Reiner: ‘Donald Trump’s Mental Illness Is Killing People,’ Gets Epic Smackdown

Rob Reiner’s attacks on President Donald Trump are getting more ridiculous and whacky. The actor who is best known for his role as “Meathead” is claiming in no uncertain terms that the president’s “mental illness” is in fact “killing people.” Well, people are fed-up with Reiner, and that’s why he got an epic smackdown. You’ll love this.

President Donald Trump, Rob Reiner (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Hollywood filmmaker and noted Trump-hater Rob Reiner is keeping up his verbal attacks on President Donald Trump as the coronavirus pandemic continues to rage around the world. Poor Rob’s frustration with his many failed efforts to get rid of Trump has now devolved into the 73-year-old seeming to be the one with the mental issues.

That was manifest in his recent tweet. He’s the one really going “mental” from his lockdown bunker in Los Angeles. But don’t tell him that.

“Donald Trump’s mental illness is killing people,” Reiner posted.

Reiner’s message is a blunter version of his tweet on Saturday in which he appeared to suggest that President Trump could be an accessory to murder.

“I’m not a lawyer, but it seems to me if you’re the most influential person in America and you tell the public that a deadly viral pandemic is a hoax & countless citizens accept that as reality, do nothing to protect themselves then end up dead, you might be an accessory,” Rob Reiner wrote.

On March 24, Reiner was at it again. This time the president was allegedly causing everyone to die in New York. 

“There’s no other way to put this: Donald Trump is causing people in NY to DIE,” he posted.

The U.S. death toll due to the coronavirus stood at around 3,400 as of Tuesday afternoon. The number is still lower than Italy’s, which stands at just under 11,600, and Spain’s, which is near 8,200.

China’s Communist Party has reported COVID-19-related deaths numbering just above 3,300. But Beijing’s reporting has been greeted with widespread skepticism, with many believing China’s death tolls to be much higher.

Americans blasted Rob Reiner for being the one with “mental issues” that have gone unchecked. 

“The only one mentally ill is meathead rob. He suffers from stage 4 TDS. I’m afraid it may be terminal!” tweeted Twitter user “Ed.”

“Without evidence, rich Hollywood Elite Rob ‘Meathead’ Reiner is now claiming that the president’s ‘mental illness’ is ‘killing people,'” tweeted Mark Grant.

“Hey Meathead, and the rest of your Trump Deranged moron parrots, you’ve been very helpful to your country for the last year or so, thanks!” tweeted Hutch Bailie Jr.

“Rob Reiner: ‘Donald Trump’s Mental Illness Is Killing People’ but my thought is Reiner’s the one who’s abnormally fixated, bordering on obsession with President Trump. Get a job Meathead,” tweeted “BadjrsGOred.”

@robreiner, Meathead, shut the f*ck up. Your arrogance is astounding. If you are so flipping intelligent, let’s see you throw your fat ass (and mouth) in the ring,” tweeted Dan Mullins.

@robreiner is the one who is mentally ill if he thinks anyone is paying attention to his nonsense. And he’s right, he’s not a lawyer,” tweeted “The Fed Up Ex-Fed.”

Just days before the lockdown due the coronavirus began, Rob Reiner and Barbra Streisand were out campaigning for Joe Biden.

“During Super Tuesday’s primary elections, Barbra Streisand and Rob Reiner served as Biden’s Hollywood cheer captains, urging fellow Democrats to support the candidate as he managed to secure three key states and appeared increasingly likely to be the party’s choice to take on President Donald Trump in November,” Breitbart reports. 

So, Reiner is panicking.

Joe Biden has been an epic failure making sporadic appearances on CNN and MSNBC this week. The former vice-president can’t string a coherent sentence together. He stared blankly into the camera on a Monday appearance on CNN after the host asked him about Trump’s COVID-19 response.

Then he made no sense. “That the government is not a federal shipping clerk, no the government, the federal government is in charge,” Biden said. 

No wonder Rob Reiner is having mental issues. He’s spent three and a half years actively working to oust Trump, and now he sees his only hope is Joe Biden. We get it. However, that is no excuse to not do the right thing for his fellow Americans. Now is the time to put our political differences aside.

It’s time “Meathead” and his Hollywood buddies pull together and back the Commander in Chief like the old Hollywood stars did during every other crisis in American history.

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