Rosie Freaks: Listen To Fauci — Trump’s Lying And On The Edge Of A Total Breakdown!

Rosie O’Donnell is freaking out. The New York resident posted pics of herself looking really rough, and her oddball behavior continued on Tuesday when she went on a rant demanding Americans stay in lockdown mode. She also claimed the only person we can trust is Dr. Anthony Fauci and then said: “Trump is lying and on the edge of a total breakdown.” Well, poor Rosie got a huge dose of reality from middle-class Americans. You’ll love this.

Rosie O’Donnell (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Rosie O’Donnell appears to be having a nervous breakdown. Page Six is reporting poor Rosie is terrified of the coronavirus and literally did not leave her home in over two months.

“Last week, Rosie O’Donnell left her New Jersey weekend home for the first time in two months and she was terrified,” they report. “O’Donnell, 58, had to travel into Manhattan to have an annual heart test after suffering a heart attack in 2012.”

“I was saying to my doctor are you sure we need this?” she recently told Page Six. “She said this pandemic is going to go for a long time so if we wait till this is over we’re going to be talking about a year, ‘I don’t want (you) to wait a year. This is the side of the hospital that doesn’t have any COVID and they’re only taking one client at a time and I got you in.’”

We also learned Rosie is big on Pop-Tarts. It’s one of her staples during the pandemic.  

“We had a lot of junk in the beginning when it was first happening and I was panicking,” she explained. “I told the person who works here get us some Pop-Tarts so he got us about 40 boxes … and it started to get really sad when I realized there were only about half the boxes left and I’m the only one in the house who eats them.”

While no one wants to see someone suffer, the problem with the former co-host of The View is her unhealthy obsession with President Donald Trump and how she seems to always blame him for her own personal issues. Rosie is 100 percent brainwashed into believing the entire country must remain in lockdown mode or the COVID Grim Reaper will sweep across America and kill millions.

Likewise, O’Donnell is the one who seems to be having a nervous breakdown. Yet she accuses the president of lying and having a breakdown.

That’s why Americans gave her a huge dose of reality. 

“Listen to Fauci America – it is too early to open the nation – infections are rising – Trump is lying and on the edge of a total breakdown – #FAUCIknows #LISTEN2FAUCI #COMEonAMERICA,” Rosie tweeted on May 12.

“It’s all political,” responded Twitter user “Yanko” to Rosie’s rant. “Blue states are trying to drag this out as long as the submissive people allow them to do it. One thing will keep turning to the next. The domestic goal was to bring down the Trump economy and steal the election using mail-in ballots, media is complicit.”

“With all due respect, those that have no financial worries, can’t understand the need to open. The definition of essential is: a thing that is absolutely necessary, extremely important. Such as getting paid,” tweeted Cindy Muller to Rosie.

“Dr. Fauci is ignoring the 1 to 3 million deaths that unemployment will cause. This has been well studied, look at this table,” responded Van Hargraves, M.D.

“So many Americans invested ALL of their savings into a dream of owning a business. All that is wiped out. Instead of babbling about Trump, why don’t you help those who are now FLAT broke. Shut the f***up, Rosie – and, put your money where your mouth is,” tweeted “Smallasylums.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci was not right. The models he used to predict this pandemic would claim over two million American lives is now proven bogus.

Statistician Justin Hart alerted Americans early that the models were off. Now, after Fauci testified before Congress and claimed Americans must stay in lockdown, Hart had enough.

“I have not promoted the #FireFauci movement. I’ve defended him. But now… Fauci responded to a factual-based inquiry by @RandPaul w/an egregious allusion to some mystery Kawasaki-like disease & tripled-down on his aversion to a 2020-21 school session. I’m done. #FIREFAUCI,” Hart posted on May 12.

It’s so easy to feed people’s fears. Then you have those like Rosie O’Donnell who is spewing misinformation mixed with her own mental issues to over one million followers. It’s a recipe for disaster.

Luckily, most Americans have common sense, and many of those same Americans have businesses to run and will not be governed by the fear-mongers. Rosie can afford to have a nervous breakdown, but 30 million Americans who are out of work don’t have the luxury to sit around and hope for the best.

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