Portland Mayor Gets Tear-Gassed & Claims Feds ‘Overracted,’ Gets Brutal Smackdown

Portland, Oregon is one of the hotspots President Donald Trump has targeted to get back under control. Of course, Portland’s Mayor Ted Wheeler decided to stay on the streets after a riot was declared by federal agents. The leftwing mayor claimed he didn’t see anything in the crowd that warranted the reaction by federal officers. Well, that’s when he got a brutal smackdown. You’ll love this.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, federal courthouse set on fire (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

If there is one thing we can all count on, it’s that these Democrat mayors will make utter fools of themselves as their own cities are burned to the ground.

A riot occurred in Portland Wednesday night after Mayor Ted Wheeler’s tense visit with protesters — where he was booed, told to resign, given a list of demands.

“A riot has been declared outside the Justice Center. Disperse to the north and/or west. Disperse immediately. Failure to adhere to this order may subject you to arrest or citation, or riot control agents, including, but not limited to, tear gas and/or impact weapons,” tweeted the Portland Police.

Still, Mayor Wheeler stayed at the riot instead of telling the Antifa and Black Lives Matter supporters to clear out. The riot was declared at the federal courthouse where Wheeler had stationed himself.

“[Wheeler] moved with protesters to the fence outside of the federal courthouse where he stood at the front and was tear-gassed along with the crowd, according to New York Times correspondent Mike Baker,” Fox News reports. 

Wheeler called the tear-gassing an “egregious overreaction,” telling Baker he didn’t see anything in the crowd that warranted the reaction by federal officers.

“This is not a de-escalation strategy,” he said. “This is flat-out urban warfare and it’s being brought on this country by the president and it’s got to stop now.”

However, videos show as Wheeler was making these remarks, the Antifa and BLM “protesters” had broken down a fence and set fires that are visible to him.

“Mayor Ted Wheeler claims he didn’t see anything that should have provoked federal agents into tear-gassing people setting buildings on fire and throwing things at his head during his ‘listening sessions’ last night in Portland,” Twitchy reports.

“Man, either this guy has his head permanently up his backside or he thinks the rest of us do,” they added. “Your federal building was literally ON FIRE IN FRONT OF YOU, TED.”

“Ted Wheeler supports ANTIFA,” tweeted Jack Posobiec.

“Ted Wheeler watches arson attacks on federal building: ‘With 100 percent honesty I saw nothing that would provoke this response [from federal agents],'” tweeted Telegraph reporter Miranda Devine.

“Was @tedwheeler present after an unlawful assembly/riot was declared? Did he fail to disperse when ordered to do so? If the answer is yes, then he needs to be charged with participating in a riot,” tweeted Twitter user “Michael.”

“As Wheeler left, a few protesters following him tried to push against his security team once he had entered a building. Others threw water bottles and other projectiles at the glass door, according to Baker,” Fox News adds.

Poor Mayor Wheeler got blasted by the rioters he was trying to pander to, and then, the feds launched tear gas which gave him a wake-up call.

“Mayor Wheeler with eyes closed, coughing, suffering from the tear gas. ‘How does it feel, Teddy?’ someone shouts,” tweets Mike Baker. “Wheeler leaves the scene. Protesters throw water bottles at him and curse him. He manages to get inside a building after a scuffle between protesters and his security detail.”

Wheeler, who has repeatedly said he opposes the deployment of federal officers to the city, was nearly drowned out by shouts and jeers and calls to resign and was loudly booed when he told a protester that he didn’t support abolishing the police department.

He then addressed a much larger crowd from a raised balcony, saying, “I am here tonight to stand with you.” He received some cheers when he chanted “Black lives matter!” with the crowd.

However, in the end, the rioters turned on him. When are these Democrat mayors going to learn these criminals burning down their cities do not care about “black lives,” they only care about destruction. Mayor Ted Wheeler looked like an utter fool, and he has no one to blame but himself.

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