Rand Paul Attacked By BLM Mob Outside Of WH, Americans Give Them Reality Check

An angry mob of Black Lives Matter supporters gathered outside the White House Thursday night specifically hoping to disrupt the last night of the Republican National Convention, which took place outside on the south lawn. They tried but failed. When the event was over, the BLM mob decided to attack those leaving like Senator Rand Paul. Well, Americans gave them a reality check. Don’t miss this.

Senator Rand Paul (center) and his wife (in white on left) get attacked on DC streets by an angry mob (Photo Credit: Twitter/Screenshot)

Senator Rand Paul was assaulted by a violent Black Lives Matter mob as he left the Republican National Convention in DC on Thursday night.

It all kicked off during President Donald Trump’s acceptance speech. The mob got angry when they learned they had not been effective in disturbing the event in any way.

Daily Caller reporter Shelby Talcott reported from the scene. At one point during Trump’s address, the BLM mob brought out a guillotine:

“Someone just put a fake Trump on the guillotine in front of the White House. There’s a piece of paper on him that says ‘Ticket – Fascist, Rapist, Criminal,'” she posted on Twitter.

This is the backdrop to what happened next. As Sen. Paul and his wife were being escorted by police away from the event, a “protester” rushed up and shoved a police officer holding a bike into him.

The Kentucky senator checked on the officer before getting out of harm’s way himself.

At one point, Paul and his wife were surrounded by the angry mob demanding he “say her name, say Breonna Taylor.” Thanks to the Democrat DC Mayor Muriel Browser, who is also a huge BLM supporter, the streets did not have enough law enforcement present to handle the mob.

Luckily for Senator Paul and his wife, a few bike cops were able to get him to safety after a few very tense moments:

“Just got attacked by an angry mob of over 100, one block away from the White House. Thank you to @DCPoliceDept for literally saving our lives from a crazed mob,” Paul tweeted.

The mob is uneducated. Ironically, the “protesters” were demanding Senator Paul say Breonna Taylor’s name — apparently unaware that he introduced the Justice for Breonna Taylor Act in June to stop no-knock raids. He worked with her parents to do so.

The attack on Senator Paul was just one of many Thursday night outside the White House. Trump supporter Rep. Vernon Jones, who is a Democrat, was also attacked by the BLM mob.

If you don’t “swear allegiance” to Marxist BLM by raising your fist in the air, an angry mob will shout and scream in your face… and if you support President Trump, that same mob will surround and circle you like a school of vicious sharks.

They call this “peaceful.”

Americans gave the DC mob a reality check on social media. 

“Ya know, when all the sane people left in America lose whatever is remaining of their patience, I’m afraid these mobs are going to very sorry. Vigilante-ism isn’t great either but I’m afraid they’re asking for it,” tweeted Cheryl Davis.

“These ppl do more for the Republican ticket than anything else! Vote every democrat out!” tweeted “Magirly9.”

“These people need an exorcism…they are trying to manipulate others to into their marxist movement forcibly..hear their demons chanting ‘Say her name, Say her name, Say her name, Say her name, Say her name’…so demonic!!” tweeted “Onajourney67.”

“There needed to be MORE of a police presence, & these BLM thugs/terrorists should/ve been forcibly pushed back. We need to stop giving them that ‘inch’, because they keep taking it, & backing US into a corner. A #Trump2020LandslideVictory will help to quell further mob attacks,” tweeted T.W. Fuller.

The leftwing idiots are claiming these were not attacks. That it was just “protesting.”

America is supposed to be a place where we can practice our religion and our politics freely. If we disagree with someone’s politics, we can go to the voting booth and cast our vote.

But to sit here and try and intimidate and scare people into submission during an election year is terrorism and election interference, and we can’t stand for this.

Right now, the Biden campaign is attempting to say the ongoing violence in the streets “is Trump’s America.” What? We all know the violent mobs are only allowed to roam free in Democrat-run cities who refuse to get enough law enforcement on those streets to arrest the rioters.

The Democrats know Americans are fed up with these anarchists and BLM protesters who are not out there to “peacefully protest.” The only way to ensure this stops and does not happen in your town is to vote every single Democrat out in November.

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