Here’s The 1 Poll Democrats Don’t Want You To See & Why They Need Mail-In Voting

Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler and his Democrat colleagues spent much of the hearing with Attorney General Bill Barr by grilling him on mail-in voting. If Joe Biden is blasting President Donald Trump in the polls by double digits, then why would they be so adamant about mail-in voting? Well, now we know. Here’s the one poll that the Democrats do not want you to see. You’ll love this.

Not all polls are equal. If we learned anything from the 2016 presidential election, it’s that the pollsters were gaslighting Americans by claiming Hillary Clinton had the victory sewn up.

Most of the polls in 2016, and now in 2020, over-sample Democrats. What this means is the poll is made up of a majority of Democrat voters, which is why the polls are skewed. Also, Trump was right about silent Trump voters who were reluctant to share their political views with pollsters.

Luckily, the Cato Institute got some real data that the Democrats don’t want you to see. 

“When President Trump insisted last month that his supporters included a substantial silent majority that isn’t represented in the polls, the Democrats and the corporate media devoted a surprisingly large amount of energy to ‘debunking’ the claim. Indeed, their reaction was so shrill and ubiquitous that they seemed, to paraphrase Hamlet’s hapless mother, to be protesting too much,” American Spectator reports.

According to the poll, conducted on Cato’s behalf by YouGov, “The share of moderates who self‐​censor increased 7 points from 57% to 64%, and the share of conservatives rose from 70% to 77%, also a 7‐​point increase.”

This means the majority of moderates and conservatives are not participating in the polls.

Perhaps more significantly, strong liberals constituted the only ideological cohort that indicated more freedom to express their political opinions. Only 42 percent indicate that they self-censor. A majority of committed liberals (58 percent) feel free to say what they think.

Many of us see this phenomenon on social media. The leftists on social media are much more likely to push their political agenda than moderates or conservatives. Also, big tech companies censor Trump supporters so it appears as if the Democrats are winning big.

Many Democrats mistakenly believe this illusory dominance of the public debate means they have won the hearts and minds of the electorate. As we saw in 2016, however, the reluctance of right-of-center voters to argue with puffed-up progressives simply meant they wanted to avoid shaming and social ostracism.

They kept their peace until it really mattered — when they reached the voting booth. That’s the beauty of the secret ballot — people who decline to be bullied by “strong liberals” can make their voices heard loud and clear in November.

According to the Cato survey, the number of people choosing this path is far larger than it was in 2016. Moreover, they span the entire demographic spectrum:

Nearly two‐​thirds of Latino Americans (65%) and White Americans (64%) and nearly half of African Americans (49%) have political views they are afraid to share.

Majorities of men (65%) and women (59%), people with incomes over $100,000 (60%) and people with incomes less than $20,000 (58%), people under 35 (55%) and over 65 (66%), religious (71%) and non‐​religious (56%) all agree that the political climate prevents them from expressing their true beliefs.

Trump’s silent majority is real, and it is much larger than it was four years ago.

What should scare the pants off any sentient Democrat is the number of Latinos (65 percent) and black Americans (49 percent) who self-censor. That means the vast majority of Latinos and half of all African Americans are refusing to take part in these polls. If they support Biden, they would not be self-censoring. So why are they refusing to take part in polls?

The only logical reason must be they know supporting Trump isn’t popular with the mainstream.

No wonder the Democrats were pushing AG Bill Barr on mail-in voting during Tuesday’s hearing. Nadler made the allegation that the DOJ under Barr had “spread disinformation about voter fraud as it pertains to mail-in voting.”

Other Democrats on the committee also grilled Barr on mail-in voting. However, the attorney general refused to play their game and stuck to the facts saying it leads to fraud. We have no doubt the Democrats are well aware that Trump’s silent majority has grown since 2016.

“Trump’s silent majority is real, and it is much larger than it was four years ago,” American Spectator adds. “What should scare the pants off any sentient Democrat is the number of Latinos (65 percent) and black Americans (49 percent) who self-censor.”

The president is about to make history with the magnitude of his victory and, more importantly, who will vote for him.

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