Rob Reiner: ‘We Have A Criminal In Our White House,’ Rush Utterly Destroys Him

Rob Reiner, like so many in the Hollywood crowd, is utterly exasperated over the failure to oust President Donald Trump. Reiner has personally spent ten of thousands of dollars in his anti-Trump campaigns, and now he’s angry the Justice Department is planning to reduce its original sentencing recommendation for Roger Stone. “We have a criminal living in our White House,” Reiner exclaimed. Well, immediately Rush Limbaugh utterly destroyed him. You’ll love this.

Rob Reiner, Rush Limbaugh (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

After nearly three years and two concerted and ultimately failed efforts to oust President Donald Trump, the Hollywood actor-director — who helped launch “The Committee to Investigate Russia” — still has his Twitter account, where he’s still free to remind his followers of his Trump Derangement Syndrome.

We have a Criminal living in our White House. Full stop,” tweeted the actor who is also known as “Meathead.”

While Reiner did not clarify exactly what he was referring to by proclaiming that “we have a Criminal in our White House,” many Hollywood leftists have shared their dismay over recent news of the Justice Department (DOJ) reportedly planning to reduce its original sentencing recommendation for the president’s longtime confidant Roger Stone, Breitbart reported. 

Rob Reiner isn’t the only celebrity to be going nuts over the Roger Stone situation. 

John Leguizamo posted, “All four prosecutors quit in protest when Trump made the Justice Dept recommend a lower sentence for his buddy Roger Stone. A president who controls how laws are applied is a dictator. If we have to have a dictator, could it at least be one who’s not a f*cking idiot?”

Before we get to Limbaugh totally destroying their entire argument, take a look at who is on a first-name basis with the “four prosecutors.” It’s none other than Lisa Page, the disgraced FBI attorney.

“To Aaron and Adam, Jonathan and Michael: I am sorry for the agony you are about to endure, and for the pain & betrayal you will feel at the hands of your beloved Dept. Know that you are on the right side of history & that we are so very proud of you for defending the rule of law,” Page tweeted.

Rush Limbaugh utterly destroyed Rob Reiner and his Hollywood buddies.

Limbaugh destroyed their contention that Roger Stone, President Trump, or AG Bill Barr are doing anything wrong. In fact, it’s these Mueller prosecutors who should be sent to jail, not Stone.

“So these prosecutors — and this is the truncated version of this — the prosecutors recommend seven to nine years. And anybody who has followed this knows how absolutely atrocious that is,” Limbaugh said. “They know how bogus it is and the fact that the attorney general moved in here to stop it ought to be one of the best indications you could get so far that he and Durham are still working this case.”

“There was never anything to it. Not a single crime was committed by the Trump campaign at any stage. There was never any evidence of a crime having been committed. So anything that was charged along the way here was purely political,” Rush said.

Limbaugh goes on to describe how Roger Stone wasn’t part of the Trump campaign but said things online that made some people think he was a “player.” When Stone made a comment congratulating Wikileaks, that’s all it took for the rogue prosecutors to try and pin bogus crimes on him.

Limbaugh added:

So all these charges of people, like Manafort and Roger Stone, it’s the only thing they could do to make it look like there were things that went on. Roger Stone got caught up with his own bragging about what he knew about WikiLeaks and who he was talking to about it, just his desire to be a player.

And they said, “Okay. You want to be a player? Well, here’s what’s gonna happen to you, player.” And he gets charged and convicted and then here comes the sentencing recommendation, and Barr says this is just ridiculous, this whole thing is ridiculous, the whole aspect of this case has been ridiculous. It’s nothing more than an elaborate coup.

Other legal commentators have said real crimes like rape and manslaughter have sentencing guidelines that would not come close to 7-9 years in prison. Limbaugh also weighed in on this absurdity:

“Seven to nine years. Can anybody up there tell me what Stone did?” Rush asked. “Do you know what the average rapist sentence is? Four and a half years. Beat somebody up, grand larceny, one and a half to two years. Manslaughter’s second degree starts at 15 years, plea-bargained down to under 10. Here’s Roger Stone, seven to nine years, and he hasn’t done diddly-squat, certainly by comparison.”

These leftwing nutjobs are also attacking Trump and Barr for weighing in on this travesty of justice. Rush put them to shame. 

“So Trump’s out there attacking the judge as well, in addition to praising Barr for moving in on the case this way. It is a gutsy thing for Barr to do. This goes flat-out, smack-dab right in the face of the Washington establishment and the people who are in charge and responsible for this coup,” Limbaugh added.

AG Bill Barr called the Democrats bluff by agreeing to testify in front of Jerry Nadler’s Judicial Committee next month. He told Nancy Pelosi and her cohorts they could question him on his decision to intervene in Stone’s sentencing, and that way he can get the truth out there.

Rush sums up this entire debacle by reminding Americans this all goes back to the coup attempts and Russia hoax.

“This should have never happened,” Limbaugh said. “This remains the most outrageous political scandal that has occurred in our lifetimes, folks, and there’s nothing even close, including Watergate, which is nothing but Romper Room compared to what happened here. They can’t find a single crime involved or undertaken by anybody in the central charge of the case, and that is that Russia meddled with the election, and Trump helped, to benefit him and hurt Hillary.”

“That’s what they said. There’s no evidence. It didn’t happen. In fact, the meddling with Russia was occurring between Hillary and the DNC, their law firms,” Mr. Limbaugh concludes.

Americans who have been paying attention to the three-year ongoing coup attempt know this Roger Stone situation is just another distraction. The Democrats have given it their best try and utterly failed.

They got their special counsel and their impeachment hearings. However, they never know when to give up. In the end, all this craziness will only amount to one thing: Donald Trump will be re-elected, and patriotic Americans will have the last laugh watching them all meltdown once again.

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