Mainstream Polls: Biden’s Ahead By Double Digits, Trump Tells Rush The Truth

Many supporters of President Donald Trump may have seen the latest mainstream media polls that claim Joe Biden is ahead by double digits. Many are questioning how that can be. Others say the polls are slanted to help the Democrat candidate, as they did in 2016. Well, the president himself shared some internal polling information on the Rush Limbaugh show that you don’t want to miss.

President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

Every major campaign runs its own “internal polling.” They use that polling to decide where they should spend campaign funds and what states a candidate should visit. If Joe Biden was ahead in the polls by double digits, he would be staying hunkered down in his basement.

Instead, Biden is now ramping up his campaign by making stops in Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. His campaign is going nuts with spending on ads. This isn’t something a campaign does if it is ahead by double digits.

Biden’s Democrat allies are also acting pretty desperate. Nancy Pelosi announced politically motivated legislation on the 25th Amendment. It was just a show. Everyone knows Pelosi has no chance to get anything through the GOP-held Senate.

The president joined Rush Limbaugh for two hours on Friday. That’s when he divulged some internal polling information that is partly the reason why the Biden campaign is in hyperdrive.

“Were doing well, really well,” Trump said. “When we’re beating them this badly, they have nothing else to fall back on than the word ‘racist.’ When you’re winning and you’re just knocking the hell out of them, they have nothing else to say but ‘racist.'”

“What they really hate is that I’m doing really well, beyond all expectations with the black vote,” Trump added. “The black community is on to their games, calling [me and my supporters] racist. You know they don’t like Biden, and we’re getting numbers never seen before by a Republican like 20 percent, 22 percent.”

This is a big deal. If Trump is polling anywhere near 20 percent with African-American voters, it becomes virtually impossible for Biden to win.

That’s not all. Online support for Biden is another indicator of how poorly his campaign is doing.

Since Labor Day, the President has entertained more than 250,000 supporters at his events compared to Biden with a little over 300 supporters at his events, according to one tally.

President Trump’s last campaign event was in freezing cold Duluth, Minnesota on September 30. He had a massive crowd, but he had an even bigger online presence. Bloomberg reported 779,000 viewers of the event on their site. Fox News reported 1.1 million viewers.

Biden’s Arizona event on Thursday was a bust. The Joe Biden YouTube account only had 19,000 viewers. Fox Business reported 16,000. Those were the two largest live-streams. Others only reported viewers in the hundreds:

YouTube results of Biden Arizona bus tour kick-off

Now, while online support is not a scientific poll, it does mean one thing: Biden has zero momentum.  

In fact, Hillary Clinton had tens of thousands of views of her campaign events online. Since the Biden campaign is refusing to do rallies as such, this online viewership gives us the best indication of how the Biden campaign is doing overall, in my opinion.

Biden barely got the nomination. Back in April, an ABC News affiliate summed up Biden as a candidate:

“Joe Biden is a candidate that excites no one. He doesn’t inspire hope or possibilities about the future and he always talks about the past, but people aren’t interested in looking backward, they wan to look forward, which is why many in his own party have serious reservations about his chances as their party nominee,” ABC reports. 

The Biden campaign also decided not to do “door-knocking.” This is just downright bizarre. Barack Obama probably would not have been elected except his “ground game” was overwhelming.

“Joe Biden campaign is showing signs of stalling less than a month and a half before the Nov. 3 election, with the Democratic nominee at the center of a political effort that is forgoing knocking on doors, skipping entire days’ worth of campaigning, and at times appearing to avoid engagements with the press in contrast to his more gregarious Republican opponent,” Just the News reports.

That’s why when those of us who pay attention to politics 24/7 see these polls claiming Biden is up double digits, we just shake our heads. Unless we are missing something, it sure looks like Biden is nowhere near winning this election by double digits, and Trump voters may shock the mainstream media once again.

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