Reiner: ‘I Watch Biden & See A Man Who Can Save Democracy’ – Patriots Torch Him

After Joe Biden became incoherent during his speech on Monday, Rob Reiner lost connection to reality. In fact, the leftwing Hollywood filmmaker claimed: “I watch Joe Biden and I see a man who can save Democracy.” Well, that’s why poor Rob immediately got torched by patriots. You’ll love this.

Rob Reiner (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

In case you missed it, Joe Biden had a massive brain freeze during his teleprompter speech on Monday. It’s one thing to lose your train of thought when you are speaking without unprepared remarks. However, Biden stumbled badly reading off the teleprompter, and he refused to take any questions.

Biden’s brain freeze went viral:

It was such a strange and staged event, Americans also noticed how controlling the Biden handlers have become. Not only was the press told “no questions,” the Biden people only allowed seven reporters who had to sit in delegated “circles.”

“HOLY CRAP! @JoeBiden’s ‘Big’ Speech in Pittsburgh Today included About 7 Reporters Sitting in Circles in a Huge Open Building,” tweeted Jay Dittlinger.

The speech on Monday was a disaster. That’s why Democrats like Rob Reiner are gaslighting Americans about the event.

“Joe Biden stumbled badly during his big speech in Pittsburgh, on Monday, mangling his points about the coronavirus while seemingly struggling to read the teleprompter,” Breitbart reports. “For some, it was painful to watch. For Biden fundraiser and left-wing Hollywood filmmaker Rob Reiner, the 77-year-old candidate exuded presidential strength.”

“I watch Joe Biden and I see a man who can save Democracy,” Reiner declared.

Rob Reiner is either totally out of his mind, or he is so scared that every time Biden comes out of the basement, his performance makes the case to vote for Trump.

During his speech, Biden attempted to blame President Donald Trump for the violence and unrest that are still rocking some of America’s cities. “Fires are burning and we have a president who fans the flames, rather than fighting the flames,” he said. “But we must not burn, we have to build.”

“He may believe mouthing the words ‘law and order’ makes him strong, but his failure to call on his own supporters to stop acting as an armed militia in this country shows you how weak he is,” the former vice president added.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson called Biden’s remarks: “The most thoroughly dishonest speech ever given by a major presidential candidate.”

That’s why patriots utterly torched Rob Reiner on social media. 

“This is just insane, even for Rob Reiner,” tweeted The Political Insider.

“Once a meathead, always meathead. Dead… from the neck up,” tweeted Harriet Baldwin.

“That’s funny, I see an old guy who doesn’t know what day it is, what town he’s in. Sorry Rob, what would save Democracy would be to demolish Democrats and Republicans and start over with something that’s not drowning in moral squalor,” tweeted “Mr. Rimbaud.”

“Breaking: Biden may be suffering from transient global amnesia. He can’t remember what he wants to say or what he just said. When he goes off script, he can’t find his way back. He looks like crap,” tweeted “JC Howell.”

“I see a man who is probably wearing Depends and needs to stay home,” tweeted “Sissy Q.”

“I laughed way too hard at this. Nobody believes this, not even you,” tweeted “Cali Girl To Okie.”

“Rob you can’t be serious. Joe can’t even answer questions after his speech. How in the heck will he sit in front of world leaders and represent our Country. He’s been in politics for 47 years and what does he have to show for it. We need leaders right now not politicians,” tweeted “Husker N TX.”

We all remember Hillary Clinton’s nagging cough, fainting, and difficulty walking during the 2016 campaign. Joe Biden’s cognitive issues far surpass that.

The former secretary of state’s health issues was a huge concern, and it was something the mainstream media refused to report on. However, no one could claim Clinton’s symptoms mimicked something as serious as Dementia.

There is a good amount of evidence to suggest Joe Biden’s cognitive symptoms are what we see in those suffering from Dementia. It’s one thing to have health concerns, but it is totally unprecedented to have a candidate running for the leader of the free world to be blatantly suffering from an alleged debilitating brain disease.

The Democrats are hoping to gaslight Americans by hiding Biden as long as possible. He has no other campaign events scheduled for this week. It seems almost unbelievable that this ruse is exactly what is going on. Shame on Biden’s Democrat handlers.

But the real shame is with Biden’s family members, who should be getting Joe to sign over his “power of attorney.” Instead, they are trying to give Joe power over the American military. Don’t fall for their gaslighting, and make sure all your family and friends know they are being duped. Poor Joe needs a family member to care enough about him and America, to stop this insanity.

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