Schiff Blasted For Saying ‘50,000 Americans Dead Because Trump Wasn’t Removed’

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) claimed Friday evening that 50,000 Americans died because the Senate failed to remove President Donald Trump from office during the impeachment trial in February. Poor Adam immediately got blasted for his disgraceful accusation in ways he never saw coming. Don’t miss this.

Adam Schiff told Chris Hayes on MSNBC Friday night that 50,000 Americans would not be dead if the president would have been impeached. 

“Schiff’s argument runs counter to those who have argued that the impeachment trial was a pointless distraction that prevented Congress from acting to help stop the pandemic. A timeline of events reveals that President Trump took the first actions against the pandemic despite the trial, including forming the coronavirus task force, and banning travel with China,” Breitbart reports.

“There is one thing that, really, I have to say haunts me from the trial,” Schiff said. “And it was before that snippet you showed where we knew we had to answer the question to the senators, okay, essentially, house managers, you’ve proved him guilty, does he really need to be removed after all?”

“We have an election in nine months. How much damage could he really do?” Schiff added. “And we posed that question to the Senate and we answered it by saying that he could do an awful lot of damage but frankly, Chris, I don’t think we had any idea how much damage he would go on to do in the months ahead.”

“There are 50,000 Americans now who are dead,” Schiff declared. “In significant part because of his incompetence, because of his inability to think beyond himself and put the country first. I don’t think we would have ever anticipated that his brand of narcissism and his brand of incompetence would be so fatal to the American people.”

“The House — after a four-week delay — transferred the articles of impeachment to the Senate on Jan. 15, the day the first coronavirus patient arrived in the U.S. from Wuhan, China. Congress did nothing about the pandemic during the trial. Meanwhile, the president formed the coronavirus task force the week of Jan. 27 and imposed the travel ban on Jan. 31,” Breitbart adds.

The Democrat-controlled House held its first hearing on coronavirus on Feb. 5 — the day Trump was acquitted in the Senate.

Schiff, who said nothing about coronavirus in its early days, is now pushing for legislation to create a “9/11 commission” for evaluating the president’s response to the pandemic. Opponents counter that he is trying to exploit the issue for the election.

Americans immediately blasted Shifty Schiff on social media. 

What a sick and idiotic statement from a corrupt congressman @RepAdamSchiff. So I guess Obama is at fault for all the people that died from H1N1, which was far more than have died with COVID-19,” tweeted Janet Harvey.

“50,000 dead B/C impeachment took away precious months of preparation FOR C-19. DEMS called travel ban racist. Dems wanted open borders of infected coming in. Dems banned life-saving C-19 medicine. ALL ON DEMS! Schiff cannot breathe without STUPIDLY LYING!” tweeted Anthony Edwards.

“What a piece of Schiff, a lying corrupt jealous horrible boy. Thank you, President Trump, for saving America from swamp creatures like Schiff,” tweeted Bruce & Rhonda Swift.

“Schiff writes ‘fantasy history’ again: … Timeline says: President Trump took the first actions against the pandemic despite the trial, including forming the coronavirus task force, and banning travel with China! … what did Democrat House do?” tweeted Twitter user “Freedom.”

“He’s starting to sweat with investigations closing in and needs to point the finger in another direction with false statements,” tweeted Steven Dietrich.

“Truly a ‘shifty’ IDIOT who can’t count how many lives were saved had President Trump not shut down flights from China!” tweeted Angel Ramon Alvardo.

This guy @RepAdamSchiff is pure evil, I find it hard to believe people do not see this dude for what he is…” tweeted Michael Hudock.

“Adam Schiff: 50,000 Americans Dead Because Trump Wasn’t Removed One must marvel at the self-control of Congressmen who are able to refrain from guffawing whenever Schiff begins to speak,” tweeted Gignol Mourguet.

Schiff is also hoping to deflect from his own crisis. 

The House Intelligence Committee voted unanimously in the fall of 2018 to release dozens of witness interview transcripts from its investigation into Russian interference, but the transcripts have not been made public thanks to Adam Schiff.

The declassification process by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence was expected to take just a few weeks or months, but nearly two years later, some administration officials, as well as ranking Republican member Devin Nunes, are blaming Chairman Adam Schiff for the delay.

“Adam Schiff is thwarting the will of the House Intelligence Committee as expressed in the bipartisan vote in September 2018 to make these transcripts public,” one senior intelligence official told the Washington Examiner. “He has appointed himself arbiter of what the public should see and has refused to allow the White House to review its own equities, making declassification of 10 of the transcripts impossible. It’s difficult to imagine any motive other than Schiff is still trying to control the narrative on Russia collusion.”

Schiff knows those transcripts will incriminate him as knowing from the very beginning that there was no collusion with Russia and that his impeachment hearings were one big farce. While most Americans already know this, the transcripts would be clear cut evidence Schiff defrauded the American people and sought to overthrow the duly-elected president.

Well, Shifty Schiff can’t stop the release forever. It’s just a matter of time for the Trump-hating Democrat. He’s running scared, but he can’t run forever.

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