals Black Lives Matter activism.

It was also reported that the league told players that they have permission to put social justice slogans on their jerseys in place of their names.

“According to sources, MLB and teams are offering players a choice of social messaging on their jerseys for opening day. One league patch says ‘United for Change.’ ‘BLM’ is another. Andrew McCutcheon and Curtis Granderson have been working in coordination with the league. More TK,” tweeted “Full Dissent.”

This sounds absolutely ridiculous. We have no idea what the MLB owners are thinking, but they sure are completely out of touch with their fans.

It’s not the COVID crisis that is going to kill professional sports in America. The idiot owners are doing a great job of making sure they alienate Americans by taking their cues from a Marxist movement whose goals are the destruction of our nation.

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