Prayers For Trump From Christians & Others Lead To Miracle At Walter Reed

President Donald Trump spent the weekend at Walter Reed Medical Center in Maryland where many supporters showed up spontaneously on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday offering prayers for his speedy recovery which led to a “miracle.” You’ll love this.

President Donald Trump drives by supporters at Walter Reed Medical Center, Trump supporters outside Walter Reed (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, YouTube/Screenshot)

Over the weekend, the Trump family joined many Americans in prayers for the president. However, the Biden campaign and their mainstream media surrogates are trying to blame the Republicans and the Trump campaign claiming they spread the coronavirus by being irresponsible at the presidential debate by not wearing masks in the audience.

Strangely, no Democrats with the Biden campaign got the China virus, even though many in with the GOP debate contingency have now tested positive. One conspiracy theory claims the Democrats’ “October Surprise” was somehow infecting Trump and his staff with the virus.

It should be noted that both campaigns were on the “honor system” at the debate venue. In other words, the Cleveland Clinic, where the debate took place, did not test the campaign staffers but took their word for it that they had tested negative.

The statement released from the Cleveland Clinic Friday morning in regard to these developments stated, “Most importantly, everyone permitted inside the debate hall tested negative for COVID-19 prior to entry. Individuals traveling with both candidates, including the candidates themselves, had been tested and tested negative by their respective campaigns.”

“They didn’t arrive until Tuesday afternoon, so for them to get tested, there wouldn’t have been enough time to have the test and have the debate later that night at 9 o’clock,” Chris Wallace told Bill Hemmer. “So yeah, there was an honor system when it came to the people who came into the hall from the two campaigns.”

We will probably never know how the president, who is the most protected person for COVID in America, got infected. But if the Democrats thought this would give the Biden campaign a boost, boy they were wrong.

The outpouring of love and prayers for this president was astounding. Eric Trump noted: “Incredible to see the love and support for @realDonaldTrump outside Walter Reed. I was just speaking to my father and know he loves and appreciates all of you!”

Remnant Newspaper editor Micheal Matt also was down at Walter Reed. Matt noted prayer rallies that were taking place and spoke with a few Trump supporters.

“PRAYER RALLY FOR TRUMP: Michael Matt Outside President Trump’s Hospital,” tweeted Twitter user “Kelle” along with the video:

Meanwhile, thousands of Trump supporters held a prayer rally in Staten Island, New York:

Sister Dede Bryne is a general surgeon at the Spanish Catholic Center in Washington, D.C. She is a fully professed member of the Little Workers of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary was in Philadelphia where she led a rosary for the president. She holds the rank of colonel in the U.S. Army Medical Corps.

“HAPPENING NOW: Sister Dede Byrne leads a decade of the rosary for President @realDonaldTrump and @FLOTUS in Marconi Plaza in South Philly,” tweeted Cath O’Brien.

One show host on Newsmax stopped his program mid-broadcast to share a few words of prayer for President Trump’s health and recovery:

GOP Committeewoman and Civil Rights attorney Harmeet Dillion shared a video of American Sikhs praying for the president outside Walter Reed.

“Sikhs perform Ardaas prayer for ⁦@realDonaldTrump outside Wlter Reade! Nanak naam chardi kala; tere bhaney, sarbat da bhalla! In every Sikh daily prayer we ask God’s blessings on all mankind. We are praying for the health of every man and woman, and for our president,” Harmeet K Dhillon posted.

That’s when a tiny “miracle” happened. It caused the liberal press and their Democrat cohorts to freak out. Without any warning to the press pool, the president decided to drive by the large group of supporters outside Walter Reed:

“That’s Trump driving by his supporters outside Walter Reed military hospital,” tweeted Associated Press reporter Philip Crowther.

This comes after reports that on Friday President Trump’s oxygen saturation and fever caused the doctors to advise he go to the medical center. Trump’s oxygen dipped down to 94 percent.

CNN and MSNBC were giddy claiming the president was much sicker than being reported.

O2 saturation levels run lower on those over seventy-years-old, but out of an “abundance of caution” and with a mild fever, Trump’s doctors did the right thing by transferring him to Walter Reed.

For adults up to 65 years of age, a normal O2 saturation is 98 to 100 percent. However, those over 70- years-old can see oxygen sats lower than 95 percent, and that is perfectly normal.

White House physician Dr. Sean Conley and Dr. Sean Dooley, a pulmonologist at Walter Reed, told reporters Saturday morning that the president was not using supplemental oxygen and was not having difficulty breathing.

Those prayers may be answered as rumors are spreading that the president may be released as early as Monday afternoon from the hospital. Sadly, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnanny reports she also has tested positive for COVID.

We will never know how the most protected man in the world, President Donald Trump, and his closest staffers got the coronavirus seemingly all at the same time. But what we do know is that the outpouring of love and support from Americans across the country has been astounding, proving it sure looks like the only way the Democrats can take back the presidency is with some form of hijinks this November.

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